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S1: Day 11

Today was a great day, it's nice to be able to chill over the weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday with my Cousins, I enjoyed my time with them and we made this silly Youtube video, you can find it by typing in Snickerberries and we're up their dancing to Beyonce. We are crazy when we get together lol. Although I'll have to say Thanksgiving Break flew by I am actually ready to go back to school, since I've discovered to power of LoA it's been filled with positive… Continue

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Day 62, Season 2, 11/30/08


Benny the Cab Pictures, Images and Photos

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MVP (Day 27 Season 2)

So I went to this little group today that my life coaches does at the end of the year. It's a completion creation workshop and we are supposed to end the year we just had and prepare for the coming one. In the process we come up with a theme for the new year. I have been doing this for almost four years now and I really do get so much out of it. It's a day to really put to rest the whole year. You can never go back and you can't turn back time so we accept what we have done and what we have got… Continue

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Starting Over

Okey dokey,

It has been awhile. Let's see where Im at now...

Well I had my surgery on September 18th. So far Im down about 10 pounds but I havent really been exercising...its something I NEED to get back into. Also preplanning meals.

Im thinking of doing a video journal this time around. A combo of weightloss updates and low fat cooking recipes with my own twist to them.

Im also working on my first video adventure game for the PC. My fiance works in game development and has… Continue

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DAY 21-creating the vibration and fitting in the 'box'

Ok. I printed some photos of jennifer lopez that showed her body. One of her in a bathing suit and one of her in a skimpy outfit. My body type is like hers. Very curvy and when I am slender I know i can sculpt it much like hers. My goal is to have vibrations like her. Her personality and so on. So as I was particpating talking to my aunt I was feeling inside and looking through the eyes of Jlo. Extremely interesting but like so many people say. You have the end result in mind and you feel it… Continue

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Day 16 - The aftermath of the Mind Body and Spirit Festival

One of my goals for this challenge was to become more spiritual. I have had a few physic readings which have shown that I have the ability to be very physic. In saying that though, at the time it has not been a priority in my life. I enjoy the odd intuative feeling now and again and advice given to friends normaly means more to them then I had realised at the time. After attending a Mind Body and spirit festival in our city earlier this year I was able to look more deeply into spirituality. On… Continue

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Tomorrow is it!

Ok so my friend, who was once an acquaintance, but now I consider my friend has reappeared in my life. It all started last Tuesday when we're both sitting in this class we had to take at work. We are both new hires. Anyhow, I haven't seen her in over 2 years. I met her briefly twice but we did speak over the phone a lot since I would give her tarot readings.

We're sitting in this orientation for work and I keep staring at her because her voice seemed so familiar. I was hoping… Continue

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SeAsoN FIVE!!!! DaY onE!!! DeSIgniNg the LiFE I WAnT!!

Season Five---here it goes!

I have decided to use this season in the broad sense of designing my whole life the way I want it to be (rather than focus one or two particular areas)

These are my 10 Truths. They will
be true on Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

1. I am in love with a man I have a deep, strong connection with. He is in love with me too. We spend a lot of time together. I can rely on him to be… Continue

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Appreciation for the WWW

I have spent the last evening and morning watching videos and following educational links around the internet. What a wonderful give technology is to our world! This is something humanity has manifested together- all participants... Am I totally crazy being continually impressed and appreciative? I don't think so. It has changed all of our lives.

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S2 Day 62 The Mess before Manifestation

To get from A to B there is often a spluttering mess to get through in between. It's like at point A you make decisions and set intentions to get to point B but you have no idea how you are going to get there. It reminds me of the big bang! Bang! You set of from point A and simultaneously the universe is altering and moving around, to accommodate your landing point B. Stars swirling around, asteroids pushing past you, bright showers of light happening to your left, dark black holes happening to… Continue

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Day 16-Its Been Awhile

I originally intended to blog every day and than Thanksgiving weekend hit and I got side tracked. I am grateful for the healing between my father and my husband. I am thankful that we will spend the holidays with my family in peace. I am thankful for my pets who make us all laugh and play. I am thankful for my kids who are sweet, loving and such a joy in my life. I am grateful for my husband who tells me he loves every day. I am thankful for all my good friends who we spend so much time… Continue

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DAY 18-Natural lifestyle

As I overlook what i have been writing i guess I am leaning towards and have been leaning towards a natural lifestyle. Since I know all the information. Before i was searching I knew there was more out there and i am finding. The way i am living is completely different than that and I feel overwelmed but i am going to incorporate these things into being well. I have the books name: Quantum Wellness.

So here are some things I am interested in working on:


Don't… Continue

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DAY 21-chemicals

I was thinking as I was washing my hair about how many chemicals that I am putting in it day after day which can't be good for it especially because I have thin hair. SO I went to wall mart and to my surprise there is this organic natural vegan shampoo that smelled really good, that I am going to purchase. It's like detoxing...Same with my skin, and body. Over and over and over if i continually put chemicals into my body then it can't be good. The body breaks down so does my face. My face is… Continue

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Day 83 Season 1- AAHHH PARIS!!!!!!!!

We are on the train on our way to Paris to pick up our new car. I've only been once before with hubby, before the babies came. I don't think I really appreciated it. I remember noticing how it was always raining. Now however I'm so happy to be going away for a few days. I'm enjoying the lovely view as we ride, and getting in this journal and some reading in my LOA book. Feeling so inspired studied and reviewed my french. C'est bon n'est-ce pas? I'll post a BLOG when I return and maybe even a… Continue

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Vision board explained

Hi cocreators!

Wow, my weeks are really busy now... And I'm glad of it. I'm beginning to feel alive!! I've been locked out of my feelings for so long that now it is just so great to just feel!

Anyway, about my vision board. I "prayed" in a way in my last post for life to bring me a nice vision board. I wanted this board to be symbolical as I don't want to limit anything in my life. I wanted it to inspire me, to be different each time that I looked upon it. I did it using… Continue

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s3 day 60: with friends

A fab day - weighed in at 12st 8lbs this morning. Great!!

Went bowling with some friends in Chatham and then for a Thai Meal. I checked beforehand what I should eat to be healthy - and I chose Mussels, and then prawn pad thai. I skipped dessert but enjoyed some lovely wine during the meal.

Made some biscuits today. They could have turned out better - i should have left them in the oven for less time. However - they do taste quite nice. friends also complimented me on my… Continue

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Day 29

Oh My, time is going by.

Today is my 37th birthday and I have had a great day. I didn't do much with my family. My wee boy is not well with an ear infection and asthma.

I am grateful that we live in a place where medical help is at hand, and compared to most countries it isn't too expensive.

I start my job full time on Tuesday. I have already done some training on it. I am looking forward to it and for some reason I am not anxious or nervous. This is great. However, I am still… Continue

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Day Six

I ran 8Km in 58mins this morning - and survived! I drank my water and today spent some quality time with my family - we went to Monato Zoo did some walks and the bus tour it was a really nice day. This did help the clam side of the goal. Now with only 100 days I think it is time to work on the weight loss so each day this week I will have breakfast either a protein shake or special K. Now for lunch I will have either vegetables and tuna or chicken I am going to increase the water to 1.5 li each… Continue

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Day 29 Of My 100 Day Challenge-- Season 2 !!!!!

Gosh its nearly the end of the weekend time flies tomorrow its back to work busy busy busy !!! I'm soooo grateful that I have completed all of my assignments and all that I need to focus on is my daily work and spiritual health thats a full on job. I continue to practise my daily affirmation prayer & medittation one day at a time I've kept my blog short tonight must get some rest and sleep now Peace be with you all Arohamai… Continue

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Finding patterns and finding ways to learn from patterns

Hello everyone.

I have a lot to be grateful for today. I see so many changes in my life stemming from the many changes that are happening inside of me. I feel really confident in all that I am doing. Even things that are progressing at a slower pace are progressing steadily nonetheless.

The one area of my life that is not going well is that of my love life because the man that I am very attracted to is seriously injured. Not only is this tragic in itself, but this is a… Continue

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