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S3-Starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of S3! I am so excited! I have logged on from time to time and see there are many new co-creators, which makes it even more exciting! I have not stopped practicing LOA, of course! And have manifested so much since the end of my S2 at the end of August. I continue to throw myself in the vortex daily, and still surprise myself with all the wonderful things I attract into my life daily. I am really excited to start a new Season, and can't…


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S11 D6








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Use your lessons


I am grateful for a friend's posts yesterday... his words put me in the proper alignment for easy manifestation and many wonderful things happened while I remained in that state... The effect was immediate. As the energy teetered off - letting my Ego take over due to various reasons - the day became gloomier.


My Self was aware of this as it was happening, but circumstances (of my choosing) made it very difficult for me to return to the state of positive…


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The fire of friendship

Aleph by Paulo Coelho


When I arrive at the Moscow hotel with my publisher and my editor, a young woman is waiting outside for me. She comes over and grasps my hands in hers.

‘I need to talk to you. I’ve come all the way from Ekaterinburg to do just that.’

I’m tired. I woke up earlier than usual and had to change planes in Paris because there was no direct flight. I tried to sleep on the journey, but every time I managed to drop off, I would fall into the same…


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Someone shared this with me to day, and now I share it with you!

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Just Sharing...

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Season 11 Day 3: Making it a habit


Just going to keep this short. On my 3rd morning in a row of waking up and going to the gym in the morning and it feels great. I want to start eating healthier. Needing to stay positive and stay positive, and I am in transition with that. I am having a hard time keeping so much in balance, have so much going on at work.. I need to just write more but I am…


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Grateful for everything in my life at this point of time!

I have an amazing job....a job that allows me to meet the most interesting people on amazing boss whom I completely adore and some very interesting people I work with. 


I felt really bad today for shouting at one of my juniors, a very young junior and I so wish I hadn't said those words. Afterall all of us are learning, learning new things everyday and have immense responsibilities. I think I need to find a source of relaxation and socialisation. I hardly have any…


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Your Environment.

When it comes to being motivated, I believe that any resource that you can muster up get is useful for getting your result. This is a necessary practice. You NEED. I MEAN FUCKING NEED some sort of environment that allows you to expand your creativity, strength, and ability into reality...


Continues here >>> …


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Letter for my love!

Hi my sweet love,


I want to tell you today how much I love you and how special is the time we spent together, the time with you has been wonderful… You rock my life! I want to tell you how much I thank you all the special moments we share and the love you give me and to assure you that there's absolutely no regrets about anything about the past. There’s only beautiful time in my mind and nice memories about us. I promise you to remember all the time the beautiful and…


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Restart Day 2 Season 1

Moring:Well the second time around you things seem so make easier restarting this challenge at first did not know what to expected I am just so excited for the second around.  I have a habit for meditation,morning exercise,and Tibetan stretches.  The most important feeling and being thankful everyday for how blessed for myself to be here on this earth to enjoy all that is given to us to enjoy and love family, friends.  The simple things to I have is my greatest love my love, my parents, my… Continue

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Restating my dream

I spent a whole day feeling good, thanks to the morning yoga, trying to relax over coffee and eating fruits!! I hope to continue a good routine tomorrow too.


Since I am in a good mood, it might be a good time to think about my future goals.


Well, I know that I want to have a job that pays me well, as well as keeps me motivated and makes me happy. My previous job paid me well but I was never happy with it, because of loooong hours, high level of stress and…


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Day 25 - I love Typhoon 8

Typhoon: a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean between 180 and 100 E. So literally it's a summer storm in Asia.

In Hong Kong it is categorised as No. 1, No. 3 and No. 8. For No.1 & No.3, nothing happens. No.8 is everyone's celebration - you either get an extra day off (when all the cinemas and karaoke places still keep operating) or you make extra money (taxi drivers could charge extra because public transports would go…


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When manifestations start rolling in

So what's it like to have something you only believed you had or had happen (in consciousness) actually happen?


In the past I have thought I MAY HAVE manifested things.... it MIGHT HAVE been more than a coincidence...


But when a TRUE manifestation occurs in your life I think and believe there is NO MISTAKING it. When a TRUE manifestation comes to you, you should be like WOW, this is it's more than amazing...this is incredible that I only had to…


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Goal and intention

Right now my goal is to practice visualizing myself as a member of a community that makes us aware of what we are eating and drinking everyday of our lives that makes us sick so that I can eliminate the cause instead of looking for a cure while still ingesting the cause.....


A community that does for me for nutrition what CCOR did for me for creating and STILL creating an amazing life.


As far as I am concerned I am a member already.... and now I'll just allow…


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Day 15 Season 11

2 weeks done! I love it!


I'm VERY proud of myself... I may not have done everything as I would like have... *shrugs shoulders*. But these past 2 weeks have been very relieving. I have let go, loved, adapted, and allowed myself to do and be everything and anything I desired.


This morning I had a dream that I was a blogger, someone kidnapp me for telling a story and he stuffed a sock in my mouth... I woke up choking and I couldn't breathe... I had this strong…


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S11 D5






















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Teaching Children about Money - Single Parents

Teaching Children About Money - Single Parents

Children and money 150x150 Teaching Children About Money Single Parents

Teaching Children about Money Single Parents

I grew up in a household where by we didn’t appear short of money ,my dad built 2 of our houses and they were pretty big. Our last house was an usual house (back then) – we had gorgeous…


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