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Getting started.

I have to admit, I have a bit of trouble finishing things. I can commit to 100 different things at once but then tend to fall off as things go along. But...this sounds so fun and interesting, and I know the power of LOA and I'm ready to get back to living it everyday. So here I am, on September 30, 2008, ready to begin tomorrow. I'm excited about the journey.

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A new start!

After I've kind of failed my last season, may it have been because of a lack of staying power or just trouble which mixed up my life....

But now it's time for a second start! And I will do it tomorrow, on October the 1st.

I will take myself some time tomorrow to update my profile and stuff like that

have a nice evening, everyone
bless you


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positive energy and prayer please

hello beautiful friends! please send me some of that positive energy and prayers. i am working during the day and going to school at night and I have alot of muscles, bones, tissues and cell stuff to memorize. i have a huge test tomorrow on wed. that i have had little time to study a BIG thank you to all of you. i just need to focus and calm down! if anyone has some good study advice or helpful hints it will be much appreciated!!!!! BLESSINGS to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by Teresa on September 30, 2008 at 3:56pm — 2 Comments

Good News

I lost 5 lbs and I feel great about it, I have a clear vision of my ideal weight and everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror, I see myself now as the person I want to see in the mirror, I tell myself " Hey Pretty Girl" and I smile at myself as I turn around in the mirror loving the skin I am in.

I realize I am manifesting the reality I want to see in my weight, which lets me know and have faith that all the other things I want to manifest into my life will soon make themselves… Continue

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hi ,

i am gonna to ask the universe for my perfect soulmate and my perfect body , i know for sure , that he is there somewhere in this world , iam very longing to meet him


1. the same nationality of mine

2. the same religion of mine

3. nice to see , with a square jaw , fair skin, soft hair ( resembles the man in the pic )

4. romantic

5. desires me

6. respect me

7. non violent

8.… Continue

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Putting it out there.

Recently, I had decided to share some things I have aquired-meaning physical stuff.
I sent off a little trinket set to a friend that I knew would enjoy this much more than I.
So my start is in giving:either in a physical way, material way(stuff), and spiritual.
Having and being able to give be it a material thing or emotion ect... I want to
put out there and let others know they are remembered and loved.

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And it keeps on getting better

About a week ago i was talking to my father on the phone about women and how i need to stop being my ex's safety net and need to stop being so clingy. So i gave it some thought last night and now i'm starting to think that, the conversation with my father was attracted to me by the LOA (well it was anyways but you know what i mean). Because today i decided to give it a shot and i didnt say hi to her when i saw her, i didnt call her last night which was just habit before for some reason (she… Continue

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Its tomorrow

I start tomorrow. So what do I want? Well in no particular order

1)To be more success at work
2) To loose weight
3) To find someone to love
4) To be gracious
5) To do something everyday to someone who will never be able to repay me

Lets see where this journey takes me and whether I can gain success at these.

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Day 4 Season 1........Returning and gratitude.

I missed my day 3 entry because I forced myself to finally see that I NEEDED help to get my thoughts and life in order. I made the correct choice and really got to see that I need to count my blessings. That life could be much worse. I am grateful for my family. My mom and dad have been through a lot with me and I know that they will always be there. I have to be grateful that the five years of love that I have experienced and gotten from Clinton have let me know that and feel true love. Not… Continue

Added by D on September 30, 2008 at 2:26pm — 1 Comment

Sooooo Excited about the journey!!

I have decide to add healthy non-smoker to my manifestation. I know this will be tough, but I think with the support of everyone here, knowing we are all seeking to better our lives will inspire me daily. I am also manifesting becoming a certified fitness instructor. With that I am manifesting the money to accomplish this. I know it is so. I am the only thing that has stood in the way of my achieving my reality. After all the universe is waiting to fulfill my desires, as soon as I start living… Continue

Added by Angel T. on September 30, 2008 at 2:24pm — 2 Comments

I would like to download.

Hello, I was wondering if we could download the manifest to mp3?
Thanks so much.

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chained to my computer (but try and drag me away!)

I've spent most of the day catching up on emails and tweaking my website.

I've just signed up for an online course that I've committed to for a month - I'm hoping it will teach me more about making the most of my website. Hope I haven't signed up for something I shall regret! It's free so I'm more concerned with the time it will take than money. But I'm looking at it as an opportunity. I'll let you know!

I know this is very short but I've been on the computer all day and I… Continue

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Gratitude Yeilds Return

When the moment arises that I feel myself slipping back to negative thought, I clutch my gratitude rock and think of a blessing. Today I was blessed with smiling students ready to start their day with gracious and humble anticipation of something unexpected. I am blessed many time over each day- A loving husband, A beautiful child, Mr. Cuddles our cat who is extremely affectionate- and I am thankful for all of them. I list my blessings every day.

My gratitude rock is a flat, round… Continue

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Hours Away from starting the challenge.. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

I woke up tired BUT happy.. Singing and excited about the starting the challenge. It's actually scary. For me.. WHY? Cause I know myself.. lets call this MY OLD SELF! Cause the whole point of this will be to CHANGE. I am 30 years old. I've done a lot of things in my life but I an still very un-satisfied and un-comfortable in my skin. This needs to change. I fully believe in the power of your thought but I haven't as of late been able to fully put what I KNOW WORKS into practice, I pray for… Continue

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Day 10/11 intentions

well, I'm enjoying my job more, when I get jobs. I really need money right now. I'm trying to work on manifesting money, but so far, I don't know if it's working. I'm in a place of fear and anxiety about the future. I'm working, but don't get paid until the 10th, still behind because it's not for a full month, and my expenses are beyond what I'm getting paid. I can take up a second job, but don't know what because since I was injured, I can't do waitressing anymore. so I'm feeling stressed.… Continue

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downhill...or something. s 1/ day 40

I feel like crap.

Emotionally, not physically.

I am still in GA, and really struggling at the moment with the idea that I have no set schedule to go back to PA- I did have a phone interview yesterday for a job and should hear about a 2nd interview in the next week or two...which, if they'd like to do that, I'll be headed home. The job seems perfect and I think I would love it, be successful in it, feel fulfilled in it. I think the interview went well- but I thought an… Continue

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This is such an important step in the manifesting process. Whether you practice blogs, vlogs, visualizing, whatever to help manifest your intentions, you will still only manifest what you believe can be true. So if I intent to lose 50 pounds and I affirm "I am happy now that I weigh 125 pounds" but every time I say it my mind says "who the heck do you think you are kidding, you haven't weighed that little since you were 12 years old", then guess what, I will manefest what I am thinking and… Continue

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100 days -1!

♫ So it starts tomorrow, I doubt anyone will be interested in my personal journey, as I cannot

get my blooming web-cam to do anything!!! Ah well, if you don't mind reading I reckon I'll be

able to update this occasionally with interesting developments.

♫ Wish me luck. This is my first go, in all honesty I don't know what the laws of attraction are,

but I need to make a plan and stick to it, so i may as well do it through this and learn more as

I go. I hope… Continue

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First Season Preparation & First Manifestations

The last days have been so exciting. Even though I start my first season tomorrow, I already manifested some tiny little goodies. One of my smaller goals is to go from vegetarian to vegan, so I thought about searching Amazon for some nice vegan cookbooks next week. While visiting the local fleamarket on Sunday I found three vegan cookbooks in mint condition - for just four Euros! I also planned on going more into the forest with my fiancee, but I didn´t have the right walking shoes for such… Continue

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Mark 11:24...this is awesome and will help you during your 100 day challenge

I have so much peace about this journey...just watch what manifests within this 100 days. I have to share this. MArk chp 11:24 says this Therefore I say unto you, "What things soever you DESIRE, when you PRAY, BELIEVE that you RECEIVE them, and you SHALL HAVE THEM" Now I don't kow about you but when I know something's in the bible, I know that I know it is true. This ties right in with the law of attraction, I love it and honestly I can't wait to show you guys what manifests in my life. My flip… Continue

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