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Season 1- Day 7

It started great.
I jumped out of the bed, and went out to jog! I could run the uphill without taking a break!

All is good, I feel good, I can not help appreciating the spiritual power that guides me.

I appreciate the universe, angels, spiritual spirits, my family, ancestors....

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

Best wishes

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Day 16 Season 3

I received really great news today, really, really great news. I am thankful for being put in this situation but I don't feel like I'm thankful enough. I guess I have to learn to be excited for myself and be appreciative for what I do have and my progression in life and not what I seem to be lacking.

I am grateful because I decide to be. In fact, I am ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Everything we encounter in this world with our senses is an inkblot…

Added by Sese O on November 30, 2010 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

Day 9

Finally, I know how to string my violin. Getting the sound is the hard part. Anyway today was, well kinda blah. At least I know how to string my violin and I 'm working on the scholarship. After my graduation, I'll post my video.

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Day 4 Season 3

Hello fellow co creators

I am trying to manifest my perfect job this season and I am attracting information. I was brainstoming poissible careers and life coach come to mind. Had to love away the doubts ( I'm too young, too uneducated, etc) but I started doing some research and came to the International Coach Academy website. Today I talked to Andrea, a graduate of the program and we talked about the possiblitiy of me training with them to be a life coach.

Going to the… Continue

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Day 29 - Season 1"Overcoming Trauma"

Hello Cocreators,

Today I am so very proud of myself. I have scheduled a swedish massage for myself on friday. This will be my first massage that I have ever had. This is a huge step for me because I had a traumatic experience in my past that made me uncomfortable with people touching me. I have been having tight muscles inmy back and calves for years. Now that I have been working on myself inwardly and breaking the chains of my past. I have decided to release that experience to the…


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Today is.......

All day I have been feeling kinda blah....Just not getting the things I wanted....I know that I must not be in alignment with those things...I need to get back to being in alignment so that I can have whatever it is I desire...I can and I deserve whatever it is that I want out of life...Thank You GOD/Universe for everything that is coming my way!!!!

Added by Jamie Lampley on November 30, 2010 at 4:12pm — No Comments

Music sponsorship

Hey there,

I am abundant in a musical sense.Okay so i would really like for any advice in this area.As some of you know i am a singer.I have suspended my studies to pursue this.Please can anyone tell me-How do you get sponsorship from a company to sponsor your music.My music has been released on small labels.I have also received huge airplay around the world form my track 'Fade'.

I am looking for people that can help me to create a website.etc etc.I want to get this off… Continue

Added by Samantha Elizabeth Hudson on November 30, 2010 at 3:48pm — 2 Comments

Fran Lebowitz

I've just seen an HBO show on Fran Lebowitz. It's quite good and gives you a greater insight into her witty mind.
For once, I'm proud to be from New Jersey.

Added by Delicia on November 30, 2010 at 12:22pm — No Comments

oohh I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Just a quickie, quick...heheheheheheeee

Been putting off making a couple of phone calls...that REEEALLY needed to be made...and this morning I woke up with...WHY are you putting them off...SILLY GURLIE...errmmm heelllllloooo DON'T you remember that EVERYTHING goes your way..and ALL is as you see it...what the HECK are you concerned for..MAKE the calls and just watch...

ermmm soooo I made the calls...and...OH MAH DAYUM...ermmm heheheheheheheee EVERYTHING DOES GO MY…


Added by Blossoming Beauty on November 30, 2010 at 12:02pm — 2 Comments

Spreading the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back - Interview with Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen

In case you missed the live interview enjoy listening to my recent interview on The Barefoot Broadcast by Carl Munson. I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity to share my vibes and hope you appreciate hearing more about my journey as well as some FrEe CoAcHiNG :)

Click the link below :)…


Added by Liz Green - Live Your Dream on November 30, 2010 at 10:02am — No Comments

My goals today

I am so happy today is going to be a good day.I will fix my car,get it cleaned.Also want to meet my lovely best friend for coffee.This new work from home 370 will offer me a temporary income for the next few months.I will look at the house in Chalford,and get it ; ).I will have a fun,fantastic day.I will get u laundry done ; ).I receive things easily ,and freely.Without effort things come to me without.Whatever i ask for it comes.

I am so happy i have a relationship free from drama.I… Continue

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Day 9 - not so great, today

today wasn't a great day. i did my workout as planned, i was feeling great but then I went to my mothers place with my little one. I always find that i get super stressed when i'm at my mothers place, for some reason. i don't have many friends left here (they've all gone interstate or overseas) so I tend to go to my mothers place for a break and also for my little one to get as much time with her grandmother as possible, as I wasn't close with any of my grandparents and they've all passed away… Continue

Added by Stephanie on November 30, 2010 at 4:10am — 1 Comment

Life is Short

As the relatives of the 29 killed down south in New Zealand’s Pike River Mine disaster grieve I wonder what we – the world learns from such devastation. I know tragedy happens all around the world every day and what do we do learn from it.

Well what we can do is realise that Life is so very short. So Love Life and love those that are around you, tell them, show them. Everyone who is anything in your life – show them how much you…

Added by Helen M Lingard on November 30, 2010 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

Season 1 - Day6

Although it was a cold day, rained and windy today, I was feeling so warm and calm inside.

No particular event or nothing, I just feel content, and thankful for the universe.

I really like creating vision board a lot! It is so much fun to collect visuals and more importantly, it is working! I am excited whenever I see them, it helped me to vision my dreams clearly and vividly.

Other than that, it has been 6 days, I am following low-carb eating habit, Abs exercises, and… Continue

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If looking for inspiration and knowlege check out these super amazing people that I feel very blessed to have found on youtube; Felipesparx29, leijaTurunen, Reecejones87, robsreality, thairyan1, and anything from bashar that calls your name :). I love you all and hope your manifestations are going well. I have been having lucid dreams left and right which is an amazing feat for me, the thing that helps me the most is waking in the early morning and going back to bed with a somewhat clearer…


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day 76 season 1

Hi Everyone!

So much has been happening since the last time I posted! I've been realizing so many things about my life and about my dreams and where I am going! I think this is the point where I get into my history a little bit.. (what I've really realized this weekend in regards to LOA and my friends) when I was growing up, I never really had a problem finding friends and hanging out with friends. I was always so open and always believed in the treat others how you wish to…

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Season 1, Finale

Well, December 4th is the final day of our Season 1, 100 Day Reality Challenge.

We've made quite a few positive changes in our lives in the last 100 days. We plan to continue aswell as add to these experiences, strategies, and ways of life.

The power of personal manifestation is STRONG!! This whole experience can be likened to Luke discovering the Force in Star Wars.

With having our Wedding Day behind us, we're now looking at getting our focus…


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Season 8 Day 21

First I want to start off by saying I have over 222 blog posts! Holy cow! Well because of my consistency this season I will be really raising this up. My integrity is certainly building and i am feeling more comfortable with life now. I am deciding to consciously jump into the vortex more, do things i enjoy. Anyone around is welcome to come join me. I have been very much into Gran Turismo 5. This game helps me visualize what it would be like to…

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Season 1-Day 7& 8

Day 7

Can't say much there. It was okay. Spent it mostly at church and then one of my cousins came by but unfortunately, I wasn't there to see her. It's a bit weird because she only came by to use the internet but still it seems connected somehow. Hopefully her and her brother will be willing to be friends again.

Day 8. Nov. 29

I finally meditated again-10 minutes. Worried about my family, things seem, well..hard etched because of the recession and such. I groomed my dog… Continue

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Day 29 Season 9

Things didn't work out with the living situation with my mom, but I take it as a lesson to be learned...

Currently staying with my cousin... they going to allow me to stay (rent free) until I can get into a program for homeless families or get this apartment that is two houses away from them. Which ever comes first but either way I will be getting the apartment...

Goals are still intact, tomorrow I will be calling about a job offer and then I will also be…


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