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I validate and fully accept all situations and things that come in my direction

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Season 1: Day 8 (BEEEEEG SMILES DAY :)

I DID IT!!! I was able to stick with this, on a consistent basis, for more than 1 week! Hooray for me *pats on my shoulder*. I am not a very good, consistent blogger so this is a major feat :)



Added by Sherry-Ann "Sherry" Stowell on October 25, 2011 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

s2/day 2

woke up at 3am and unable to fall asleep again. did some meditation to try and sleep again. it sort of worked. woke up to a beautiful day though so took the dogs for a walk then settled into a lovely day. did some exercise this morning which made me feel really good. today is a beautiful day, a true gift, and i am grateful for it. my intentions for the day:

- complete a language lesson

- work on my project

- focus on each task before moving onto another



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Day 52 - What do I truly love, believe and want

Today is a good day. I manifested a day that I wanted. Everything went fine. No drama. No changes. No surprises. It's very peaceful and easy. Work went easy. I'm literally thoughtless other than those that kept me functioning normally. 

The main thought that I've been focusing on was what do I truly love, believe and want before all the conditioning formed as I grow up. I still haven't got a very clear idea, but I am making some progress. A lot of childhood memories came up, so I sum…


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Season 2... on the way.

Yesterday I got an appointment with a bioenergetical therapist. He does all sorts of techniques for the healing of body, mind and soul. Most iportantly, he is only a sign of my decision to heal. 

Today, is the anniversary of my trip to LA. The one trip that broke y heart and shredded it. Two years ago I started a journey that ended up in one of the most painful and hard processes of y entire life. And I have been, for two years struggling to get out of the descendant spiral that…


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Pray for What You Already Have

This is great advice! I fully intend to apply this practice to my life immediately!

Pray for What You Already Have…


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Detox Flow Yoga

Hey everyone! So here I read this article about Detox Yoga; unforuntaltey, the DVD isn't out yet but will be on 12/9/11. I'm definately getting this...I think pretty much everyone can benfit from this...I have the article I read on it below.

Detox Yoga: Seane Corn on Why You Should Try an Emotional Cleanse…


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Eight Baby Steps to a Big Spiritual Shift

Hey everyone! I read this article and a few others and found them to be very insightful, and thought I would share them. I have posted the link to the main web page, and the article link at the bottom of this blog.

If you ever find yourself at a loss for spirituality, you aren’t alone. Spirituality, that feeling of…


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day 36, season 1: traveling the world

I am currently in Colorado loving being with my fiance. it is so nice to be able to spseak english again. its amazing the things you take for granted once you dont have them. This friday i fly back to thailand. its bitter sweet for me. i love that i get to train and i love thailand. i just like being with my bloke and dog so much, not to mention american food and my friends.

I had a long talk with my bloke about my career and where i need to be to get the best training. ideally, i…


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Bon Jovi Opens Soul Restaurant

I think that Bon Jovi's idea of opening up a restaurant where people pay what they can afford is a great idea. Yet, if you cannot to pay, they ask that you volunteer at the restaurant or another charity. So it's not a handout. It's really empowering the community. What do you think of this idea?

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Season 1: Day 7.25 (Linking Draft of Vision Board)

Aloha! Below is a copy of my Vision Board. It's just the 'basics of the basics', and very generic at this point. I will be tweaking this board during this season. I KNOW that I will be making a lot of adjustments :) Okay...the lines are NOT supposed to show...oh well, will be working on THAT too...





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Season 1: Day 7 (Starting A New Routine Today!)

Sherry's Hit List:

  1. Follow up on job searches
  2. E-mail instructors and ask for work that is due tomorrow
  3. Do homework in preparation for tomorrow night's classes
  4. Do ONE…

Added by Sherry-Ann "Sherry" Stowell on October 24, 2011 at 2:39pm — 5 Comments

season 2 - day 1 intentions

okay, here we go again! this is the 1st day of my 2nd 100 day challenge. i lost steam at the end of the 1st challenge but i learned a lot through the experience. it made me do a lot of thinking and soul-searching. so this time i'm approaching it with more focus and experience. today, i intend to:

- come up with a plan that will move me toward my goals
- increase my…

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Day 51 - Mid-term review - achieving clarity

So, today it's Day 51. I'm over half way of my cocreation process. Some review on my progress. So against my simplified version of intentions:

1. Be healthy and blissful mentally and physically

I'm eating more healthy now these days. I'm training my brain and decluttering. I did reached more clarity in my mind each day. Physically - I started Thai Boxing and continued my tennis. So I'm very well trained.

2. Have a loving and committed relationship with my…


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Season 2 Baby Steps?

Well! After some thinking, traveling and working time... I am back. 

I decided to re start the challenge. I decided to heal my pain. No matter what. 

This Post Title is actually "Baby steps" because of that.... I do need to start from the inside out to heal my pain and finally live a happy dream, no matter what no matter who. 

So! Yes! I do want my house, in the mountains, with high grass, wet rubber boots, flowers covered with dew and my dog, big windows and very…


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Another Year, Another Challenge

It's been officially a year since my last challenge!  I know you are probably asking what happened with the other 265 days, huh? Well, interestingly enough I let myself experience the very power of my own words.  If you notice, I wrote:  "Within Fear lies the opportunity for us to be courageous, to rise and confront the truth of what lies before us, giving way to our ego and setting our soul absolutely free. Only then, will we experience the truth of our Divine nature in grace and gratitude…


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Just Sharing...

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things I want to manifest

Hello co-creators,


Yesterday, I wrote some progress in my challenge. I focus on positive aspects in my life, and I could find several progress, which is wonderful. 


Today, I write things that I'd like to manifest in the rest of my challenge.


1. More open heart

Openness of my mind to unfamiliar people and people whom I do not know well really depends on my mood and feeling. When I feel good for some reasons, I can be open to people and…


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“Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances”

Never judge a person by their looks, their actions, or opinions,


Every person has a value that is an expression of God, even if their circumstances prevent them from reflecting it at a time







“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”



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