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Achievement #161 - Dancing in heels

Not women's heels mind you, but knee high leather pirate boots. I went to our Halloween Party last night as Inigo Montoya, one of my favourite characters from 'The Princess Bride', and to avoid breaking character, I tried to dance all night with boots and a sword! The sword broke off halfway through the night, but I managed to keep the boots on without injury (to myself and others) for the full hour and a half. A worthy investment indeed!

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Achievement #160 - A higher level of awareness?

I was stressing a lot last night. I'm having a business meeting in a few hours you see, and mentally, my brain always reacts like I have something to prove. I start to panic and wonder if I can 'sell myself' effectively. Fortunately, I've been reading Deepak Chopra's 'Getting to Know God' (which I highly recommend), and just started reading a section about how our spiritual development eventually moves us from a perspective of competition and struggle to a state of peace. I started thinking…


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Achievement #159 - A difficult conversation

I have an overdeveloped sense of conscience, meaning if I feel I've breached my integrity in some way, I can't relax until I've repaired the damage and made plan for avoiding doing it again. Yesterday I had one such breach, which hit me immediately after sending a text to my g/f. I realized I'd partially concealed the truth, without consciously meaning to, and immediately texted her again, apologizing and giving the full story. We talked about it more later, when we could both share our…


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Welcome New Blessings on this Harvest Full Moon

The Full Moon on October 27, which is also a full Harvest Moon, brings with it a host of promises and blessings that are going to touch relationships. And that’s a good thing for those wishing to see their current relationship status get a little boost, no matter what your current relationship status is. A Full Moon is always about transformation. Release once and for all all the expectations, reactions, behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you. It's a time of reflection,…


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DAY 44, Season 5

So, so much Gratitude today and everyday for all the Blessings of my Life: Beautiful, generous friends and family, sweet pit bull boyfriend, magnificent autumnal magic, opportunities in music, financial freedom and Abundance, the Happiness within, my home, my car, my neighborhood, my city, yoga, my health... 

Living from the Heart has really shifted everything for me. Every day is a new adventure of music, yoga, getting outside, basically just doing what I love. No plans or goals.…


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Achievement #158 - Staying Focused

It's never more tempting to spend your time watching cat videos over getting work done, then when you are tired and not feeling well. Despite that however, I managed to get a few things knocked off my to-do list that didn't cost too much energy. 

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Season 8 day 70

I'm loving this journey!


I connect with my consciousness, and deliberately follow my Spiritual self (who I truly am)

I feel like I'm growing this area. I feel that I'm able to tell others who I am and I strive to allow them to be who they are even if I don't agree with them. I asked my self the question, what would someone who love themselves do?


Be aware of my thoughts and change the core beliefs that are not serving…


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Achievement #157 - Part of the Family

There was a big family gathering on my girlfriend's side yesterday to celebrate the 1st birthday of her nephew, Alexander. Often I become a wallflower at these events, but this time I decided to make a stronger effort to meet and talk with people. As I mingled, I started to realize how many members of her family I had gotten to know over the past few years. I felt more a part of the group then I ever had before. It's hard to get to know people you have little in common with - I'm glad I made…


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I am happy and grateful!!!

hi everyone,


  • me and my husband got a beautiful apartment to rent and we will move in 7 days, I am soooo happy about this and grateful
  • we got also beautiful and good furniture, we will enjoy it to live there and with them…

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Achievement #156 - Making my girlfriend laugh

I often don't have much time during the day for more then a text or two for my g/f. I know she likes hearing from me, but it's difficult when you're either teaching or decompressing from the last class. Yesterday though, we had a little flurry of flirty texting that got us both laughing. When I got home, I found out she'd written me a thoughtful letter. Definitely worth finding the time for that again!

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Giving God Almighty ALL the Glory

I take responsibility for that which I attract to myself in my life on all counts. Thought, word, deed.  As a spiritual being in a physical body living a time/space life in eternity,I attract that which I fear or love or feel that I deserve.  By seeking God, and seeking to glorify Him in my thoughts, my words, my deeds... I find that I am deserving of Love not by my works but by the Work Jesus did on the cross for me; deserving of happiness and joy because of His Perfect Love for me;…


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Achievement #155 - Getting back on the dance floor

It was great to get to a favourite dance social last night. I've been so busy the last few weeks that I haven't been able to attend the west coast swing social. This isn't just for recreation; I'm not as familiar with WCS as other styles, so the social amounts to important practice time as well. I felt rusty, but glad to start catching up again.

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S2 day 37 when the outside world reflects our inner dream :-)

When the outside world starts looking like my inside world... I must be on the right path. ^^

Today, instead of reading a dull bus schedule, a message about unicorns was posted on the bus stop instead.

It said: " When a unicorn flies away to return to the sky made of rainbows, it means that she has made you happy. As long as it's not the case, she will stay with you to help you and to love you"  <3

I'm loving this travel through childhood lane.…


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DAY 9 - Today, I am grateful for my friends, the nice time with my childhood friend today, the 2 tasty meals I cooked and shared today, my son's smiles, my son's health, the joy of offering a present to my friend, the doctor's agreement for my son's prescription, my partner's kindness, the heating at home, my students' emails about the 100 Day Reality Challenge, reaching yesterday's goals, singing and playing the piano, having fin watching an old-fashioned video clip, spending the day with…


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Achievement #154 - Writing about fear

I finally got around to writing about how people can start overcoming their fear of dancing on the studio blog, something I've been meaning to get to for a long time. I've read a lot about the subject, as I've had to overcome significant barriers in my own life. It's a pleasure to finally share it with others (if you'd like to read the article yourself, click here).

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S2 Day 26 Happiness

S2 Day 26

Blowing candles has always brought me back to happiness, no matter what... actually blowing candles out of birthday dates is just as delightfull... I just love it, it has made my heart smile since I was 2 years old (there were red with white dots mushrooms on my cake)…


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Day 22 Season 16-A blank

So what's up in my life?


I am still a bit in holiday mode, I came back from holiday 12th oct.

Life is happening and a lot going on; things to do, and I am still not in a rush.

That is funny. I am drawing blank. I am in that meditative state where I just feel

good and have no intention of doing much. I did clean my place though; that is


Otherwise I am in "No-mind" which is a great state to be in; nowhere to go,

nothing to do; a state of… Continue

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believing in myself again

About 8 years ago I lost the belief in myself. I was in a very dark place. And I didn't know how to get out. My mother was dying and I couldn't help her. My sister had a complete mental breakdown. My whole family was in hell. I lost myself in the midst of everything. I felt powerless, lost and defeated. That's when I started attending this church; although it was also a place of darkness but it help me to start praying again and my belief in God grew stronger. I knew I couldn't do nothing but I… Continue

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