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Day 6 - Season 1

I am officially shattered!  So Sunday I completed my fourth day of yoga teacher training, it's so much fun but 8 hours of solid practice and learning it hard going!  That being said, I have had an amazing weekend, made new friends, got myself into postures  previously believed were not possible for me and learnt a great deal of information.  

We then we to see The Girl on the Train which was a huge disappointment I'm sorry to say.

Managed to get to my dance class as well…


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Season 18 Day 2

Today I am going to the local tech day to try and make some headway for my company. I also have an e-mail from another potential business opportunity where they want to give me a call! My heart is pounding I think good things are coming.

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Season 17 Day 1

It’s time for a new season. My life has transformed, I am a different evolved man now. Where will this take me? Here are my goals:


  1. Make it a plan to cook every meal everyday, going out to eat will be a rare occasion and a treat

  2. Write everyday, this has to be done to keep myself in chec

  3. Create…


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Season 17 Reflections

It’s been too long. I won’t go into details but I went through a very hard time. I managed to get through big challenges. Later I made a big change, and live a life of fitness. I have been working out consistently for over a year and a half now. I am now able to talk to random people a lot more easily. I am making big changes for my business career.


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Achievement #361 - Productive restfulness

Sunday I was TIRED, after a long week, so I knew I needed to rest myself. Since I still had work to do however, I made myself as comfortable as possible, and got the least enjoyable task done early. This left me the rest of the day to quietly do research, and test the camera dad lent me. I still got plenty done, and feel much better today. Win-win!

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A Breakthrough

Today, I will add some items which I will describe as my 10 most wanted list (short term). This is part of the metaphysics class I am taking.

1.  1000 paying clients from the online dating site business I have

2.   receive full payments from arrears of the apartments I have for rent

3.   receive unexpected $6,000

4.   great concept for a class project

5.   5,000 online…


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Day 3 - Season 1

Totally missed my update yesterday.  We went to Thorpe Park for the day to their Fright Nights event!  The event is usually much better than yesterday it has to be said.  It felt really unorganised this year and made everyone a little agitated, which was unpleasant for everyone on the way home.  

Besides all that it was a really good day out with good friends which is the part I am grateful for.

Today, I've been on my 3rd Yoga Teacher Training day, it's been amazing but also a…


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Achievement #360 - Greater Reserves

Just a discovery I made yesterday: I can do more without my mind giving up than I used to. This week has been crazy-busy, getting ready for a big event this weekend, plus working on my own projects. So I'm really glad I've maintained enough presence to still give my students the attention they deserve - previously, it would have been a lot harder, or I would have had to drop something. As long as I don't use it as an excuse to ignore my body :)

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Day 1 - Season 1

Hi, I've been sitting on the sidelines of all of this for a while, sometimes deliberately using the law of attraction and other times letting life get me down and totally forgetting that I'm in control.

So, I've decided to give this a go, to see if I can change things for myself for the better.  For my season 1 challenges I want to start with the following

1. I want to attract my soulmate into my life

2. I want an Xbox One

3. I want to start planning a…


Added by Emma Louise on October 13, 2016 at 5:04pm — 3 Comments

Achievement #359 - Recognizing the cost, and paying it anyway

I wanted to get a number of errands taken care of yesterday. I knew it would tire me out - my body made it clear I would be feeling it by the evening, but I also knew that it would be very difficult to take care of them latter in the week, and a real relief to get them out of the way now. I made the conscious decision to pay the price, and managed to find everything I was looking for. Yes, I was more than a little tired by the evening, but I knew I'd made the right choice. Now, I've created…


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Achievement #358 - Booked honeymoon!

Finally! My partner and I couldn't agree on where to go for our honeymoon, so we decided to take a cruise and visit several places in the Caribbean. Yesterday, we finally got the details worked out and paid for the cruise, which will last from Dec 11-23rd this year. So excited!!!

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Achievement #357 - The power of focusing

I was talking to my wife yesterday about balancing my work with time we spend together, and I suddenly realized I was getting angry. What was happening here? I checked in with my body and asked it what was wrong. Gradually, with the help of my wonderful partner, I came to understand there were two forces pulling in opposite directions - a fear of compromising for others, and a fear of being abandoned by those same others. I sat with the feelings for a while, letting them know I would never…


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Can I begin again? - Season 5

5 is my lucky number. A good one to begin again rigth from the start. Why do I hesitate so much? Which obstacles hold me back? Where are the risks?

Now it´s time to jump out of my comfortzone and to explore the world for happiness. I want find back to the path of happiness, to open inner doors, to face my fears and new challenges for overcoming the inner borders to have a better life.

I wish you a wonderful sunday filled with love...happiness...peace...

Added by FreeAislin on October 9, 2016 at 7:01am — No Comments

Eight days in ........

Hello everyone

I'm just beginning to find my way around so I thought I'd begin with a blog about my first few days of the challenge. I've just realised that I haven't worked out yet when my 100 days finish......

So .... I can't believe that already 8 days have passed since I left work.

What have I done so far?

Well ..... I'm trying really hard not to apply for jobs. Which still makes me feel a bit squirmy except that I know my experiment is over the minute… Continue

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DAY 53, Season 8

When the Universe has a COMPLETELY different plan...

HA! So it's been a long time since I put the Intention out into the Universe to manifest a full-time career in yoga and to go more part-time with my singing career. But the Universe is just like, "Nope."  Every yoga teacher job I am offered by studios or gyms are for just one class a week, and they usually offer me the worst possible day/time, like Sunday morning, when there's NO WAY I'm giving up the $110 I get singing in the…


Added by Yogini Jeni on October 7, 2016 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Achievement #356 - Pulling myself out of a rough patch

Even though I've been learning to pay attention to my emotional guidance system, I still have days where I fall off track. Like yesterday, I got stuck reading a book I enjoyed... But far longer than I should have. The experience taught me two things however: First, that I have issues with not completing things I've begun and second, that I've gotten a lot better at pulling myself back up when something happens to set me back. Priceless information, that.

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Day 12 Season 19 I am grateful

I am grateful for

seeing my parents

having a new project

be able to train in the gym

having great work buddies to work with

having more than enough money

eating healthy foods

having new creative artistic positive friends to hang out with

travelling and performing on festivals

writing new texts and finishing them

being and feeling healthy

being able to rest and rejuvenate sometimes

the beautiful sunny weather for long… Continue

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Achievement #355 - Getting stronger

Had a pleasant surprise while working out yesterday: My trainer has me doing half-squats, where I bend down until my butt just brushes the bench, then straighten up as quickly as possible. I have two segments of 20 seconds per set to get in as many as I could. Well yesterday, I discovered that for the first time, I was able to do one squat every second! Go quads and hams!

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Achievement #354 - A new connection

I've been talking with my fitness trainer about various spiritual topics like intuition, manifestation, and so on for a few months now. He's an interesting guy, open-minded and willing to admit he doesn't know anything. Yesterday I finally realized we actually enjoy each other's company a lot, so we made plans to meet for drinks in a few weeks. I may have gained both a new friend and someone who could help with my business.

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Achievement #353 - Most productive day EVER!

Yesterday, I woke up feeling excited and happy. I knew what I wanted to work on, and for once, there was no ego to distract me. As a result, I got a huge amount of research done in between my classes, and finished compiling the notes for my new website. And as a bonus, I received TWO different offers to perform for upcoming events!

Added by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on October 4, 2016 at 8:44am — No Comments

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