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Season 4 - Day 8 - Nov 30 - Through the gate

It's the last day of November! Everyone get ready for crazy shopping days ahead...I'm really looking forward to the holidays just to see my family. I feel like I haven't seen them in so long and there's nothing like the holidays to bring people together. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. I was kind of subdued at work, but towards the end of the day my energy picked up and I got more peppy and happy. On my way home I was stopped by this guy on the street and we just started talking…


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Season 8....beginning on Thanksgiving day (11/28/13) and I am thankful :)

So I am beginning my season 8 on a wonderful note! The past 2 seasons have been dedicated to my career, finances, and physical health (with the idea of establishing a social life mixed somewhere in there). And thankfully I have reached a place in my life where I am happy with my job/career...I am in school to help better my opportunities within my career. I now have a job that I absolutely love and is helping me both financially and spiritually because I feel very calm and zen at this place.…


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Thank you Thanksgiving Day for reminding us the beauty of own ourselves and our creations.

I got the job!! I am so thankful for how fun and great it is.


My family does not celebrate Thanksgiving, and because I dont have a lot of friends I wont get to party tonight. Well well well: TripleThanks!!


I am grateful for my kindness and loyalty. I can be a great friend and everyone loves being around me. I feel pure magic while I dance at the coolest parties. I…


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D75, S3 ... Action action action

So, the foucs is still on doing.  Pushing through those sticky blocks that have formed.

WHere am I going?  How?  What small steps need to be taken?

What are the reasons that I am struggling?  How can I resolve those?  WHat are the gifts and opportunties in each block/issue that I label problem?  

Yes, I can.  Each time I hear I can't handle this in my mind, I replace it with, yes I can, what an opportunity to grow, how can I do this better than I…


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Creating Time, Space and Abundance! Day 28 Session Two

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in America. Really every day is Thanksgiving and thus we create what we are already Grateful for. By coming out of the space of abundance and feeling grateful we manifest form. When we know what we already have we have it. Sounds simple but many of us do not know how to live out of this space of having.

With 5 days off, I thought I should work on the website. I named the company International Dreamworks Academy. IDA is about helping people learn…


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Season 4 - Day 6 - Nov 28

Weird! I missed a day and didn't even know....? Today I have an interview and I'm going to let my higher self guide me, I want it to be easy, casual and fun. I want to be personable and like-able. And I will be! Thank you!

I'm realizing how important it is to start off the day on the right foot. It's easier because you are waking up on your own and there is silence and you are able to focus. It gives you a perfect opportunity to get UP there. And you are more likely to stay UP…


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11-27-2013 day 27 giving Thanks!

I am grateful for life




My parents and sister

Aunts & uncles and cousins

My family here on earth - that would be all of you! I am choosing now to change how i view everyone. My intention is to be grateful for everyone, for in everyone lies a lesson to teach me about something myself. For that i am grateful.

I am grateful for discovering and continually bejng introduced to inspiration spiritual people, mind/body and soul… Continue

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Im so excited about my new job!! I love my daily life!

I feel so resourceful and motivated every day.I wake up and really enjoy the beauty of the early mornings. I meditate, and enjoy beautiful and delicious breakfasts with my partner. We  laugh and have great fun preparing ourselves!! Every morning we give thanks for having each other in our…


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Get Out of Your Way

Its so easy to blame the rest of the world for your problems, this person didn't do this, they did that, If this job didn't do this then I would be able to do that...but the truth of the matter is that we will never be able to move forward while we put most of our energy towards blaming others and finger pointing to the past. This is not to say that others dont sometimes hurt us, but if we allow the hurt and anger to fester it can be our own undoing. For your thoughts become things. WE…


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How do I stop feeling so useless?

Sorry, I don't mean to moan but i want to turn this around or I'll attract more!

I don't fit into current career & have trouble changing it & I see many others with successful careers and it's hard not to feel useless at times, like I have NOTHING to offer that anyone would pay good money for. I even remember reading think and grow rich & thinking "But I don't HAVE original ideas!"

And I don't!

Others make products and courses I don't know HOW I don't GET ideas and… Continue

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How to stop comparing self unfavourably to others?

This may sound silly but everyone I know seems

more successful than me & success seems to have come

easily to most of them. One said "I'm jet lagged

but writing info products on the plane"

Another had someone ASK her to put an

advert on their site. The other teachers seem

better at THAT than me ALL my Facebook friends

are very successful how to stop

beating myself up by feeling bad about MY LACK

of success when I read about all… Continue

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Gratefulness for Thanksgiving

Meet Josie, a rescued sheep at Popular Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Md. She is an amazing soul of a sheep who is kind, loving of people and is perfectly content. She happens to be blind yet…


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What You've All Been Taught, Listen Up

Have you ever read in TONS AND TONS UPON TONS of metaphysical books and teachings something to this nature:

"Beliefs that don't serve you have built up inside of you since childhood (or for a very long time) and they are INGRAINED IN YOU, which means that you CANNOT knock them aside in one fell swoop. You must gradually change your beliefs."

I have been pondering this above statement for awhile and through the teachings of BASHAR have come to realize that the above…


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Season 4 - Day 4 - Nov 26 - It's ok

Good morning friends! Let me ask myself something...what do I want today. I wish for lovely interactions with EVERYONE I meet. I wish for an easy, stress free day at work. And I wish for pleasant surprises to come my way. The second I walk out the door is when I get on the trust train! All aboard!...or me...aboard. Trust that you are being guided to the best places and to the best people and things. It is not your job to anticipate anything. Know that you are being protected at every moment.…


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Day 11 (S3) - Being in rhythm of life

At the moment it´s like something grabbed me into a wild stream. Now I´m floating on this. I enjoy the ride more and more. I realised that it is helpful to focus on what I want and to do it right away. Today I found out that my mind needs a reason, why it does something. When it find an useful advantage then everthing is in flow. For instance, I´ve got a clean house, I feel more comfy or if I overcome my dullness and do something actively, then I see the advantage that there are no high…


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D74, S3 ... Meditation

Off to meditate.  The opportunity... to see the joy, happiness and love... or to be fearful...  I miss "knowing" myself...  :)

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