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review of goals

going for 200 dolars a day or more using internet and various streams of income im now going on air and doing the show im now djing in the best places round here and making good money doing it i should have at least 3 gigs in this month by the end of september and 3 more and one big one for halloween as welll!,i shall now have my goals and a full schedule by the end of this week and money for the blog and the sucesfull 40 clients both from music and local businesses my mobile marketing job is… Continue

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Left but I'm back

My last blog post I said some things and a fellow co-creator point some amazing things out to me. Thanks, forgot who you were. Sad that I lost all my blog post, but then it gives me a chance to start fresh... I'm going to start season 8 all over again because I feel like my heart just wasn't into it. Fellow co-creator, Gerlaine, helped me close this feeling of confusion for me. She opened this door for me and I realized I don't have to choose between the Law of Attraction, being an Alchemist,… Continue

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Need Your Help!!

Hi everyone:

As much as I love having all this "free time" on my hands to do the things I love I really do want a full time job. Currently, I am getting money from employment insurance. However, I really miss being in the "working world." Being surrounded by people, and interacting. I truly want to pursue my career as a "Real Estate Agent" or a "Career Counsellor." The problem is I have to take courses/college to be able to do those…


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1st of september!

Think positive!

I had the worst depression of the year, connected with the inner cleaning. I was revealing my fears, the state of mind full of feaRS is like living near the burning house. Now it is all OK. I am enjoying just living in the present moment. I love it. And the result of the change in thinking is the sallary. Today I got my money. It is very-very inspiring )))) Now it is 1am , the 1 of september. It means that it is the beginning of my final year in Moscow State Linguistic… Continue

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Been a long time!

Well, naturally, me being me, I tried to start something good with myself (creating a profile on CCOR) and then not going through with it all. Perhaps it's fear of failing, perhaps it's laziness, who knows?

But, almost a year on and I'm feeling inspired to starting again with the good intentions to change my life for the better in all aspects.

Since last October 2009 (when I created this profile) there has been two big changes in my life that I'm very proud…


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When was the last economic recession or even depression, Mateja,

that didn´t mightily correct itself?

LIfe is like that.

Hot Stuff,

The Universe

Yes, it is true, after the rain always comes sun !

I somehow lost some days of the challenge, time flies when we enjoy! Yesterday we spent a nice afternoon with my husbands nephew playing tennis, that was really really fun and I am really thankful that after my work I…


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No day, just a post! Need a CHANGE...big one....!!!

What do u do when the whole world seems to be running against you!

Err...I don't know what to say except that I miss those carefree days, cycling around my very small town as a kid, Bunking classes n watching movies in college.. Time passes, and you have to face reality. Go out....prove urself out there. Not one of the easiest things to do. Even if u r doing a sucky job in one of those fancy countries ppl think u r lucky! U have a good life and u never bother explaining how…

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Source (The Dam part 1)

("La source de Maafa dans les Aurès en Algérie" by Unknown Photographer)

« The Dam » is a 22-minute long suite in 8 movements that uses the metaphor of water flowing from source to ocean to illustrate the process that we affectionately refer to as life.



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Last Night On: The Purploptimisms Radio Show with The Purple Vintage Space Princess

Introducing inspiring individuals who are living their dreams! Learn how you can live YOUR BEST LIFE TOO!…


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♥ Season 6 / Day 2 ♥

Intention for the Day:

I start my day with a decision to be happy, joyful, hopeful, optimistic, loving and abundant.


I make choices that are good for me. I choose to put myelf at the top of my priority list knowing that when I am well and happy I can help others even more.

Totem Animal: (a card is randomly pulled from the Medicine Card deck by Jamie Sams)

Opossum - Have a plan Use…


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Season 2--I release drama

Something happened on Wednesday/Thursday that was very dramatic. I felt uncomfortable about it for the last couple of days. I've been in a horrible mood, and last night I realized that I had taken on someone's energy. As soon as I realized that, I think I let go of a bunch of it. Today, I got a phone call and I think the drama is continuing. I was hoping that a few days would pass and that it would just disappear. What I realized is that I'm tired of drama. I'm so, so, so tired of it, so I'm… Continue

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im creating 200+ dollars everyday from diferent income streams ,good health and more gigs, radio going and mobile campains full trottle as well as our social management,4 fulltime clients and 20 businesses as well as 20 artist all this before febreuary 15 2011 before i go to mexico on march 15 od the same year, i will have ammased 50000 dollars or more

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Ay ay ay amor...

Sólo preocupate de hoy y solo de este momento que quizás no habra un mañana y darte todo lo que siento. A los heroes en la vida su memoria lleva el viento, pero nunca nuestro amor que crecerá más con el tiempo.....

Gloria Estefan - Ay ay ay ay amor...

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Ok not feeling all that positive today..but will list all the things I am greatful for today.

My health

My dogs

My family

I have a roof over my head

I have a car

I have a food in my belly

And coffee in the coffee pot ;)

I love myself

Everything is as it should be...


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Day 18 -- Handling the Negativity

NOTE: I apologize in advance for the strange line breaks. I typed this in Word and it gave me funky formatting. I knew if I had to take the time to even up all the lines I'd never actually get around to posting it. ;)

Today is my day 18 and my intention is to write a blog post every other week. Obviously I’m a little…


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Finding the Target

My journey is about finding the "mission" of my life, the activity that I can swim in like warm tropical water and then take a happy plunge into it.

In the past I've tried a few things to locate the target where I can find this refreshing lake of good cheer. I've done career guidance, Dream Careers for Dummie, MTBI, interest inventories, numerology, western and vedic astrology, channelers and psychics. The collection of notes from these investigations is a source of interest since they… Continue

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Lepufology 401

(Detail from "The hares and frogs" by Wenzel Hollar)

The Lepufology Project is the story of Jack Babbitt, regarded as one of the world’s most trustworthy investigators of the paranormal,…


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Good Morning

Well, I took a video of my peach jamming session with my easyshare and I guess they changed a few things on this site so I can't post it. Good Grief.

Here are few pictures instead.

17 Jars of Jam...whew !

I woke up early this morning with the sun streaming thru the sides of my window shade. I pulled up the shade and saw the most wonderful sunrise.

I took a picture from the livingroom window. Enjoy. Hugs J…


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Meine Mutter...und Ich

Ich bitte meine Mutter um Verzeihung dass ich sie schon so oft angeschriien habe und unbewusst mich an ihr gerächt habe. Das tut mir leid, dass habe ich nicht so gewollt.

Ich bitte meine Mutter um Verzeihung,dass ich so lange die Dinge die bei mir nicht so gut geklappt haben der art und weise wie sie mich erzogen hat zugeschoben habe. Ich nehme es zurück. Und nehme Verantwortung für mein Leben.

Ich bitte um Verzeihung dass ich bis jetzt noch keine Reise mit meiner Mutter gemacht habe,… Continue

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♥ Season 6 / Day 1 ♥ Happy Birthday To Me!! ♥

Intention for the Day:

I start my day with a decision to be happy, joyful, hopeful, optimistic, loving and abundant.

Affirmation: (two for today since it's my birthday!!)

What I am today is the result of all that I have done. What I become is my choice, for only I am the creator of my destiny.

I make choices that are good for me. I choose to put myelf at the top of my priority list knowing that when I am well and happy I can help others even…


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