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Season 18 Day 15

Been spending time cleaning and re-organizing the home. Finding forgotten treasures and overflowing with gratitudes for all  have. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful home and so much life ahead of me.


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It's Monday again

Haven't written an update for AGES .... so ..... what is new?

Well, I've been travelling for just over a week - visited Maastricht, Amsterdam and Marrakech via France, Brussels and then via an aeroplane - so really I have had a lovely time. A big part of this was just luck ... this is not a regular thing for me .... it's a couple of years at least since I last left the UK. But also it's about reconnecting - with people especially - many of whom have felt far away, not because of… Continue

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Getting ready for a new Season


On to a new Season.  I want to fall back in love with my life and not have it be just words on a screen. I know this is possible, because I am at peace with the events of the last 48 hours.

I find myself single again after a 4 1/2 year relationship.  No bitterness, sadness yes,…


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Season 18 Day 13

A lot has been happening, and a lot of good. More money has come in that was offered, just to help with some upcoming plans. I am so grateful for this. I was also given a free gift for shopping at a local clothing shop. I worked very hard on a public presentation last week and it went so well. I am now following my interests more and feeling happier.


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My beautiful heart, is stronger than my body and stronger than my mind.

I trust it unconditionally and take it very seriously.

The matters of the heart have changed the world changed us and changed others.

The heart whispers the truth and guides us to where we need to be.

 It attract all the right people and all the right situations and it never holds back.

My heart is braver than me or anyone I know and I am becoming more in tune with it as the days go…


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Achievement #368 - Participation points

A small accomplishment yesterday, but a meaningful one: I had probably the best chair-dancing class yesterday, with more of the seniors getting involved than usual. I think it was because I was addressing more of them by name and congratulating them individually. It's so much better energy when everyone's getting involved, and it helped set the tone for my day.

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Achievement #367 - An early start

I couldn't sleep this morning. At about 6:30am, my body was rearing to go, wanting to work, dance, anything. So I got up and put it to work! In the last hour-and-a-half, I've practiced my choreo for a routine today, researched lighting options for filming, updated my xmas list, and sent off an important email. Not bad, considering I'd normally be waking up around now :)

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Achievement #366 - Joy in flow

As I gradually drifted out of sleep this morning, I had a dream in which I was explaining something very important to another person, a person who didn't believe dance had any value whatsoever. 'When you learn something', I remember myself saying 'the true joy is in the growth, the movement. Everything in life is about the movement. Achievements are just snapshots, there one minute and gone the next, but dance taps into the dynamic part of life.' As I woke further, I realized how…


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Achievement #365 - Mass Emailing

Well, I'm officially breaking into a new area of learning for my business! Yesterday I delved for the first time into the world of mailing campaigns, learning about automated campaigns, heat maps, and lead nurturing. It's actually more interesting than I suspected, and answers a number of questions about marketing in other areas.

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Day 11 - Season 1

Spent yesterday at Alton Towers Scarefest, such a good day the whole event is handled so much better than at Thorpe Park.  

I'm going to have a rest day today to try and restore my voice ready for round 2 tomorrow!

There's also lots of yoga homework to get through!

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Day 9 - Season 1

I think I need to have a quiet word with myself.  I keep catching myself accepting negative thoughts, not believing that I can have the things that I want.

How to kick the habit of a lifetime.... "You're not going to be good enough to teach yoga", "why would he even want you?"   I catch myself absently thinking these things during the day, I have to keep bringing myself back. Focus....

I'm really struggling with my day job at the moment too, I just don't want to be there, it's…


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Day 1 - To manifest in my life

I want to manifest in my life:  

  • A farm, with three wooden cabins to rent and a beautiful home for me. A great garden with a little creek and a pond, and a cloud forest on the backyard... With huge trees, wildlife and lots and lots of birds. 

          My house is made of stone, wood and cement, has a fireplace, three bedrooms and a little office. it is            beautifully decorated and has a great view to the garden and surrounding cloud forest.  The place is…


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Day 1 - Oct 20 2016

Identify Negative Beliefs


What I think about

  • Health

    • I am not healthy

    • I have never felt healthy

    • Guilt over self neglect

    • Financial…


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Day 8 - Season 1

Not too much to report on today really. I keep thinking about what it will be like when he finally asks me on a date. I imagine what he will say, where he might take me. We had a good chat on the phone again today, he makes me laugh so much.

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Achievement #364 - Afraid of losing control

Another focusing discovery: I'm afraid of loss of control, especially as a result of being overwhelmed by too much, too fast. A stressful evening event set me off, and it was some time before I could relax my body enough to figure out what was wrong. Once I touched on this idea however, I felt a significant relaxing in my body, particularly the band of tightness around my chest I mentioned in a previous post. It truly is magic being able to release this tension in my body.

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Season 10

I'm keeping it simple for season 10. The dragon that's really been holding me back from loving myself is my addiction to cigarettes. Quit several times over the corse of these 10 seasons but I have yet to really break free and let go. I usually try to make my practices to do's rather than don'ts but this time Don't Smoke is the main practice.

Main focus: 100 days without cigarettes

Practices: Don’t Smoke

Identify subconscious negative beliefs and the roots they may…


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Season 18 Day 3

So today was pretty amazing. I had a 15 minute call of technical input turn into 45 minutes just because I was hitting it off so well. I also had positive responses in email from all the people I met yesterday. I went to the gym and did some good strong lifting with my full body. I also played some DDR!


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Day 7 - Season 1

Nailed my Bird of Paradise pose at yoga last night, it was one of those moments where it all just clicked into place and something I'd previously though impossible was possible.  It's made me remember, progress not perfection, it applies on and off the mat.

Just been for coffee with the soulmate, his viewing is tomorrow and he's planning on seeing a few in an area not too far away.  There was a hug as he left, one that lingered longer than normal hugs....

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Achievement #363 - Attempted self-focusing

Yesterday I tried my first inner focusing. I sat in the most comfortable place in our house, closed the door, and sensed into my body. I managed to identify two different somethings, that are perhaps in opposition to each other. One seems to embody impatience, a fear of stagnating, while the other embodies an overwhelment with the new experiences I'm pushing myself through. They are still there (I can feel them now), but hopefully I can resolve them with time.

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Achievement #362 - Dance focusing

I used focusing to help resolve an issue witha student yesterday. She kept putting on the breaks suddenly, but when I asked, she though that I'd suddenly sped up. I asked her to put her attention into her body, and tell me what she felt around the time it seemed like I increased speed. She tried it, and became aware of a heaviness and tiredness just above the kneecaps. She confessed she'd torn both ligaments when she was much younger, which gives us an important clue of what to do next.

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