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Season 1 Day 4: Trying to Stay Focused, Think Good Thoughts, and Be Happy


Today is the fourth day of my challenge, and I am here to update you on my journey. I have been trying very hard today to think good thoughts and be happy. I do have my moments when a negative thought tries to pop into my head, but I work very hard at replacing it with good feelings.

Usually when I meditate, I do a general meditation to help me relax, but as of tomorrow I will also meditate with the purpose of focusing and getting clear on what I want to manifest in my… Continue

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Ending Season 7 to begin Season 8 tomorrow

Hello CoCreators,

It is amazing the incredible energy that is brewing in the community around the Oct 1st start date. I am choosing to end my Season 7 a few days early to start newly with this group.

In this coming Season I am going to focus on my highest vision for my life which is "generating the conversation of love around the world." I will put more structure around this over the next few days. I am going to be looking at book sales, school visits, speaking engagements… Continue

Added by Laura Duksta on September 30, 2008 at 9:32pm — 2 Comments

New Job

Alright! I got offered a job today after just interviewing for it a couple hours before. Man! I thought I did pretty good on the interview but not that good. The position that I applied for was a part time transit driver for the underprivileged or disabled but when they called later on to offer me the job they told me I had been accepted for a full time position. How awesome is that. Things are looking bright. My intention was to get a full time stocking job because that is what I have the most… Continue

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Once upon a time, there were thousands of you!

SHORT (did you believe me?) review of S1; Got everything & much more of what I focused on. What I gave my attention to blossomed, but unconcious fears grew. I think they knew I was ready to transform them, so they became more obvious after the season was over. I REALLY, TRULY think this is a gift. So often we are run by fears we don't see, so getting big old, buck naked in a flat field, fears...out in the open, was like a vacation! Transforming fears is very gratifying. I have done it for… Continue

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This is my second season and my goal is on the weight loss. I went to the doctor today for a 'well woman' and I've gained 11 pounds over the past year.AHHHHHHHHH....Yes, I"m discouraged. I would video blog but I can't find my camera. It is so discouraging because I really have tried. Without bringing everyone down, I'll just say this is not something that I wanted to happen. I am very grateful for so much in my life. I really am. I see the big picture. But, as I am human, I am also part of the… Continue

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Tomorrow will be tough

I'm anticipating paperwork from my ex wife tomorrow. While it should be a simple component of a basic support re-evaluation, nothing is simple with her and her attorney. Their behavior is historically that of malicious attacking and fighting.

I pray that it'll all work itself out nicely, but brace myself for the coming storm.

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Positive Wear

For all you Co-Creators wanting to show your passion for life, I have clothing & merchandise available at
So check it out and let others know that you are 'Loving Life'.

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Season 4, October 1, 2008 , Tuesday evening /Wednesday

For my next 100 days I intend to pay attention to my health. I have quit my job at the Mental Health Association due to my physical condition. I have been advised to take care of myself and I intend to do what I have to. I loved the work I did with I'm Thumbody and Thumbody, Too and i will continue to volunteer as long as my back holds out. I am looking into alternatives to surgery for spondoyolytheses. What i want for the next 100 days is to envision our country getting back into positive… Continue

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Thoughts become your reality

Hmm, I have really been thinking about this concept of thoughts becoming your reality, so I asked myself what is it that I think about, I realized I think about my life as it is, when I should focus more on my thoughts being what I want my life to be.

I believe if I put the effort into thinking more about how I see myself and my life in the depths of my mind, using my imagination to bring my thoughts into my new reality I will really start to manifest the life I desire, the life I… Continue

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day 56, season 1; book that has given new found to win friends and influence people...The friendly universe has become more friendly

A couple days ago I wrote: I recently read Think and Grow Rich. Now I am stirred. I am fixated on the last chapter, the chapter on fighting fear/doubt/indecisiveness, so that I can truly unleash my potential. My first plan of action is to read How to Win Friends and Influence People. My first action plan from the book is two-folds, become friendlier and conquer fear/doubt/indecisiveness. I am happy that the universe is giving me what I ask, of love, lovable, wealth, greatness (not in those… Continue

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Notes from the Universe

Yay! Tomorrow I start season 1 and I've been looking forward to it so much! I have already purchased myself foam board so I can work on my new vision board and I have been looking in magazines for words and pictures to cut out. So it was amazing to me when I read my email this morning from The Universe and it said...

"Don't forget, Lola, to put a picture of yourself in your scrapbook or on your visionboard!

I'd hate to deliver your new new car to the wrong… Continue

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dAY 65 "You're worrying about nothing."

Last night at 9:30 I called the online shoe company I needed to return 6 shoes that didn't fit me. It was a worried sort of call...

the FAQs on their website were confusing and I thought I had to pay for shipping to return my shoes. I also thought the deadline would have passed because it had been over 30 days. After the service agent assured me I could still return them with the postage paid label they gave she said, "you're worrying… Continue

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Day 1 Enthusiastic beginning

The word 'enthusiasm' comes from a greek word meaning 'God within'. So real enthusiasm must have God within us otherwise the enthusiasm will not last. How many of us have started something excitedly, only to fizzle out after a while? I have so many projects which i started but never got around to finishing it. The secret is having God within. I want this day to begin with Him and thoughts about Him. Today I will set out to write another 4 pages of my book.

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S1 Day 34....Blessings in disguise.

Last night turned out to be a great night at work and 1 LEFT!!! Wohoo! I am really looking forward to moving on. I also got handed a blessing today. As I've been trying to wrap things projects, last day in ER, decreasing hrs with NTC, and then preparing for a new job. My boss called today and "let me go" from my casual position. I LOVE working for NTC, they are an amazing group of nurses, but I was feeling a bit stressed of how I was going to manage a full time job, plus 2 casual… Continue

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As the Clock strikes 12 (midnight) - Let day 1, season one BEGIN! :)

Hey All,

*YAY* - As of TODAY I'll be entering my first day of my first season in manifesting the greatest, happy and relaxed life that I know I'm capable of creating. - I'm totally excited, I have been ever since I made up my mind in taking part!

Started my new job yesterday (Tuesday), that was a really good day. :)

I'm not sure if it's because I'm starting the 100 day challenge or I was nervous about my new job, but last night/morning I couldn't sleep, (there was a… Continue

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Day 22 Season 1

Yeah!!!!!!!!! starting off the day on a positive note. I'm still amazed how from one day to the next, from one moment to the next when one changes one's mind the differences that are possible. I prayed for a productive day and that's exactly what I had. Prayer, reading, video log, excercise,meditation, journaling, prep of vision board, motivating videos,and commenting and exploring this site. My intention is to keep this momentum because as James Brown said "I feel good, I knew that I would."… Continue

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Tomorrow is the new start of Season 6 for me

But I am posting today. I will be making videos as well, but I have decided that I will blog and post videos. Over the past few months, I have been just riding the wave of what my first few seasons of the 100 day challenges manifested. :) I love it, but I have been trying to place structure on WHAT I need to get into action now that the ball is rolling and the action plan has changed for my life.

At work, we moved buildings. So that just happened. I needed to get through that. I also… Continue

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Crazy. Or not.

Okay, so I've just committed to this Co-Creating deal and I just manifested Wicked Tickets for half price. OMG...this is the boost I needed. That just committing to something brings about results. Yee Haw.

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Funny how much life changes in a day.

For a couple of years now my sister has been addicted to prescription drugs. She's been in and out of rehab and I've tried to help her but I don't think she can be helped until she wants too. Anywho.. She got busted doing illegal things and will most likely be going to jail. She has a 5 month old daughter. I asked my husband what he thinks we should do as far as taking the baby. He says he doesn't want the baby to go to the state, but it was up to me whether we take her or not. I honestly don't… Continue

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Why I manifested thoughts to get me to this point...Prelude

I think back to high school, standing at 5'6 135 pounds thinking..."I have to get rid of this belly, I can lose another 10 pounds." However at the same time, loving the curves that I had but still wanting more. I wondered why my friends looked at me weird when I said I had to lose more weight. I was on the soccer team, crew team, track team (rarely.) and the tennis team. Every other weekend I was a Student Conservation Association (SCA) Member which program consisted of creating and maintaining… Continue

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