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Achievement #145 - R&R

Yesterday, I didn't have much energy. I'd had a VERY busy weekend, albeit a very enjoyable one, partly at a convention, and partly with a friend for his bachelor party. Showing much less guilt then usual, I managed to let myself relax in between classes, without trying to push yet more work out of myself. I know much more would have made me sick, and now I feel much more ready to tackle the day.

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season 15 day 3


I get perfect grades in every class I take.

My study habits improve daily.

I'm proud to be working towards a degree.

Going to college is a dream I'm making a reality.

I enjoy studying and learning.

I am always well prepared for every test.

I am filled with positive dreams associated with school.

Studying is now easy for me and I do it well.

I am able to study and learn under any circumstance.

I choose today…


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season 15 day 2

today's journal.

my ups for today:

I felt very graceful in certain situations that I would've been stressed out in in my past. Today we announced to a new trainee that she had an opportunity to get a promotion since I'm going to be working at a new store. In the past I might have been more tentative or just very emotional about my departure. It's bittersweet for sure, it is what is best for me, and it's probably what is best for the store and the…


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Tomorrow's Chemistry Quiz

I am manifesting a great grade on tomorrow's quiz in organic chemistry. I am studying hard and making good use of my time. I take diligent notes and ask lots of questions. I study with a tutor three times a week and on my own every day. I understand chemical reactions in alkenes and aromatic hydrocarbons. I'm excited to take the quiz and do well on it! I'm excited to make myself and my professor proud of me. 

I am manifesting good quiz and exam grades, as well as good…


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Day 5 - Intending a good attitude today!

I was so overjoyed to start my challenge last Thursday, then seemed to fall into some kind of little funk the next day. Nothing major, but I don't want to live there! Living without the numbing effect of food is new, challenging, and good. 

Today, I set my intention to greet each situation with a smile, to make recharging a priority, even as I focus on being a good worker, getting done what I need to on my project. I intend to manifest healthy recovery today, peaceful…


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S2 Day 4 Sending Love and singing to the food I'm cooking... my inner child takes over the kitchen

S2 Day 4

Cooking fresh vegetable soup and singing to it. How fun :-)  Actually I usually  sing while cooking but today I decided to sing to it. So today's experience was singing to the vegetables I was preparing and kissing each piece before dropping it into the pot... just because that's what 4 years old me would have done to send it her love.  I'll be doing this the…


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Day 1 Season 16

New Season!

Season 16

New goals

I am manifesting a soul mate, be it someone I already know or someone new.

I am manifesting a TV series, I have written the text already. I need…


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20th of September day 100 season 15

Day 100 passed by like a flash.

It was the 20 th of septemper, at that time I was preparing a theatre group for their premiere 26 of september...

Day 100 Season 15-Short Summary

I understood that I had to prepare myself to leave past feelings, past situations behind me.

that took some preparation, to forgive everyone and myself, I still am not sure what to do with

two people. I need to resolve…


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season 15 day 1

hey hey, so this morning I woke up and took some time to focus on pictures of the school I wish to attend in the spring. It was a fun exercise, I found a bunch of photos online, and learned about different programs, awards, and events that the school hosts that I could potentially be a part of in addition to my program. This process helped me to focus my vision further on making this a reality. Since I don't live near the school (yet!) it helped me to visualize the environment that I will…


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Day Two, Season One

It's evening, remembering my commitment to post here daily, so here I am!   Let me review my commitment here, on a daily basis. 

My What is:  to share a bit of the journey of this mega life transition I am in now. 

Reviewing my why:  My Why is to be accountable, visible and available to myself and others and deepen the love vibration and build nourishing community.

Yesterday I set up a Facebook (FB) community page:  Diary of a Path with Heart.  Please…


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hey there!

what's up? it's been a while since I've been on here. yet I have a strong desire to start a new season tomorrow. I simply want to start focusing on, reflecting, and practicing putting to use the laws of the universe again. I feel like I've been out of touch / out of sorts lately, having all kinds of nightmares and stuff, and have manifested some big things that I'm not sure how I feel about. so I feel like this is a good idea for me right now. is anyone else on here? either way, I will be…


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Day One, Season One

Actions today: 

I joined the 100 Day Challenge!

I sent tweet that I joined.

I just set up a community FB page called:  Diary of a Path With Heart

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My beginning of Season One

Hi everyone,  Just joining now and learning my way around.  First step is for me to clarify my intention for Season One.   I'm in a huge life transition, moving out of the San Francisco Bay Area, after being here all my life.   Not sure what this next life chapter will hold. 

So, my intention for Season One is to show up here daily, and share a bit about this journey.  That's my What.  My Why is to be accountable, visible and available to myself and others and deepen the love…


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Achievement #144 - Refusing to give up

It's hard to keep working when you're tired, and stressed, when all your reserves feel depleted, and you want nothing but to sleep or get relief in some other way. However, when I REALLY need to keep pushing no matter what, I may have discovered something that can help: Motivational speeches. Listening to great people explain why the barriers exist mostly in your mind, and how much untapped potential you have is an incredible energy boost - especially with stimulated music underlying it. A…


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The future depends on what we do in the present -- Mahatma Gandhi

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Mahatma Gandhi

This is the message I have been hearing in various ways, from various perspectives, repeatedly over the last few days. In the Deepak Chopra book I'm reading right now (The 7 Spiritual Laws for Parents) today's law to focus on is the Law of Intention and Desire - that every 'seed' we plant will bear fruit in one way or…


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S2 Day 1 New season : Happily deprogramming and re-education about Life :-)

S2 Day 1

I didn't think that season 2 would come to me so soon but the little "Master" co-creator on this video showed me the way. (I hope that the posted link will work)

So ... This week, I'll be jumping and hopping in puddles :-)   Can't wait!!!

This Season Two I'll be:…


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Season 5 Day 1 - A Journey into the New Year

So I remembered this website this morning and felt prompted to come and get some help with setting intentions. As I looked ahead to where 100 days would take me, I discovered that 100 days from today is January 1st! So this challenge will help me finish out the year on a more positive, uplifting, healthy note. 

I have a few areas in which I want to focus:

Recovery: I am also in a 12-step recovery program for eating disorders. It is a lifeline and has started me on a new…


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Holy smokes, it's been six years!

I'm here to co create a more peaceful life with the universe. I'm so glad I'm still here, and this community is still here!

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Achievement #143 - Fighting against negativity

I've had a lot of fears lately - about work, my relationship, and so on. I know almost all of them are irrational, but that doesn't change the feeling. What does however, is to replace fearful thoughts with more confident and supportive ones. I reminded myself how far I've come, how much stronger I am then I used to be, and it raised my mood for the better part of the day.

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Achievement #142 - A long walk

Last night, I was feeling fuzzy-headed, and I didn't want to deal with anyone. But a long walk from my house helped to clear my head. Good thing too, because there was something I needed to hear and be present for when I got back. If I hadn't taken that walk, I might have reacted defensively and made it worse.

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