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Season 4, Day 8 (yawning)

sigh, i almost forgot to post today and i did, but it didn't go through.... so here it is again, short and sweet :)

my last day of fasting,,, whoopieeeeeeee, i'm done tomorrow, but will continue through with self-discipline and dedication to mastery of self!

Grateful and graciousness in each  moment...



night, night....

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Season Two - Day Fifteen

I have decided to take some action in my relationships with men.  I started the 4MP so that I have some incentive to improve my social skills and a structure in my way of approaching dating.  I want to manifest a long-term loving relationship with a man that is honest, loving, and willing.  I can see my perspective is changing already in that I am more open to engage in conversation with a wide variety of people and looking at each experience as good practice.  I am starting to interact with…


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S4 - Day 13

The day is almost over. I had a nice day at home with myself - enjoyed delicious coffee, wrote productively, and went for 1.5 hour funky dance. Although I used to despise funky dance very much considering it as a not so proper sport, the 1.5 hour hopping around made me sweat like a pig and I like it! I laughed a lot - when looking into the mirror and realised how retarded I looked when I was gasping trying to catch up the movement of the coach.

Today I did an ego-check, it's getting…


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D 12, Season 2

Hi Lovelies! 

Today is the day of GRACE.  I keep seein gthe word "grace", hearing it, movies about it...  Grace Grace Grace.... even my adorabe little neighbours name is GRACE! :)


Raise the vibration... that seems to be another theme.  The last few weeks have brought many challenges...  I have been challenged to keep my htoughts positive.  But, I have had HUGE affirmations that I can manifest well!  I just need to take care that I manifest what I do want, not…


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Season 4, Day 7 (Delicious day)

Hi there!!!!

I'm so happy, happy, happy and happy !!!

I feel so incredibly GOOD, GOOD, GOOD !!!

Hope you are too :)


Thank you for reading :)

Added by Mona on October 22, 2012 at 3:40pm — 2 Comments

Day 12 - One day at a time

I'm having a great day today. Not too much work and tomorrow is a public holiday.

I have to say these couple of days wasn't particularly ideal but I'm getting there. It would be the first non-working day that I spend by myself. There are certain pressure there because suddenly I am in total control and I have to make decision for what I am going to do and plan for a whole day - without been driven by work commitment or couple activities. I've been feeling gloomy and stressed…


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New member from France, Season 1, day 1

Hello everybody !

Today is my first day of my reality challenge and I'm excited ! I couldn't wait anymore for my account to be approved !!

My intentions for these 100 days are :

_ I live in the heart of Washington DC and rent a 1 bedroom appartment.

_ I have my green card in hand !!

_ I workout at least 3 times a week.

_ I am a Bschool student.

_ I am a successful blogger having thousands of followers leaving comments.



Added by Blue Scarab on October 22, 2012 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

Season 2

Hello lovely co-creators!

Dream job.  Dream home.  Dream life.  Dream attitude.  Dream friends. 

Visionboards, affirmaitons, faith, hope and love....  meditations,  motivation. 

Once, I was talking on my cellphone, walking downtown.  I was explaining manifestation, and the steps to doing it.  I used how to manifest a green shirt as an example...  I met my Mom for lunch, right after this conversation.  She had a gift for me, that she had been inspired to…


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Season 4, Day 6

So I'm on the 6 th day of fasting and being more conscious and aware...

I really love how I feel, and feeling even better today !!!

Happy Sunday :)

Thank you for reading:)

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Audio & Video: Limitations of Belief & Awakening ~ David Icke ~ Red Ice Creations



David Icke - Limitations of Belief & Awakening…


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S4 - Day 11

Okie - today is one of the most difficult day since S3. My boyfriend suddenly dropped into a moody status. My past experience with him being moody was disastrous and was never very successful. In contrast to me, who could be easily cheered up by ranting, his usual way is to hide in his little happy world, when I will usually become panic, which would make things worse. I had a panic attack last night. He's been understanding but I know at the moment what we could do was to just find a way to…


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Audio Transmission: #5 Rite of Intuition ~ Children of the Sun



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Journal on my Journey...

Hi Loves.. =)

This is gonna be short and sweet..!

During this journey, i keep a journal. I keep track of all the things i'm feeling and what i'm going through. However, the day before yesterday i wrote with much emotion. I did a side journal and i wrote things i want to experience. I wrote what i want, why, and how it made me feel. Today i bought some things that contribute to the emotions i felt when i was writing in my journal. When i wrote what i want and truly…


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Season 5/Day 15-I finally got my first Business Logo!!

Yay!!! My business is coming along so wonderfully, and masterfully! I am living every day full of gratification and love!!! i am so happy with my progress and my manifestations :) I am so happy that I can wake up every day and know that I have the opportunity to inspire, motivate and help others! I am finally living a meaningful life, I feel. LML!!! I'm finding it difficult to post everyday as you can tell, but I've been so busy with living my days with so many gratifying intentions, at…


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s4 - Day 10

A big day today that I am practicing allowing...again.

It's difficult but I'm getting through it.

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Season 4, Day 5 (action vs. inaction)

Hi there beautiful beings!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday...

I got up super early to work on my script this morning... and pheweeee, i'm feeling proud of myself to staying committed and working very hard. Also, still on track with my fasting, although, I'm beginning to feel some fatigue setting in today, I have 5 more days to go... I've been so busy with working on my script this week and feels so good not to focus on food, that i forget to eat... lol My professor feels as…


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Great !

Here I am, part of this 100 day reality challenge. I should start on November 1rst. But I am so hapy. Thanks God !


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S4 - day 9

A bit anxious. What to do?

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Day 3.....Maybe need a new new start.

I have been not taking this positive thinking or laws of attraction very seriously.  Today I really need to find the power inside me and begin again.  I woke up crying today before work because I just felt that life is going so poorly right now that I am just stuck and really really sad.  I need to lift my spirits by getting back some control in my life.  I know it's Friday but I am going to try and make this a new start for myself.  I can succeed as long as I believe in myself.  I know that…


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Season 4, Day 5

Hola, Everyone!


Things are moving along except for my period key on my computer (it doesn't work anymore), i guess that is another metaphor for my life, hahah, no stopping anymore, only moving along


I feel so darn good! I'm doing my religious fast this week for the Mother Divine, and I tell ya, she's really got my back this time around

I've also been working out at the gym and sometimes running when i dont' feel like it! Yeh, you read it right, when i…


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