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There is a spiritual song harmonizing throughout the universe; a tone guiding

everything toward discovering their journey into unity with Source. All that

is made, all that I see, comes from the heavenly body of God and goodness

summoning Life through it. I feel the Oneness and the individuality we are in

this universe and I open to receive the blessing of such perfection.

Today I cast off all thoughts and beliefs that contradict Source's… Continue

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my vision board

finished my vision board. decided to google for some images and use what i already have when i couldn't find what i wanted from the magazines. besides, it is faster online.
vision board.doc

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My first blog on CCOR. Day 7 of Season 1.

Hello everyone! This is my first blog on CCOR. Today is Day 7 of my Season 1. The first 6 days I was working out at the gym intensely and on the weekend I had two really good DJ gigs that paid well. It seems I am manifesting and attracting more wealth and health into my life. I'm starting the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet tonight for my second time. The first time I did it (about two to three weeks ago) I lost between 8-10lbs.You could see a major difference in the size of my waist and the fat… Continue

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Ladies and Gentlemen, It's my Day 100 of Season 1!!!

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September 29th


So I have been out of town the past week or so housesitting/petsitting. I am finally back in my own home! At first I was looking forward to this experience to have some quiet time and be able to focus on the challenge and school and not be in my home with all of the daily distractions. However, the internet did not work very well at their home and it was soo slow it was a bit of a let down. I couldn't work on research for the paper I'm writing and I couldn't come on here to update… Continue

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The LOA is my best friend

A month ago, before i started using the LOA, i never would have seen this. I explained to my ex over then phone that i am aware that whatever is said or done, i know that she does not want commitment right now. So after explaining i was aware of that i asked her if she would go out to eat on a date with me and watch a movie after all just for fun and she said yes. Now it does sound pathetic that i am so excited about this but 1. i am so in love with her and to almost be able to say that we are… Continue

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Season 1 Day 3 Goals and Intentions

Good evening:

Today is the third day of my first season, and it is my first time having a slightly difficult time. My goal for today was to think good thoughts, and that was a challenge for me. However, I am pleased to say that I did not let this hinder me. I did not allow myself to fall deep into anxiety. I tried my best to think good thoughts and to feel good, and I meditated. I know that tomorrow will be a better day.

Have a good night co-creators. And I will post a video or blog… Continue

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Prayer journal

So this is how i am going to face my 100-day challenge. am going to work on getting my life back in order spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. i will journal this journey online as well as keep a journal with me at all times to jot down my thoughts, etc.

Started reading Mike Brescia's book 'Today is your day to win' at

and some of today's thots were:

Today's Winning Beliefs


-- I'm… Continue

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Take 2: Day 9 Life is what you make it

I'm so clear of who I am right now and where I want to be at in life. The first time in my life I'm living fearless. Today I'm keeping a positive attitude and hoping that the rest of my day is full of positive things and people. Its amazing I looked back in my past blogs when I first started the challenge. And everything I set out to do in a week now it has all come into my life. The hurt I let it go, I started focusing on bettering myself and all the things I used to be afraid I now am so… Continue

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Day 29 Season 1- It is an bright & sunny day here

My goals this week - to continue daily doing my Ab challenge

- to run daily

- to read with my son nightly

- to make a list in the morning of three loose ends I will complete (ex pick up at Sears, ect)

- to know & be prepared the night before for my next days meals, kids lunches packed & clothes

Todays Sucesses so far

- Did my Ab Video before work

- Left message for my banking lady re: error in mtg renewal she made

- had dinner ready to go… Continue

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Day One of my fast

Ok so today was day one of my fasting and it was effortless. I had lots of energy and cleaned the house (wonder if thats an outward manifestation of an interior process?!) Its about 6:30 here now and I'm getting just a teeny bit hungry but I'm sure it will pass. I have been taking Psyllium with water though. Last time I fasted I did that three times a day at each meal but today I only took it twice. So if I feel like I can't stand it then… Continue

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s2Day 100! Done it! Review

So, this is my 100th day of season 2.

You heard about my challenge. You want to know how well I did. You saw my intentions for the 100 days and don't yet know how I did. You would love to know just what I achieved. Review my achievements against my goals to find out!

I am feeling fit and I keep up my exercise regularly, including cycling, walking, and eating healthily.

I have cut my weight down to 15st 8lbs by the middle of my challenge. I started at 16st…

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I am part of the October 1st group

Right - I gave up last time. This time I am going to keep a journal. I am going to do this and find a new me. Someone last time wrote on my page that I will have the ride of my life - I am ready to hold on...

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So Specific It's Annoying!

Lately I'm finding that my manifestations are becoming more and more specific to the visualization that i perform to obtain my goal. Today i wanted my ex to come over because i am still very attracted to her and still love her beyond words ( one of my goals for 100 day challenge is to be back with her again, and it is slowly but surely looking much much better than 28 days ago), so i asked her and she said that if she wasn't doing anything after work she would call me. So i was thinking all day… Continue

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Why not today?

I've been on this website for a week now but I just now got around to finding out what it was all about. I've been a practioner of the law of attraction for many years now and have seen some amazing changes in my life. But, I want more. So, in order to do this, I will start the 100 day challenge today.

I am doing this for myself. I want my growing business to succeed and bring me incredible abundance and joy. I am doing this for my daughter to bring health and happiness and to show… Continue

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Having an issue posting video

Having a problem posting video. IT keeps kicking me out of the program all together when I do!

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Cherry tomtato Tartletts - from my aunt-in-law's garden

I got a huge bag of these beautiful orange cherry tomatoes from my aunt-in-law's garden in Penngrove, CA.

I had to use them that evening as they were bursting so I came up with this recipe:


1 cup of wholewheat flour

1 tbs of earth balance

1tsp salt

1/2 cup of ice water

Mix and create a dough (you might want to adjust water or flour - the consistency is a lovely workable… Continue

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Day 99, Season 1, 9/28/08

Yesterday I filmed 'Day 99'. So far, I've been unable to upload it onto the internet.

I spend a lot of time by myself.

That's all about to change.

I'm going to begin Season 2 on October 1st. I'd rrrrrrreally rather not. It'd be much sadder and much easier for things to remain the same.

That means meeting strangers, transformations, and all of the above seemingly concentrated. It seems like a long time since I've had the energy required for the next…

Added by Kahlil on September 29, 2008 at 4:31pm — 1 Comment looks like I was ahead of myself.

Wow! It is here. The first day of my challenge and I am EXCITED. I awoke at 5am and happily got out of my cozy bed. I was going to wait until I walked my little dog before coming to my office to check in on our new group but impatience got the better of me.

Now my dog is sitting in his basket waiting for me to put my sneakers on and take him outside. I love that I have a group to be involved with so I can keep tabs on what they are doing and be inspired along the… Continue

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My first day...

Today was my first day of the challenge and honestly, it's probably been the best day I've had in weeks! I woke up a little later than I wanted to and I didn't exactly wake up ready to "attack the day," but I made it to the gym and had a great workout. My workout has carried over into the rest of the day and I feel great! My focus when I was journaling this morning was "inner peace" and I feel very much at peace right now. The next challenge is to spend some quality time with my fiance that… Continue

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