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My best possible story :) (thanks to a post my Kelly Campbell)

I am juggling so much and doing pretty well. I don't like all the obstacles in my path but nevertheless I am taking care of my boys, scheduling new and on-going clients, exercising on some days, becoming more aware of how I need to change my diet, identifying the contrast, and hoping for lots of change for the future. Yesterday I met with a broker who will help me to find a new office and hopefully a new home too! I just got a really great book by Deepok Chopra about how to teach the 7…


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season 9 day 122 journal

oh hey! 

what's up? i'm writing in the bathtub of this hotel, staying visiting my whole family. i'm all relocated to nyc now!!! life is awesome. i had two interviews with agencies in my first week there, totally blown away by how amazingly fast it's all coming together now since i've moved. and i have one really great job prospect i am thrilled about!!! i get to meet with them next week! woot!!! things are grand. how about you? much love!!!

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Day 18:Bogland

Since the amazing Seamus Heaney passed away yesterday, I have decided to spend today preparing lesson's on his poetry. His poems have always really spoken to me in very surprising ways. In his poem midterm break he associates poppies and snowdrops with death and I have always associated these flowers with my Father who died three years ago. Another poem which I have always loved is Boglands and it has a very special meaning for me at this time in my life. At one…


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Half way through

So I'm just over half way through this 100 day challenge...

I am seeing some phenomenal changes, with myself and my relationships primarily. I LOVE ME. Huge deal, huge, massive, mega deal. I'm 33 and never loved myself before. From this space I can move forward - I can see what I want and I am more able to receive it. What I am receiving now from my relationships is beyond anything I dreamed possible. More than that, it is beyond anything I thought I deserved before and that is the…


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A Post I Found and LOVE!

This is a post I found on an ABE FORUM and ABSOLUTELY LOVE so I'm posting it here for you to read by a guy Named Greg. =)

Hello beautiful creators!

Many have read the "My Process of Manifesting Money..." thread and asked me about my continued growth and progress.

As I was finishing the last of my financial manifestations - clearing around $800,000 in debt and raising cash too - my confidence in the law of attraction was very high. I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt,…


Added by Kelly Campbell on August 31, 2013 at 2:18am — 3 Comments

Day 80 Season 16 Seasoning Coming to an End

Whoa! What a Season! It's all coming to an end and I have given up on stressing and just allowing the Universe do what its suppose to do. I have found a job , not certain if its full time or part time or how much I'll get paid. & I don't care! I know just the service will give me the abundance I'm looking for. …


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remembering ease

I have a place that I can go home to be with family and laugh and enjoy home life whenever I want. I can travel back home to the islands as well whenever I want. I can work here and have a life here and make that life whatever I want. I have opportunities to grow myself and my dreams and my heart. I can continue to integrate and reach up further and further for higher dreams,,  I can enjoy the bliss of this sweet ocean breeze, waiting for my loved one to get home. thankful for my job,…


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Day 30 - How sad

Last I´ve slept badly due to my tooth pain, but I could sleep a little bit more. This morning started so well until we found our roof cat lying on the floor in our open laundry room. She lived on our roof with three other cats and came down for food. They came from somewhere else and are very shy. But now it was different. Something was wrong with her. I jumped outside and brought her inside. She was about to die, because out of her mouth came wate. Maybe a scorpion hit her, Here are many of…


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Lost more weight, gained more money, the second singles party, hypnosis etc.

Well, although I was looking at my legs and going EEK & seeing more things I DON'T like about them, I think overall my inner thighs are in better shape but ALSO I noticed my clothes seemed a bit looser & I weighed myself and I have lost about 2-3 kilos which is about 4-6 pounds!

I think that's most from the working out!

I also GAINED money!

My ex hubby had talked about sending me some money to help me out and he actually followed through yesterday and I…


Added by Athena on August 30, 2013 at 7:30am — 3 Comments

D5, S3... Feng shui, and flowing energy

Well, what a week.  I have been tackling getting decluttered and organized.  It has become an obsession, and I am not very patient about the whole thing!

I have this intense desire to be rid of all the material baggage that I have lived under for so long...  it represents where my mind has been... and my energy.

I cleaned my bedroom, spotless.  I woke this morning feeling energized, despite staying up late cleaning.  WHile I cleaned, I watched videos about Feng Shui, inspired…


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calling it forward

What a great day, mostly I think due to yesterday. yesterday from morning till night I refused to do anything that would take me out of the vortex, therefore it was easier to stay in the vortex today because the vibration was so familiar to me!! and so fresh!! I didnt have to try very hard to have a  good time and enjoy the beauty and the richness of everything around me. today was just like a regular day for the most part, I kept myself a little more isolated than normal, yet I stayed in…


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Season 1 - Day 64 Oh yeah!

This morning I've seen so many signs for this house and for everything I have faith and believe that I will receive. They are coming! It's written all over the place. The distinction is black and white.

I found an ad for affordable housing! The community I live in makes it possible for people to get affordable homes! So I signed up to do an orientation to figure out how it all works! The community I live in wants people to buy homes and they want people to live here. The company that…


Added by Katie on August 29, 2013 at 6:48pm — 1 Comment

sexual energy

hello everybody!

somehow im starting to feel better. getting myself back together. its good.

is there an astrologist whom i could talk to? i think i have found my problem with weight and energy.

if i believe that my horoscope says i have big levels of sexual energy, which i agree to let me explain.

i have had trouble with my weight for quite a few years. and i feel its bc i dont use up my sexual energy. so i gain weight. it may sound stupid but its such a long…


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Season 1 - Day 50

*gasp* It. Is. Halftime. Already. I feel as if I have grown by leaps and bounds and made much progress. But, I feel somewhat sad and confused at the same time. For years and years I let other people define me as a fashion designer and I almost believe I should live up to those expectations which aren't about me at all. I define myself as a fashion artist and work around that definition which may make more problems than they solve. I feel a little lost.

Intense "house cleaning" has…


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d4,S3... Synchronicity

So many little tiny events (songs on the radio, seeing the same people, thinking about someone then seeing them...) telling me I am on track.

Bruce Lipton talks about our thoughts and how they create our bodies...  scientifically, stem cells change according to environment... identical cloned cells, when put into different petri dishes, will grow into tooth cells, or skin cells, or heart cells etc.  Same cells, the only difference is their environment.  SO, think about our thoughts,…


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Day 28 - Things are manifistating

Today I feel all doors are open and I let in all presents, which come along my way. I open them and find many surprises.

Last Friday I got a teaching job in Cuernavaca for this week. 3 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Additionally the coordinator of this school asked me, if I know an English native speaker. Unfortunately no, then he asked me, if I have experiences with English. Let´s see! The teaching job is fun again and my heart is sooooooooo alive. Before starting my…


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Season 1 Day 63 - Getting Ready for School

I started planning the next few weeks because a lot of changes are happening. My son is starting school, I'm going to be ending and starting school, and we're state hopping to see my family and my husband's family. I originally was just going to schedule our trips, but then I realized I haven't planned out how my school schedule, my husband's work schedule and my son's schedule are going to work out. After taking a look at it, my head already hurts. If I examine my emotions, I'm feeling…


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Manifested and lost 2 free concert passes..didn't answer the phone in time. After venting I knew that they weren't for me. That's some driftwood right there!

Excited for whatever else is in store for ME!

Only good things come my way!

Thank you universe!

Back to having fun I go!

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Stepping in to the dream

Stepping in to the dream, seeing around me proof of what I know is arriving now...... seeing the progress towards having my own yoga business....feeling the joy of it, the smell of the new matts.....saying hello and greeting new people, making the practice more and more my own. Creating a special connection with my students, my popularity soars, our family business takes off..... having good personal and professional connections that enrich my life, having a family business that allow us all…


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Season 1: Day 16- The Circle of Disbelief Aarrghh!

So today I said my wonderful affirmations one of which is God has designed the perfect teaching job for me which he gives me quickly and easily and yet eventhough this generates such positivity I still fall into the trap of impatience which is strange to say I've already spent a year waiting for this job. Something that has me a bit frazzeled is that my Aunt went to a medium who said I was meant to be a teacher and I would get a job at Christmas. The thought of…


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