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Day 7 and 8 a ride back on S58 memory lane.

Over the summer when I first started using public transportation one specific bus driver stood out for me,the bus driver on the S58. At the time I was having such a difficult time with all the changes I was going thru that I became laxed about keeping up with my appearance. I stopped wearing makeup and was not really coordinating my clothes like I used to. On a daily basis I had to travel on the S58,most of the drivers were old except this one handsome chap that always had a sparkle in his…


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Days 28 to 30

I've been slacking a bit with this blog. Oh well, I can forgive myself for that. What's been happening? Interesting week, nothing massively eventful, things are moving along slowly but surely I think, now I'm looking forward to December which sees my birthday and of course Christmas within its timescale. I guess I'm starting to wind down now in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. 

I want to make some changes in the New Year, I don't quite know what they will be yet though,…


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D22, S1...Childhood Trauma?

Hello my Beautiful friends and Cocreators!

It is again a beautiful day, and quite warm here in Florida! The sun is shining down, the skies are quieter than usual, not many birds. A slight breeze, but not as vigorous. I'm starting my day beautifully, of course. I've been reading, practicing gratitude. Focusing on my dreams and wishes. And of course letting the universe know how much I Love free stuff, and that I am expecting much more of it from this point forward ;)

Yes, I… Continue

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Season 3 - Day 5 - WHY AM I??

I've been thinking very deeply about why I do things I do. Why am I different from everybody else? And I'm not saying that in a bad way...Im just literally wondering WHY. Why do I feel differently about certain things than the next guy. And why is he different from me? Why am I on the life path I am on. ANd what is the point of it all!!!

It looks like I have the classic case of a philosophical crisis. I guess when you start "creating" things in your life. You start to wonder…


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Season 9 Day 10 (Living With An Open Heart!)

I'm sending love to my son and ex-husband. My son is having some difficulty finding himself right now. I will talk to him and also listen. He is a good kid and just needs some direction in life right now. I will be open with the both of them and say what I feel that's going on. I'm asking for some positive energy! Thank you!!!

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Day 19 - Clarifications and Patriotism (or lack thereof)

I wrote yesterday's entry on the verge of a meltdown, which makes me think that further clarifications are needed. I was crying and just wanted to release certain frustrations, so I did not really explain things properly. I'm going to try to express myself in a more accurate way. (I'm not saying that being more accurate will make me look better,…


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working on affirations

This is my 13 day of my 100 day challenge 2 season. I using these affirmation every day. Besides these practies p

  1. Affirmation when I learn how to tell myself that I am worthy and what I think is who I am; therefore, I was able release the negative energy that was hold be down into a depresson along with negative thougths and feelings. 
  2. Words of power help me recogized who I am and that is a child of God, and I am a whole person, and I am happy.
  3. Gratitude I had…

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Ah, I'm getting behind.

I'm getting really behind with keeping up with blogging. I wonder if it's because I've finished Deepaks meditations and used to do it about the same time!

I promise I will try harder. So I'm up to day 29....the last four days have been odd. I've have quite a few weird things going on. Firstly the cinema which I mentioned before, then my shopping wasn't delivered when it was supposed too....twice! But today seems to be going well!

My spiritual group was really good last night…


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Season 3 - Day 4 - I am smart!

I've been thinking a lot lately...what else is new. I've kinda realized that I'm the one that has to decide who I am and who I will be. I can literally decide. Even though I know this is true, sometimes I get swayed by other people's judgements. A lot of people probably think I'm not very smart or that I have my head in the clouds. It's been that way my whole life. But I don't HAVE to be that way. In fact, I am sort of the one that helps that along by believing it's true.



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Day 18 - Naked truth and humility

So I didn't get the job. I'm not writing this to get any sympathy comments. It's fine. Clearly it was not the right one.


The thing is though, I genuinely don't know what to do now. I tried applying for a lot of jobs that I would not enjoy, but were somewhat in my field. That did not work. I cut down on the amount of applications and only applied for jobs I thought I would really like doing, and poured my passion into the process. That did not work either.




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Season 9 Day 9 (Living With An Open Heart!)

I had a wonderful night with my fiance. We watched some really good shows together and talked. It feels so good to spend quality time with him. I was also blessed with extra money! Thank you universe, guardian angel, spirit guides, ministry of angels and archangels! Today I will watch a few of Lilou Mace's living with an open heart videos on youtube to milk feeling good!

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Positive feed back in my professional area :)

Even when this coming year (2013) will be a year of loving myself, I must say things are doing great in my professional area.

I love US I must admit even when I live in Canada, everything go so smooth in this country that I feel at home when I come to visit my family here.


I received terrific news in regards to my studies :) My…


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Day 17 - Confusion

I'm not particularly proud about what I'm about to write, because I'd like for my posts to inspire people. But sometimes I just can't be what I strive to be. I have to admit I haven't been feeling the best for the past 3 or 4 days. The weather hasn't been great, a friend of mine seems to hate me, it looks like our relationship has been permanently damaged due to constant conflicts we seem to have once alcohol is involved. One of my favourite housemates has moved out without saying goodbye.…


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Realize it's all within yourself....Day 20

Good Morning Everyone!

I can't believe it is already day 20 of my first season. I'm learning that there will always be little ups and downs, but I suppose that is what Abraham has been talking about when they say "contrast!" Well, I've started to refer to that which doesn't please me as "Contrast," just being general, not calling attention to it too much! I'm saying "Oh, Contrast! How I love you so :)" Mitzy and I are again back at our usual spot, enjoying the Florida sunshine,…


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Season 9 Day 8 (Living With An Open Heart!)

I had a great night! My fiance and I were watching different shows and talking. We were also blessed with delicious soul food by our neighbor. I had a great walk this morning to the train station. I been experiencing alot of wonderful things throughout the days. I feel so rich and blessed!

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Coming back to Calgary - finding myself and loving myself as a big challenge

The best challenge I will have for 2013 is to love myself. I find myself trying to get a place where to settle down but the truth of everything is that healing involves loving myself :)

I came back to Calgary and I'm happy to think for the first time in myself.

My challenge starts in January! AND I'm planning to print my workbook as soon as possible!

I'm happy…


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Day 3-6 Divine Royalty

♥ May magic and miracles always be natural in your life!
The last couple of…

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Day 26 & 27 - It's always about ourselves

Yesterday was awesome - a beautiful sunny day and started out with a walk with my friend. I phoned a Christmas market scheduled for this coming weekend and was able to get in at the last minute. Yay! It means working hard Friday, Sat, Sun and most of this week spent getting ready. But that's self-employment, and I do love it. 

The afternoon was spent chauffering my mom around to different condos with her realtor, and although there were some nice places, Mom hasn't seen…


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Season 3 - Day 2 - I told you so!

Hello friends! So here I am on day 2. I had a great day today! Filled with friends, fun, theatre, good food. I don't really have any groudbreaking discoveries which I usually report back with in every post. I just had a very full day. And I'm going to challenge myself to really take in all the little experiences I have that make me happy. To really BE THERE when they are happening. Because when you are really THERE. It's always the best. Am I right?



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