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Day 89

Day 89 check!

Welllll, soooooo, hmmmm... 

A great day, the first of a new routine but my regular work. It's the only thing keeping me sane right now; my mind is soaring, I'm not sure where, but it just wants to fly, and take my body with it, but my body is bound to physical law. 

11 days to be in financial harmony...


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Day 28 - Fears

At the moment I´m standing on a hanging bridge with rotten planks. I´m holding tight on the ropes. Underneath gaping emptiness. Again I´m here. Why am I here? I need to free myself from something.

In the last days I realised that I help others a lot without taking care of myself. Why do I feel so heavy, if my life partner has problems? There is something else inside of me which block me from keep going forward. I think, I´m fighting against it. I want to stop to fight against…


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I have been very busy as of late and still getting used to running from protest to protest and being single (slowly trying to start dating again...). So I have written my goals for November and here they are.

1. Gain $500 worth of prosperity.

2.  Grow my hair five inches.

3. Read one good book.

4. Begin metaphysical…


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Day 88

I dont know if it is day 88 but for now it is until I figure it out.

I'm preparing myself for the next phase of my life; whatever it is that may be :)

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Days 19 & 20, Season 2

Day 19

It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day here in the City of Brotherly Love. Pit bull boyfriend and I went to the park for a long time and enjoyed the day. I did a little yard work, after setting up the composter my friend gave to me in the back yard, which will make raking the backyard so much easier! I had to sing at Shabbes with Shir KI. After the service at the reception, I loaded my plate up with all manner of goodies, from chocolate covered Oreos (!) to cream-filled…


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Day 86

14 days to be in financial harmony, and that is all I know...

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Day 85

Today was spent meditating this pain out. I may have reached a step closer to healing. I've been pretty tired lately, but I did manage to start a music project today.

I have 15 days left to reach financial harmony...

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Season 2 Day 11: Great tips

I came across a helpful forum that reaffirmed the idea of really getting into the feeling of what I want.

So I talk myself through all the wonderful experiences I would have while feeling the benefits of what I want. This makes it so real. The great thing is that when I do that, it feels honest and joyful on the inside. It makes me accept the feeling and it feels so natural. Like of course this will manifest.

I will continue to practice this method as it seems to be the most…


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Day 39 Season 4 New job, great internship, and Magna Cum Laude?

Oh, my goodness. Where to begin. 

First, I started working a great job three weeks ago. The interview was intense! But, I made a good career move and got hired as an associate for one my state's up and coming new restaurants. I looks like we'll get named restaurant of the year soon, so that's incredible!

Other than that, I've been so busy. I'm working 60 hours a week, now between two jobs and an internship at my state's largest magazine, which is a…


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Day 25 - Life suprised me

What a day! In the last week I felt lonely and exhausted. Today I feel that something blew away a strong blockade in me. Now I feel happier. 

At work there were so many suprises. First in the morning a magical sunrise blew me out off my shoes, then a student was more motivated to learn, after that in the break I´ve seen a female co-worker, whom I missed in the last weeks. She started with me at the school, too. There is a strong connection between us. It seems that we share same like…


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Days 17 & 18, Season 2

Day 17

Another day off. It was dreary and rainy, so there was snuggling and sleeping, sleeping and snuggling. A handyman came in the AM to look at the work I need and take measurements on my home/Wellness Center. Progress! Also heard from the potential personal training client. She wants to use my studio space for the sessions, but I haven't heard from her since I gave her my rates. Too expensive, maybe? Oh, well. I'm worth it!

Day 18

ANOTHER day off and yet another…


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Day 84

Something I'm trying to live by:

Lesson 1: we have no neutral thoughts, every thought has an effect on our life.

Lesson 2: it's important to have only positive thoughts.

Lesson 3: manifestations aren't rewards for good behaviour, they're effects of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.

Added by Eshaleen Prasad on October 23, 2014 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Day 32 Magic is happening

Hello beautiful Co creators today is my day 32 of season 8 and WOW! so many amazing things been going on, I am moving,YES to a bigger and a beautiful house:) and I been having an amazing time with my family, also i get back on business, YUP my MaryKay career and I"ll be a sales director again, When I don't know or the how the only thing I know is that The universe is moving  and working around to get our expectations a reality and yes probably we are going to be a little scare to see how…


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4-17: Gratitude and glitter!

I am love. I am light. I am energy. I am dynamic. I am peaceful. I am wealth. I am health. I am purposeful. I am beautiful. I am unique. I am abundant. I am connected.I am God in action.

My energy is completely aligned with all of the good that exists in the Universe. I feel peace and exhilaration. My body is completely full of loving energy. All of my…


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letting go of old stuff and slowing down part 2

So i cry  a lot and i am really exhausted from that.

it is like a waterfall, can not stop the tears.

i dont know how long this will take untill i am finished crying and letting go of old memorries and hurt feelings. 

It might take some more time i am niet afraid.

so i decided this morning to slown down to recharge my batteries every now and then.

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letting go of old stuff and slowing down

There is a lot going on in my private life.talking with my ex and my fourteen year old daughter qbout ending coparenr

ing and her wish to live with her father in town, so she is closer to bij school and closer to her friends. In practcal niet sense it will be more covenient forvall of us. But oh....letting her go hurts a lot and brings up old painfull memories of the divorce.

thebfact that my ex is also going to live together bij with his girlfriend and son, makes it even…


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Hi, everyone

My first post, Google

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Days 20 & 21 of Season 10: Universe's Signs

Hi Co-Creators:

Since this season has began I feel that my once somewhat stagnant energy is starting to really change.  The Universe is starting to make things happen for me or open my eyes to what it is I really want.…


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Day 84

I enjoyed my day off like a day off should be enjoyed :)

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4-16: Imagination, gratitude and infinite

"Never allow someone else's ideas about what is possible for you, how you should be thinking, or who you should be - or anything else - to occupy your imagination.[...] This is your territory, and a KEEP OUT sign is a great thing to erect at all entrances to your imagination". - W. Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled

     I am grateful…


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