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Season 1 - 31 - Time flies when your having FUN! :)

WOW, a whole month has gone by, it seems like only yesterday I was having butterfiles and writing my 1st blog about starting this challenge. :)

So to do a quick recap on this month, I've manifested a few things, quite a bit of money, more confidences, 3 jobs, loads of small things (but still major to me), most of all though I've manifested relaxation with in my mind and body. Lately I've felt really relaxed plus just feeling ever so happy. I've been able to channel my mind on to… Continue

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I'm getting my wish!! Happy Birthday to Me!


Hello Happy People.. Yes, I'm a Halloween baby. I can't imagine what that kind of thing does to a mother!! Ha!

Thank you all for your wonderful energy that was sent to me for my "little girl with dog's clothes on." Waking up with this on my mind. I started right to work... Somehow I ran across a page that had a discount program… Continue

Added by msscience on October 31, 2008 at 6:00pm — 5 Comments

Season one, Day one

Helloooo everyone!

Happy Halloween!!!

so today i am feeling very down. there's a lot of problems in my relationship right now. Its not good at all. Actually, my relationship is practically non existent.. in a horrible way. I would REALLY appreciate any support right now.

Im so hurt about the situation that im having a hard time meditating, or anything. I feel a lot of anxiety.

I was wondering if you guys would maybe, post some stories of how the law of attraction has worked… Continue

Added by Rae on October 31, 2008 at 5:42pm — 5 Comments

I am so happy and grateful now that...

...I am 135lbs.

...I have $10,000 free and clear.

...we are leaving Monterey before the end of the year and going back home. dear husband is pain free and better than ever.

...I am happier and more fulfilled.

...I have enough money to do as I wish and enough to share.

...I am working as a manager in the homeoffice.

...we have a beautiful, new house (with a fence) in the Stonecrest subd. in Fayetteville. husband and I are traveling a lot… Continue

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Tina Does the Master Cleanse for 28 Days!

(copied from my facebook note. I can fill you all in too! - Oct. 28. 08)

Hello Everyone,

I've decided to document my journey on the Master Cleanse…Part 2! I did it for 21 days in the summer and now I’m going for 28! I felt amazing at this time and you really don’t know till you try it. I thought, “What 10 days without food!? No way!” Well, I found personal discipline for the first time and it was very rewarding. I know that there is negative criticism of this but, I’ve… Continue

Added by Tina on October 31, 2008 at 2:44pm — 1 Comment

Freedom and space

Dear co-creators,

This week I felt as if I was swimming upstream instead of going with the flow, feeling impatient, struggling and not feeling connected to the law of attraction and the universe. This is always a sign for me that I've disconnected to myself, my light, love and creativity.

So today I decided to take a day off, treated myself to a nice cup of tea in a cafe, read magazines, started making a plan for my next visit to Ibiza and rented a dvd about soulmate… Continue

Added by Cindy on October 31, 2008 at 2:13pm — 1 Comment

One Day at a Time


That I feel good enough to get dressed

That I can make my own breakfast

That Nanowrimo starts tomorrow.

That all I have is the flu

That I am healthy

Intentions: To feel better, to read a book I have been wanting to look at.

That last bit of gratitude is to be positive. I have 2 big things tomorrow and I really need to be healthy for both. I still feel like crap though so that is a little disheartening. Nanowrimo starts tomorrow… Continue

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Things To Ponder.

I have this on my page and it makes me think about these things on a higher level, IsisOakmoss stopped by my page and suggested that I share these thoughts with the group, and I thought, you know she is right! Why not share this with all of the CCOR community via blog, so here it is.

Let me just say these are not my words I copied them from something I read, but when I read thru this list I think of the people who fit the answer and it overwhelms me, because it is so true when you… Continue

Added by Pamela on October 31, 2008 at 1:35pm — 2 Comments

happy halloween!/day 3

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a wonderful Halloween so far! I know I am.

This morning I woke up and meditated for 10 min about my manifestation desires, I got clear about what I am to receive, I can't wait to drive my Prius. Jeff and I are going to see Metallica tomorrow night, I'm so excited, we are going to spend the night Portland, I want to find a hotel room with a hot tub in it overlooking the city,

how very romantic.I will have $1000… Continue

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Season 1 Day 21: Happy Halloween!

Hey co-creators! Enjoy your Halloween, I know I will!

Added by Elizabeth on October 31, 2008 at 12:44pm — No Comments


CLICK 4 MY ARTICLE ON MEDITATION: I wrote it back in February and it was published just one day before my B'day. Tell me what ya think!!!

Added by Ms. Unique on October 31, 2008 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

Want to eat dinner with your dead friend or family member again? Try this-

MUHUHAHAHAHAH! Happy Halloween! Wishing all a great and safe halloween. Make sure that you take time to remember the ones that have passed and honor their memory. Something that some people do is have the dead over for dinner. I know it sounds crazy but, hear me out. What you do is set the table with an extra place setting for all the loved ones that have passed… Continue

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Happy Halloween Co-Creators!

We had trick or treat night last night and boy did we have a lot of kids! And we still have left over candy, not to mention the candy that the kids brought home!

I thought I'd share a piece with all of you!

I have had some pretty amazing manifestions lately. I'll have to post about the big one later today. It is still in the making but so cool nonetheless!

Enjoy your Halloween!

Remember- FACE YOUR… Continue

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Day 53 Season 1

Started this day in what felt like a bottomless pit. Talk about rollercoaster ride of emotions from oneday to the next.WHOA!!! I know its my ego and a bit of PMS :-) That's another reason I want to do the cleanse. I really think it's going to help with the PMS. Feeling so ungrateful and needy what a combination. YUCK! But I will say THANKYOU EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSYEM because your working extremely well and letting me know I'm out of alignment. Thankyou for letting me know I'm not vibrating with… Continue

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has always been my favorite holiday.....well not my favorite, but it's up there! You get to dress up - wear strange clothes- eat candy.

But none of that happens until tonight, so for now, I'm off to get my morning coffee and begin my day.

Got up around 7am...I'm "off" today. But that just means I have places to go, people to see, and I'll have a little money, for a little while...It's payday!

So I would like to attract abundance into my day in the shape of dollars. And then… Continue

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Day Thirty-One! Halloween :D

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your having a good week. Started reading eat Pray love which is really good. Not to much going on at the minute so that will have to change. Feel like things are at a stand still, i'm hapy with where i am in my life but don't feel to excited about anything or that i heading towards something.

Anyway Halloween tonight and i declare to the universe that i am going to have an AMAZING night. So tomrrow i should have an good blog to post… Continue

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Day2 Season 1

I can not believe that wonderful things have started happenings right from day 1.
I am getting a feeling of abundance and confidence that i can attract my ideal job as early as possible.
I need to celebrate this moment and learning from today was to uncover ur own strengths.
I have to meditate for some time today. but as i started practising law of attraction i am attracting good thoughts.

Added by sharmila on October 31, 2008 at 5:36am — No Comments

In the end...everything comes full circle....

today started by me waking me up in a room not my own.(I am out of town for a few days)

and though i dosed in and out of mini naps for a few hours before actually getting out of bed my mind was working running the entire time. i kept thinking of Tuesday night. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a GYM CLASS HEROES concert. Which FYI was one of my most memorable experiences to date. The bands front man Travis McCoy who is now officially one of my favorite live performers = ) said… Continue

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Day 37 Season 1 of 100 day reality challenge

Greetings co-creators,

I haven't posted in over a week! I made a video blog tonight but alas it is too long for youtube to publish,I will attempt at getting it up here somehow.

Part of what I am manifesting is to live from the center of my life. In my last video blogs I talked about knowing a feeling a shift coming on. Well, it did, and I needed to go inward, process, release, and center myself.

I am shifting my identity in many ways, and have been feeling…

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day 2!

Okay, things I have been up to, I bought this 99cent mp3 guided visualization, and started listening to it in the morning and evening, it's pretty helpful for me, I like to have a plan, or path or something so this helps keep me on track!

I'm working on visulising and find it a bit challenging, some feedback from anyone who reads this would be great, do you actually see the things in your head or are you just thinking about them, I want it to be like a dream, or watching TV or something… Continue

Added by Stacy on October 31, 2008 at 12:16am — No Comments

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