The 100 Day Reality Challenge

September 2008 Blog Posts (611)

Day 5

Gratitude List

1. Mi able to be at the hospital when his brother was airlifted there.

2. Mi's brother "knowing" he was not alone.

3. Mi being able to "know" his brother heard his voice.

4. Answered prayer for "comfort" and "peace" during the flight, and not feeling pain.

5. Mi's safe drive to the hospital and return home.

6. Son and his girlfriend having the chance to visit today, and having dinner.

7. Getting a phone call of "good news" regarding BIL's… Continue

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Day 1- Labor Day

Today is the day I decided to start the Challenge. I had problems trying to blog in August, so I said I'd wait until September. I am focusing my 100 days on organizing my physical, mental, financial and spiritual enviroments. My mind is cluttered and so is everything else in my life. I need to purge some things and see what's important. I also want to show more gratitude in my life and be more giving. I do both things now, but I want to do them even more. I will be grateful for 5 things every… Continue

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Day 78: A word in your shellac

A good writing day! I did fix up some of the things I wanted to do to my site, and tomorrow should see the rest pretty much done. Apart from that, a good hour's cycling (14 and a bit miles!) must have had an effect on my calories in/out balance. That, and a bit of hula hooping. I'm not sure there's much else to say tonight, but it feels like I'm getting back into my stride with my intentions.

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S2day 73: Superproductive - and 9 tips on how to be creative

Went for a cycle this morning. It was not as long as i have done in the past. I did 3.5 miles.

I weighed in at 14st 13lb. Not quite sure where the extra 2lb came from though i am sure that it is temporary.

Had a really productive day and i solved a few problems that my team was worrying about. I am glad that i am able to help other people.

I went cycling this evening and did a little extra because i had a few pieces of chocolate at work. This evening i had salad which… Continue

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Day 5

So I had a "managable" day at work yesterday, which is definitely an improvement. Ususally I come home pissed off, crying or totally wiped out. It seems to take so much energy to stay on an even keel there. Anyway, all went well and I tried to stay above the negativity. I got to hold an adorable baby (who was NOT crying!!) which brought me a lot of happiness.

I never imagined it( I love pregnant women/little babies), but I actually find it hard to be around people who are pregnant/or just… Continue

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One goal down and a serious question.

I so wanted my own computer because it was very hard using someone else's. I had to go ask them if I could use it which took time away from them being on it. I couldn't download the things I wanted because it wasn't mine. Well I found one. Friday I restarted renting to own a computer. I know its more expensive in the long run but it has insurance at least. Either way I have my computer and that's what counts.

I am on the 4th day of my 4 day weekend from work. I was lucky that my… Continue

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Day 63 S2 Same as Season 1's title..REFLECTING

Things have been progressing and lessons are being learned everyday. More and more each day I am seeing the impact that I do have on my boys lives by being involved in personal and spiritual growth.. I m making a pledge to myself insuring that I will be that strong backbone for my family by just being around..I now see how important it is an the kind of impact it plays on their lives by me being a stay at home mom for the past 10 years...When I was growing up my parents worked on the weekdays… Continue

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day one, season two

It's a beautiful day here in the heartland. I've had a most wonderful, fun weekend. It's beginning to turn hot here again. Last night we had all the windows open and the whole house fan on and it was beautiful. I'm sitting here just typing this, and there's a man upstairs finishing the floors. We have had our second story hardwood floors all refinished and they are beautiful!!! Soon I'll go out and by food for my son's twenty seventh birthday (which makes me a child bride right???) His real… Continue

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The beginning

Today is September 1st, and I am officially going to start my 100 days.

I can not believe that summer is gone and i have accomplisehd hardly anything.

Thank you for the support already. I feel great that this is a place where I can feel the support.

Currently, I have so much going on in my life that I am not sure what I want. my list of intentions dont being to cover what I want.

Goal day 1: -work on relationship with family and a… Continue

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Day 90 Monday 01.09.08

I was so sure that I had done an entry about having rescued a little puppy, who was running around on the street playing "stop the car"!. He appeared to get great pleasure out of cars coming to a scretching halt because of him. It was kinda comical and yet frightening for an animal lover such as myself. I had to get him to come to me as he was still playing "you cant catch me".

He had no collar on and was only a young fox terrier a few months old. I tried a few houses to see whether anyone… Continue

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Day 90 Monday 01.09.08

It seems like time flys by and by doing these blogs perhaps slows me down enough to remember some of the these that have passed and been. To be concious about life, and the way that we are living it, is sometimes a wake up call in it's self.

Last week I handed in my assignment, after what I thought was just a "tweaking" exercise, which unfortunately meant me working six hours way into the early morning to bring it up to standard. Need work on this area of preparation still, however give… Continue

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