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Digging through old magical/dream journals...

A few years ago, I had a dream where I said a pun that was hilarious. Now we all know that humor in dreams is FAR different than in the physical. However, this one was special because it made me laugh even while awake. So I tested it on friends and they laughed as well, so it was a really great pun!!! The trouble is I don't remember it. So was was combing through old journals to see if I had written it down. And the answer is: NOPE!!

But my disappointment was erased when I stumbled… Continue

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S1D6 My Goals and Methods


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season 1 day 69/70 - persistence will pay off

Persistence will pay off.. it will happen. Yesterday I spent the whole day applying for jobs and whilst I was applying I attempted making a holographic experience of being in the job, working with colleagues, helping patients out with prescription - I need to work on refining the image in my head. I know all that I see in my mind will manifest in reality soon, I don't want to try to make something happen I will allow it to happen.

Its been a challenge to focus totally on my hearts… Continue

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Day93/100: Review


Yesterday was another interesting day. I've slow down majorly in productivity but that's mainly because i've been

bogged down with a major learning curve-so that's okay somehow. I've been feeling more tired but that's because my

schedule is totally out of whack too. Because i was working all night- I went to bed in the early morning of yesterday

and slept until 12h00- well until the JWitnesses rang the bell and i only answered because i thought it was the… Continue

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Day 21, Season 1 - Today I manifest a haircut.

I am 45 minutes away from becoming a handsome devil. With the accompanying confidence, I will use my mighty powers to manifest some Greek food and good coffee.

Things are going really great. My band's music creation is nothing short of miraculous. In 3 months, we've created about 30 very complex, intricate, yet catchy songs. Our two shows from a couple months ago literally elevated the consciousness of the audience (as they excitedly told us afterward), but they haven't experienced… Continue

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Yoga, spiritual muscles and peace (Day 39, Season 5)

I went to yoga last night after not going for a couple weeks. If you all aren't familiar with Bikram Yoga it is a series of 20 something poses over 90 minutes in a room heated to somewhere between 104 and 115 degrees. When I went into the room prior to the class I meditated using a Reiki meditation that I remembered when reading a manual I have. I asked the Reiki energy to protect me, keep me in the now and take control when I needed it.

The first part of the class was amazing. The… Continue

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Happy Haloween!

So, it's Saturday. Haloween 2009. And my turn to work the weekend shift. The gym has been ridiculously empty all morning.

As I sat down to eat an orange, I got an overwhelming childlike urge. I knew what I had to do...

And here is the result...

It's good to give into your inner child. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

He tasted great, too.

Happy Haloween, Co-Creators!

In Love

-… Continue

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Season 4 Day 84 Brings Chronic Health Problems

Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend;

you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left...

You cannot love game and hate predators;

You cannot conserve the waters and waste the ranges;

You cannot build the forest and mine the farm.

The land is one organism.

"The Round River"

~Aldo Leopold

Dear Diary,

I can't believe that I am on Season 4 Day 84 of the 100 day reality… Continue

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Day92/100: Review


Yesterday.I woke up quite early and did some work knowing that my day would be busy outside the office. I got to P's place

and we slowly prepared to go visit T's loft and pick up the luggage. the loft is very nice. It is not as small as i thought

it would be. Although it doesn't have the mezzanine that mine had- it is a nice studio loft. It was nicely decorated. And as

we walked in the loft, T told me she just spoke to the landlord and he's reducing it!- I didn't… Continue

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Day 7...............I am trying, and its starting to show.

I got my first call today from a new perspective client. I am really excited about it. They seemed extremely excited about my work and they also are in Brooklyn, NY so that is always a great thing to have in the portfolio. I have been trying to just think positive and not let things get to me.

Secondly Dana and I have had a good couple days. I am letting go of all the unsure feelings I have all the time. I am just opening myself up to love him fully and be loved completely back. I… Continue

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Day 22, season 1: more LOA and my new blogspot page!

My main goal for this first season is to dive into health foods even more than I already did, lean into the vegan kitchen and just basically make healthy eating a routine in my life. Today I met up with my friend Pauline for a chat. We hadn't seen each other in months and decided to catch up with an English high tea. Not really something that's considered health food, but it tasted awesome and we had a great time.

I already knew that Pauline had an interest in health foods as well, but… Continue

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Reiki, and communication malfunctions. (Day 38, Season 5)

I have been drawn back to Reiki and it has become more and more meaningful as the days pass. I forgot about the ritual involved with the energy and how pure and beautiful it can be. Due to many of you I have been giving more and more energy out to the world and it has increased my feeling of it dramatically. The people I've sent it to have even reported more energy than I have ever heard about in the past.

I took some time last night to find my Reiki manuals and read through them a… Continue

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Did not get the job...cos I'm a woman!? :o(

I didn't get the job I went for yesterday and it's all because I'm a woman!

Don't get me the wrong way, I'm not angry at all and really, it wasn't meant to be.

I had an email today from the woman who interviewed me (lovely, friendly woman)....saying I weren't successful. Hmm, I thought.....I wonder why? I thought it had gone so well. I replied back to her and she replied again saying that it was beacuse the office wanted a male to work in the men's dept! She said she loved me but it's… Continue

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Day 20 Addendum

I need to thank all the forces and prayers in aiding my healing. I've had shoulder problems most likely from a bad car wreck about 11 years ago. Recently, I tore the rotator cuff in that shoulder and it wasn't really healing until I started using one of my visualization methods. In less than a week, the pain is no longer acute and is showing definite signs of abating along with more flexibility and less clicking. Of course I'm sure dynamic tension exercises are helping but in conjunction with… Continue

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Day 20, Season 1 - same ol' good ol' stuff

Each day brings more and more light, understanding and wonder. I'm ecstatic to have been conversing on Facebook with Donald Michael Kraig, the author of the book that helped me begin my work in esoterics 21 years ago. I'm grateful that I've come a long way and can hold my own in discussing occult topics, especially since he's clearly INCREDIBLY knowledgable.

I'm THRILLED that I'm getting close to finishing Tarot Fundamentals and will be beginning the next course, Developing… Continue

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It's actually Day 28...I jumped to conclusions...

Ok, earlier today I was feeling so down...I felt a knot in my stomach, couldn't concentrate on my workouts, felt like my heart was breaking...I need to meditate and see what I need to learn from this.

I haven't been in a relationship in so long, and to make it worse it's long distance. I had asked for it, because I hadn't been in a relationship in nearly 20 years I didn't feel ready for a local one yet, and I got exactly what I asked for, in fact he was delivered to my door so to… Continue

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Connection with Higher Self

Well after some despair of not finding a research PhD topic for Dundee in 16th century Spain with regards to chivalric manuals, I did find one! Unfortunately I've opted not to apply for the Dundee Studentship despite the fact that is pretty much sums up one of my intentions: To receive full postgraduate funding (including living expenses), however; Glasgow is my choice where I want to be and although I know that the universe may have other plans I just have to go with my gut feeling. Yes… Continue

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Dan's Day 71 - S3, Rising from the Trenches, personal progress update...

Day 71 Season 3

Personal Progress:

Still keeping off the booze although had a few little lapses, which just convinced me more that I’m on the right track by not drinking, it just doesn’t feel good anymore, or at least the majority of the time, yeah I enjoy the initial buzz of alcohol but the bad feelings, dehydration and hangover effects just aren’t worth the few hours of pleasure.

Been going through a lot at home, my partner is going through a miscarriage (hence the… Continue

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Day 81 - Season 1

I love my Friends!!! I feel so good talking on the phone with them, hanging out with them, knowing that they are in my life. I use many techniques to feel joy and one of them is thinking about my friends. They are gifts walking around in bodies. I am so grateful for all that I love. I will be getting together with some of my good friends tomorrow evening. I can't wait!! :) I am very blessed.

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Season 1, day 30......where did all the other days go??!

I have got to keep up with this challenge of blogging!

Then again......I have been grateful every day.....I write in my personal journal every day.......I read fantastic life changing books.....and listen to inspiring interviews and music.

Actually....I am doing great!! :o)

The book I am currently reading is Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz, which I found out about whilst listening to Lilou's interview with him on youtube. Amazing.......a definite must read about your… Continue

Added by Isabel B on October 29, 2009 at 8:13pm — 3 Comments

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