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How do we show others how to manifest?

I recall very early on in my quest to MASTER THE LAW OF ATTRACTION I had MANY questions. I chose rather than to ask others to seek many of my answers through books. It was a long hard tedious journey but one that has paid off and one that I am SURE will continue to pay off in the years to come.


Don't get me wrong, asking others questions CAN HELP but it can also work as a hindrance for many reasons.


There are MANY intangibles that remain hidden from others as…


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The Lost Ones


How well do you understand your place in this life? How deeply do you connect with the fact that you are a human being with strength, spirit, and great intelligence?


The rest is here...

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Day 30 - A small manifestation

Last Wednesday night I was walking along the seaside and I was in very good mood. I felt grateful, peaceful and allowing. I set a lot of intentions that night, all of them are manifested, including a Typhoon 8 holiday that I've boasted about in my previous blog, and some extra money the coming week.The thought of getting this money brought me a lot of smile and then I totally forgot about it.


So today is the first day of the week, and at the end of the day, I suddenly…


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Season 1 Day 60

So happy I made it to day 60! This has been a wonderful experience for me so far - my life has changed in many positive ways during the last 60 days. To those who may be sceptical, of course I can't know if it would have changed anyway, but I do know that I have enjoyed the 100 day challenge up to this point and I believe I have influenced these changes through my practices.


Three days ago I had a lightbulb moment while ironing. An idea came to me that I have been waiting…


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S12 D2







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Music Therapy

One of the downsides to depression is that it deprives you from things that make you happy. I've stopped doing a lot of things I enjoyed, either because I felt too unworthy or guilty to do something I liked, or I just lacked the motivation for it.


I've given up drawing, painting, writing, reading. I've stopped myself from dreaming, from socializing, from even sitting and listening to music. 


I was suppose to go to a city wide free art event, Nuit Blanche, this…


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The power challenge set off.


I went to the library and sat at my favorite spot to digest my desires for a few hours. 

It was a great process to see actually what I want, what I love, and what I am fascinated with. At the same time I see what my priorities are, which helped sharpen up my life goals. 


I have spent the day having positive attitude and thoughts on my day and life, and I had some positive reactions already. Such as finding the parking spots…


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...home again, home again...

Hmmm... day 85. I've not been here since 14 July and I... have no excuses... I missed a few days, then sadly, forgot all about my 100 days!


Well, better late than never... so I'll resurrect my challenge for the remaining 15 days and align myself with a new determination in season II, starting 17 October.

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What is ONE important thing to KNOW about the LAW of Attraction?

If I was just starting out again in my learning about "The Law" I would HAVE to say right at the very top of things to KNOW is that we ATTRACT what we focus on the most.....


The thing is I read that many times before but never fully understood what "THEY" meant by that.


Did they mean if I focus on a car I would attract a car?


To ME that is NOT what that means.


It means to me that if we focus on things we are GRATEFUL for we…


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Desires in print

And so I wrote my hearts desire upon that piece of paper,

I wrote it with my limbering hands.

The Source was present when I wrote it.

It was approved.

And so it came to be.

The goals and dreams we put to paper are the goals we are most likely to see.


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Swimming in Gratitude

I offer my soul,

 To say thank you

For making me whole.

I lift my arms to say thank you.

For making this moment wonderful

And making this moment brand new.

I see with my real eyes

And realize…

She is a powerful force and indeed so wise

My old attitude dies.

I swim in gratitude this moment.

All there is to do is to humbly pray

And thank her for this remarkable day.

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Off to a fantastic start of my S3! First manifestation of the day.....waking up with a smile, sun shinning bright through my window, sounds of the birds and the waterfalls outside my place. Received a 'good morning and I love you text' from my Mommy :) I have a circle of friends that love me and make my heart sing! I love being in this place of full love! I smile, and I smile from all of my being. I am truly grateful…


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Restart Day 3-4 Season 1

Day 3: It was a cloudy it the morning in my head there is so much to do I did not where to start.  Was able to do my Titian yoga but I one point I ask the divine and angels to please take the tasks that I was not able to do physically and I please unclog my head for my to do the physical.  I did what need to be done,  at night just let go and just be.

Day 4: Morning: Early start on with the morning routine.  It is beautiful to watch the sunrise and feel the warmth of the day.  The…


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The FORMULA for manifesting is in using our imagination CORRECTLY (It IS a formula)

To control condition through the power of correct thinking, you must seek to realize the presence of the desired result before it is visible to the physical eye. By forming the mental equivalent, you form the spiritual prototype.


The spiritual prototype, being the origin of the thing, is the cause of it; it is not bound nor limited by any existent fact.

It is able to transcend the fact as it…


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S11 D7















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Bring It On!

Well it technically is still September on Pacific time, but for Mountain we are now October 1st!  Today begins my first day of season 1 (never completed the first one I did so here we go restarting).  I'm super excited to see what the next 100 days brings!


The last week of September was exciting it it's own way.  My sister started a job with Sprint in early Sept. and a perk of hers is a free phone line and since she has a line with them already she got me a phone.  It's been…


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