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Some money updates - D42S9

Today is the last day of September. I received part of my school money yesterday also... a whopping $426. =\ I was expecting $3016 so I am a bit lost for words. I found out I was charged an additional $800 worth of fees that I wasn't aware of when I was told to do the calculations on the amount of tuition and fees that I had already been charged. I just don't know.

The good news is that I will have a loan next week to make up for some of it, so total I am expecting $2200 from this… Continue

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since last time

It has been a while since I last posted a blog, but in that time I have had the most amazing learnings and happenings in general.

I have been put on a path to wealth - which it seems I was already on, though hardly aware of it. All it needed was for me to take some massive action. I am so grateful to have been put together with a great network of people who do nothing but love me and support my growth; maybe supporting isnt even the right word - pushing me (lovingly =) to be all that I can… Continue

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I am truely grateful for God's forgiveness and having the opportunity to ask for what I desire and seeing my answers be manifested so quickly. This my second week at school even though it feels like its been longer, I've been doing ok so far. The weather has gotten complety cold, like it just skipped fall. Thank God I have the money coming in to buy us all a winter wardrobe. I've been meeting new people, even though I would say they are mostly bad influences and I am trying to live better. Not… Continue

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Day 52 - Season 1

I had a FANTASTIC day at work today. It was busy, busy, busy, and I enjoy what I am working on. I also work on a variety of tasks, which is wonderful. I am so grateful for my supervisor. She is so supportive and fun to be around. I am learning a lot and having fun doing it :) I came home exhausted and am reminded to continue taking periodic breaks thorughout the day to bring myself back to my five senses and the present moment. When I do this consistently, I feel calmer, more confident,… Continue

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day 20 s1- new look new oout look- weekly review

Merry Meet everyone

today i went and got my new hair cut from the stylist training place at looks good and it only cost me £5

for once it was great to see a new person looking at me in the mirror thank you universe for that

other things i have been doing are reading the paul mckenna book the chapters i was reading last night talked about the secret and the law of attraction. how people some who win the lottery tend to not mentally be able to keep it and so a lot of work was based… Continue

Added by Jamie Lee Sample on September 30, 2009 at 7:48pm — 2 Comments

Busy day

Ok.........let me start with my gratitude list..........I obliged myself to write it on regular basis, so here I come baby ( it really helps)

Thank you God for another beautiful and sunny day

Thank you for a walk in the morning ( 1hr)

Thank you for earning some money today

Thank you for another 4 free days

Thank you for a good mood today

Thank you for the plum pancakes

Thank you for pancakes with dill in the dough, onion and white mushrooms stuffing;)… Continue

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Day 68 Countdown # 32

I had great meditations today and yesterday. I worked out both days. Yet, I am having trouble sleeping. Maybe it is just old beliefs trying to come back. I once heard someone say, "most of the things I worried about never happened". This is so true. I feel I just need to trust spirit, and sometimes that is a challenge. I have been letting go of some old people and beliefs in my life and maybe this is manifesting in some way. Maybe trying to show me what isn't working. That could be it. I feel… Continue

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Old mind patterns are emerging. (Day 8, Season 5)

Last night I almost fell into a couple of mind traps but I caught myself before it happened. One was related to money and bills and the other was related to tooth aches and the dentist. As soon as I worried I realized that it was quite humorous to think those thoughts. If my world conforms to my thoughts then there is no way any of those worries are true. In fact they are the opposite of what I actually believe. SO THERE!!! :-)

I can feel the fade of the high I've been on. Whatever… Continue

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Day 20-24! Engraving my prosperity invitation!

Hi Co-creators!

Today, and for the next 5 days, I am engraving my prosperity invitation for an acting job and more abundance!

I will, and I will mark these down as I complete them:

1. Complete and entire round of tapping and exercises from Carol Look's LOA and EFT Abundance book over 4 days.

2. Print acting headshots and resumes for actor's expo meetings

3. Work out every day with my kettlebell and exercise ball!

4. Eat healthfully and carefully

5.… Continue

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Lettuce seeds in my filing cabinet

I've just been looking for some 'pretend' one million pound notes in my filing cabinet drawer (as you do...) and instead found an unopened packet of cos lettuce seeds!

I don't remember 'filing' them there, and can think of no good reason why I would. But there they were.

Then I remembered recently, down at my allotment, using the last of the cos lettuce seeds and wishing I had some more because it's one of my favourite lettuces. I remembered also, really appreciating it as… Continue

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Day62/100: Review


wow! i didn't do the review for this day yet- that's because i went right into the dream analysis section because i was worried i would

forgot the dream- let me grab my TMS and refresh my mind for that day- thank god i have a daily activity log journal- that day- which was

tuesday- i completed the cs- and then i went to my office- and did some work- after that went to bank and then went to pay bills-checked

for new phone purchase- they don't have it- and after… Continue

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season 1 day 39 - my intentions for the day

I woke up late again today but it was an interesting phone call. My future roomie called me today saying he was going to move out of his uncle's house and start looking for a flat. I had e-mailed him over the weekend sending him a few agencies and flats to check out for the two of us. I'm awaiting an answer from my uncle.... still: I'm feel awfully desperate to just leave now - I'm gonna try really hard today to letting go, focussing on finishing off my list of things I need to do and let the… Continue

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Day down for me :(

I just don't know why i really feel sad today... i need your love and good energy ...

Added by Hanane<3 on September 30, 2009 at 4:17am — 4 Comments

Season 4 Day 7

I am putting into action my desires to the Universe. I have been manifesting some amazing things today. I have still been feeling sick so I am going to keep this post short, but I just want you all to know I am really starting to feel in tune now. The Universe is singing and now I am tuning in.

Added by Shaman Kanowa on September 29, 2009 at 11:18pm — 1 Comment

FOC meeting went well, but outside of Olivia's school smells like refuse - D41S9

I had my meeting with the Friend of the Court over my arrears and it went exceptionally well. I got another court date to come in and more time to pay the money that I owe. The money I owe is less than what I expected too, and actually less than it was 2 months ago which is odd because I hadn't made any payments.

Everything worked out just fine.

The only thing I didn't like was what the referee said to me after I showed him what I was doing to help me produce an income. As… Continue

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Sitting here basically forgeting about this...

Id say i have come far these last few weeks , accoplished everything i have set out to do, my g 37 rides nice i know i have it im jus waiting for it to get here.friends can be shady people somtimes but the sweet feeling is forgiveness and forgiving myself, not letting them bring me down. it dawed on me that friends shouldnt bring me grief. ne ways im loving life and abundantly living limitless. new dreams have sprouted as old ones have come to pass, life is great i continue daily to stay on a… Continue

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Day 12 of season 1- Manifestations for the past week

My week has been up and down. Situations that would have broken me down before I am handling very well now. I had some days where I just go numb and not do anything and some days I picked myself up and do what I had to do to make myself feel good. I am still writing in my gratitude journal and playing the "wouldn't it be nice if...." game. I stop pressuring myself to do the things that I wanted to do for the 100 Day Challenge. Now I only do the processes that I am in the mood for. In that way,… Continue

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Day 41, Another Glorious Tiara Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Tiara Tuesday everyone.

No blog on Sunday. The pinata was a huge hit and yet I was quite interested in the difference between a kid's party where everyone ones a shot at hitting the pinata or they are sad and this party where none of my 27-year old cousin's male friends wanted a shot. Ended up only my cousin, his mom and his dad and then my cousin again were game. Of course, in all fairness I never intended on taking a shot myself and I'm not sure what all of this says about… Continue

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season 1 day 38 - quiet day, I wonder whats going on behind the spiritual scenes

Today has been pretty quiet. I woke up this morning really early because I want to get my body used to getting up early and on London time. Waking up at 7am really means waking up at 6am - ideally the time I would wake up for work in London. The beautiful thing about today was waking up early to meditate, in the quietness and solitude of the atmosphere around, I felt so focussed, refreshed, relaxed - I felt the universe align everything for me in its subtle, gentle way.

Which makes… Continue

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day 19/ s1- hair and money

Merry meet everyone

today I had some money one thing i really wanted was a decent hair cut no the £5 barber he does if he come ere cut.

a few months ago i discovered a place where top stylists train (i discovered this think to using the law of attraction then) so i went in and booked myself an appointment for tomorrow morning. later during the the day I got a phone call about a work placement at a school (i had asked the universe a few days after workshops I attended to keep me busy… Continue

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