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September 2016 Blog Posts (23)

Achievement #351 - Salutation to the dawn

The night before last, I awoke around 6am and knew my body was going to fight me if I treid to sleep further. So I got up and tried to get some work done. While poking around some dance videos I was thinking of using for social media, I spotted a humourous one about a dancer who dances when they have trouble sleeping! I thought 'well, why not?' put on my earphones, and danced around my living room. It felt great, like I was releasing some long-held tension in my body. Then I turned and…


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DAY 44, Season 8

Trusting in the Process

We're always talking about "Being More, Doing Less" but it's so much easier to talk about then to put into action, or non-action, or, well, I think you get my gist. Especially when all "conventional wisdom" tells us to set a goal, make a list of steps to achieve that goal, then check off each item on the list a quickly as possible. And, of course, most of us here have lived and died by that "wisdom" for most of our lives. I had that exact mindset when I started…


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Achievement #350 - Even your worst gets better

Yesterday was a hard one for me. I felt sick, tired, and unhappy, and a headache was making things worse. And I got little done as a result. Yet, I was able to recognize that, even just a month ago, I would have become far more depressed, and let it stop me for longer. Even when I felt my worst yesterday, I wasn't dragging it down further with depressing thoughts. And by the evening, I had started to rally, to the point where I did get some work done, and went to bed ready to start…


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Day 1 Season 19. A new dawn-a new day

yes Cocreators it is a new dawn...the worst is behind me and I am already attracting fantastic co-workers to one of my scripts. I also soon start a new theatre project in october.

Goals for Season 19:

listening to my intuition

nurture my body more frequently; continuing with fitness, going on massages and so on.

to be aware of situations and at the same time my needs

nurture good, stable and friendly relationships on the workfront

finding new… Continue

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Achievement #349 - Slaying the day

Sometimes, the fantasy-loving side of me pictures a challenging day like a dragon I've got to fight. Yesterday the dragon was big and powerful, for the day had many stages with few if any breaks. Yet I stayed focused, despite some unexpected discoveries and new challenges that appeared. Most of all, I didn't let my vibration drop and prevent me from giving my best to whoever was in front of me. I ended the day feeling I'd conquered a powerful foe, and all the more confident for it.

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Day 100 Season18 No more heavy weight lifting in the swamps!

So another 100 days passed by like a lightning bolt!

Summing up:

No matter how challenged I was in this season; I eather

a) stayed very aware of the situation around me and at the same time on what i wanted

b) or, in my solitude, alone, i gave free outlet for my emotions as so to realease pressure

if i wouldnt, i wouldnt have achieved as much as i did and stay healthy.

what i learned from other's strange or even not so honest behaviour… Continue

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Achievement #348 - Stop when you're sick

I've been dealing with some physical energy challenges for a couple days now. Yesterday it was bad enough to make it very difficult to stay focused on my tasks for the day. While it was frustrating, I had the presence of mind to check inside to find the source. I realized I wasn't just tired, I wasn't feeling well at all, and I needed rest. So I took the afternoon off, read and slept in bed. It was lovely, and I'm feeling more refreshed today.

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Achievement #347 - The stuff I don't have time for

The problem with working on your own business in your spare time is there is never any time left over to do the other important things, like chores and choreography. There's always more work that can be put into the business after all. Yesterday I realized there were a number of things that were niggling at me which I hadn't finished. So I spent most of the day doing them, and felt much better afterwards. Nice when that's all that is required.

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Achievement #346 - Identifying the next challenge

I've discovered the next thing to work on to improve my emotional guidance system. Recently, I've begun listening to how I feel inside to know the best course of action to take, with great success. However, I've realized, after a very sleepy day yesterday, that being tired, or having some other over-arching mental/physical discomfort, can make this more difficult. Because my emotions are all saying 'get some sleep!' at a time when that may not be possible. Going forward, I sometimes need to…


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Achievement #345 - Meeting my idols

I got a rare chance on Saturday. Two dance pros, well known and respected in the world were visiting for the weekend. On Saturday night, they headed down to a nearby instructor's house to relax before our evening social. Apart from them and the owner of the house, there were two other instructors invited, and me. But instead of letting myself get intimidated, I used my new vibrational skills to switch my mindset. I pictured myself as a well-known and highly successful dance instructor, every…


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Achievement #344 - Removing what doesn't serve me

Every two weeks, I run a ballot at the dance studio, as a way to find out what people want to learn from my blog articles. Unfortunately, there's never been a lot of people voting, and this summer was quieter than usual. It was a bit sad, but yesterday I decided to discontinue the ballot. There are better ways to poll what people want, without spending as much of my own time.

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Achievement #343 - In the zone

I'd just like to thank the universe for granting me such a productive day yesterday. I got a lot done, and felt very happy doing it. I could have let myself be distracted, but I kept in touch with my emotions and realized I'd just make myself unhappy doing so. More days like that, thank you!

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Achievement #342 - Dancing to refocus

Still felt a bit off yesterday - restless, irritated, hard to focus. After trying various mental tricks to raise my vibration, I started practicing some dance techniques in my living room. And it worked! My mind was resting while my body got a much-needed workout, and the extra stress flushed out of me in the process. I felt much relieved after, and was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

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Achievement #341 - Sometimes, you just need a nap

For the first half of yesterday, I was feeling like a blanket had been draped over me. I felt like something was pulling my mood down, but I couldn't discern it's source. Midway through the day, I was trying to write about what I was feeling, but realized suddenly that I was so tired I couldn't even focus properly! I promptly went home to have a nap, and woke up feeling considerably better.

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Achievement #340 - A great day with a friend

I met up with a friend yesterday, whom I haven't seen in a while. Now, this friend sometimes makes me feel a little awkward, because we're both better listeners than talkers, which leads to some uncomfortable silences. In the past, I'd find myself trying to fill the spaces with increasingly awkward conversation, which didn't help. This time, I resolved to watch myself more carefully, to make sure I didn't blurt out just anything. I also listened more closely to what my friend was saying, so…


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Day 11 Season 8

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday, so I'm reflecting on the past year. It's been an interesting one to say the least. I'm incredibly grateful for all that I have, and I'm particularly appreciative of my partner. He helps me in so many ways and his love for me makes everything worthwhile. I'm so glad to have a partner and supporter like him.

I'm also grateful for my incredible friends and family. I've manifested so many lovely relationships.

I'm grateful for my health and… Continue

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Achievement #339 - Preconceptions about money

Yesterday, I was trying to envision and act the part of a successful businessperson on my way to work, but something felt off. I realized I felt uncomfortable with the idea of having success in the form of money - it almost felt like guilt for having money when other didn't! Realizing that this is a big thing that's been holding back my success, I've started to think more seriously about my money-limiting beliefs, and replace them with positive ones.  Booya!

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Achievement #338 - Raising the vibration

Continuing on my personal journey to raise the vibration of my thoughts, I realized yesterday that I needed to find activities or mental tools to help bring my energy up - my mind is too comfortable existing in a place of negativity. To start, I began thinking of memories that make me happy when I found myself slipping downwards. Finished yesterday in a higher place of mind than I did the day before.

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Achievement #337 - I control my mood

Some days, you wake up in a bad mood, with a lot of negative thoughts in your head. I might have let that mood prevail a few weeks ago, but yesterday I decided I was going to choose higher vibrational thoughts instead. The day ended up being a tug of war between the negative emotions and my response. It was a tiring experience, but I managed to come out of the day feeling much better about myself than I would have. Better yet, I was able to be much more positive for both my students and my…


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Achievement #336 - Helping out the family

My wife's mother makes me uncomfortable sometimes, because she insists on doing the cooking and cleaning without help, often complaining afterwards about how much work there is to do. I like to make myself useful, so yesterday I assertively suggested we make lunch for the family together. To my surprise, she agreed! We got the food ready in half the time, and she was very grateful. And I felt I was at least starting to 'earn my stay'.

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