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November 2014 Blog Posts (76)

Days 55 & 56, Season 2

Day 45

After working at the Whole Foods until 6 pm, I hung out with my lovin' pit bull boyfriend and watched some tube. So a pretty low-key, snuggly evening :) I'm grateful for warm stinky doggy snuggles. 

Day 46

Sundays are always the best. I get to sing at St Clements in the AM and this morning, Advent I, we sang Byrd's Mass for 4, which is one of the most beautiful masses ever composed. I quite enjoyed being expressive through the music and it felt really relaxed and…


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Season 2 - Day 62

I found my calendar so I know exactly where I am during this challenge and am happy to say that I have good feelings about that. This isn't unfolding quite the way I thought it would, but I am likely making reasonable progress and actually doing a better job at some things had I not moved. Both decluttering and organizing have certainly benefited from this huge upheaval in my life.

I am a little bit proud that I have been able to keep my shops open during this crazy time, but business…


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4-50: Chewing on it, still gratefully :D

"Let the weak say 'I am strong' " (Joel 3:10) - W. Dyer, Wishes Fulfilled

How is it possible for the creative Source of the universe, the Source energy responsible for creating worlds, to say, "I am weak"?

Hi dear co-creators!

     How are your journeys doing? I haven't posted for some time. I've been thinking…


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Day 75 Season 4 Today, I'm sad. And that's okay.

I'm sad today. I'm not sure why, but I am sure that it's fine. I have accepted today's sadness. It's not depression. It's not sorrow. It's just sadness. And today. I'm allowing it to be and living authentically, acknowledging my emotions. Nothing really happened to put me here, in fact it's been a good day, and it's going to be a good night. 

But, I've been really overworked and a bit stressed lately. I have two jobs and an internship, and between all three, I've been working 60…


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Days 53 & 54, Season 2

Day 53

It was Thanksgiving here in the United States today. Of course, every day is Thanksgiving for me and for many of my juicy co-creators here on this website :) The only evidence left by the overnight snow storm was a soggy, muddy earth, but that didn't stop pit bull boyfriend and I from taking a nice long walk around the grounds of the Thomas Mansion. I'm so grateful for my Poppy and to be living in a beautiful city that has the largest urban park system on the earth, Fairmount…


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Day 72 Season 4 What I'm giving up

I've been holding onto too much lately that is holding me back. So, here goes:

I'm giving up anger (this one is the toughest)

I'm giving up whining

I'm giving up opinions and ascribing intentions to other people's actions--just let it be

I'm giving up stress and anxiety

I'm giving up procrastinating

I'm giving up viewing my blessings as burdens

I'm giving up ingratitude and a…


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Days 51 & 52, Season 2

Day 51

It was a nice day. Pit bull boyfriend and I went to Blue Bell Park for a romp in the grass and a chomp on the foliage in between running errands. My wound is finally closed up again. YAY!!! Now I just have to commit to AT LEAST 7 full days of NO yoga. I'm giving myself permission to do easy upper body exercises, like push ups, but on my knees, so I don't have to engage my legs in a plank, but I have to refrain from anything that enlists the thighs and the glutes for at least a…


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Day 2

I have been feeling really motivated. I have been up to lots today.

I weighed in at 192.2 lbs. I did 50 bicep curls. I ran 3 miles at 8:50 minute mile pace. I did 30 minutes on the fakebike. 

I've been cooking a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognese from scratch (except the pasta!) for my wife. I am on holiday this week so I'm able to do lots of fun stuff away from work. 

So, I'm sat here in front of our coal fire enjoying feeling warm and toasty with a lovely glass of…


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Day 70 Season Four

I have a lot of feelings going on, so I think I need to put them all down somewhere. 

Firstly, I have a week and a half left of undergrad. Which is incredible. Though, in truth, it feels like saying, "All that's left to do is summit." Still left, I have to:

Write a 10 page Shakespeare Thesis

Write a two page French composition

Revise a (different) two page French composition

Write a two-to-three page Philosophy…


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Day 12 Season 13 welcome rest and harmony!

Have been working really hard lately and now I welcome the silence and harmony; a little rest. On the bed and just relaxing right now. Sometimes it is nice to just take a break. So tonight I will first watch a movie and then do a lot of affirmations.
I am happy to say that I have started to exercise every day! I can finally rise earlier and get a lot done!

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New ideas to research

Couldn't sleep last night after reading Sandy Wiltshire's book "My Gift of Light" about how a bereaved mother transformed herself and her life to become a psychic medium (in just 2 years). This isn't my first foray into medium-ship but this book somehow really struck a chord and now I am on a mission to increase my own psychic ability. I feel really strongly that life is not just about this material world but I don't know what else it IS about lol! I am open to signs, messages etc etc to…


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Season 10: I am back and looking forward to it - Intentions - Day 1

Hi everyone. It is great to be back here. I found this really supportive back when I was here before when I achieved great things with the support from all of you here.

I have a number of intentions for this season.

1. I will be lighter and even healthier. I lost a lot of weight back in 2008 (77 pounds). I did that through cycling, and doing things about food I was eating. I am now an Ultra runner - and oddly some of the weight has crept back on -…


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S3 - D71 Manifesting gratitude

Day 5 of not having our car. I woke up early to take my son to school. He and I walked a mile to school, and made a good time out of it. Worried we might be late, I carried him on my back for half of the way, and we ran the last leg of it. It could've been a drag, but I really enjoyed that time with him. Aside from worrying about getting him to school late, we talked and laughed most of the way. I don't think he'll forget this morning. 

I walked the mile home, and got ready to…


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Days 49 & 50, Season 2

Day 49

I sang my own part on Hassler's "Missa Octo Vocum" this AM at St Clements. It's quite a lovely mass and a lovely start to the week. I rushed home after church to let my boyfriend out, because when I left for church, he was still laying in bed. Because he's adorable :))) So grateful, as always for my pit bull boyfriend.I had just enough time to make lunch/leftovers, before having to jet back into Center City for rehearsal, practicing Christmas music. FUN!! I love classical…


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I'm baaaaack!

Hi fellow Co-Creator!

I stepped away from CCOR for a bit but didn't put the brakes on my intentions of manifesting!

I simply found that I was spreading myself a little too thin but now have a strong desire to return here to get the support I miss and love!

Accountability to a team of loving, high-vibing and like-minded folks has always seemed to do wonders for keeping me on track with my intentions!

Along with my ongoing intentions that are listed on my profile…


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Days 47 & 48, Season 2

Day 47

I had my first personal training client since June 11th this morning and my first client in my home studio EVER! I created a really intense leg workout utilizing my stability ball, a 20 lb kettlebell, and a 10 lb medicine ball for my client and she was loving it! I forgot how fun personal training is! Challenging people physically and seeing them meet my challenge is so rewarding! Since I've been in healing mode and refraining from physical activity, I'm sore from the session,…


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S3 - D68 What is lost can always be found

I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses a while ago (probably OVER a year ago at least. Since last summer) and thought they were lost forever, but really wanted to manifest them back. I totally found them today while mindlessly sorting our plastic bag box. You guys have no idea how happy I am. It just goes to prove that anything can be manifested... even things that are "lost". 

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Day 1 Season 13 new fresh Season! Honesty with myself

Hello, day 1 of season 13, was on the 13 th of november. Been so busy that I sometimes even forgot to do affirmations! I have a new photo on my profile, if you are wondering. :) I want to try to be as honest as I can in this blog. I have changed so much, that I sometimes even cant grasp myself. I even now try to understand that I will have a play on stage in three weeks. After years of stagnation…


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S3-D67 "Katie, You're taken care of." - Universe

I'm back from Vegas. The girls and I had a really good time. I learned a lot throughout the trip and when I got home immediately afterwards. 

My husband took me to the airport and at that time I was feeling so low. I've been feeling ready to join the next life lately. I hate feeling like I'm floating and directionless. And I really miss feeling like myself - feeling bliss, free and joyful. 

I got on the plane next to a really nice couple.…


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Day 66 Season 4 Loving Life!

I'm so happy and grateful today. I had a great day at work, my sister gave birth last week to the world's most beautiful baby girl, and I graduate in three weeks. The snow is already falling steadily where I live, and my neck of the woods is coated. I couldn't be more excited about it! I've totally changed my attitude towards winter this year, and I can't wait to go skiing and do some winter hiking, my favourite winter pastime. 

I have the day off Sunday, and…


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