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November 2016 Blog Posts (21)

Achievement #382 - Best chair dancing class yet

Yesterday I put into practice a few tips I'd noticed teaching chair dancing at the long-term health care facility I've been visiting biweekly. I made a point of calling more people by their names, and learned some new ones, I used more clapping exercises, as these are easier to follow, I raised my voice. And I was rewarded with more participation, and a few new faces, including one woman who even got up to dance with me! Looking forward to continuing this trend, and perhaps pick up more…


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Achievement #381 - Focusing on the spaces

Something I started to work on yesterday to clear my head. It was suggested to me by my lovely wife, who has far more time to read spiritual books than I do. It's a form of meditation, where your focus on the spaces between things. The space around you, the silence between and behind sounds, the moments of stillness. This helps my mind go still, because it has no-thing to focus on. I've only just started, but already it's been helpful changing a few negative thought patterns.

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Achievement #380 - First videos made!

The first promotional videos for my new business of online dance instruction have been made! It kept my wife and I awake and working until 5:30am, and we slept off most of yesterday to recover. I learned a lot, enough to know I could make more, and more quickly, next time.

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40 Day Intentional Shift Your Reality Challenge

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Season 18 Day 34

Time for an update. Been gone for too long. I have had some struggles and lose focus a lot. Life has been crazy and I had to take care of a lot of important things lately. However theree is good progrss happening. Staying in shape and making a lot of progrss with my job. ging to give an update on my goals:

Make it a plan to cook every meal everyday, going out to eat will be a rare occasion and a treate

-Yeah no going out to eat quit as…


Added by Shaman Kanowa on November 20, 2016 at 12:10am — 2 Comments

Achievement #379 - Measuring out the reserves

I was REALLY tired last night after my last class. So first thing I did was warn my wife that I didn't have much energy to spare, and I continued to watch what energy I had throughout the evening. We ended up having a lovely quiet time, when it could have been very grumpy.

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Achievement #378 - Sound quality

I was sick all day yesterday, I suspect from eating a pizza that hadn't been cooked properly. Despite that though, I manage one thing: To test the sound quality of my new audio recorder at various distances from my mouth. I just need to clip it the same distance away on my shirt, and I should be set!

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Season 5 - Day 1 - Nov 15 - Welcome to the first day

Hi there fellow co-creators. I've been on and off this site for a few years. Almost as far back as 2012! I always found that writing these blog posts set myself up for a great life. Posting about your long-term goals, dreams and experiences is so valuable. It totally changes the way you see things. I am using this platform to set intentions for the next 100 days. 

After going through an incredibly difficult experience over the past year, I think I'm finally ready to put myself…


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Achievement #377 - First film test

Saturday night was particularly exciting, because it was the first time I set up all my lighting equipment to find the best height and position to light up my face. I tested the audio equipment too. Now I can go over the different positions and choose the best. Only one week to go until my first professional videos!

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DAY 87, Season 8

Gratitude and Shadow Work

I'm starting to get into a groove of easy, yet financially and musically rewarding singing jobs, and teaching yoga regularly at a couple studios really close to me in Philly. Everything is falling into place, schedule-wise. I'm filling the cracks in my singing schedule with yoga teaching gigs. And all this Abundance has everything to do with me just sitting back and patiently waiting for the right opportunities to come along and using my Intuition to know the…


Added by Yogini Jeni on November 11, 2016 at 2:46pm — 2 Comments

Achievement #376 - Last arrival

Yesterday I received the last of my lighting equipment that I need to create my dance films. I still need to test everything before recording day, but assuming all works well, I'm good to go! Plus, I took advantage of a DIY tip and spray painted the inside of the clamp lights white for more reflection :)

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Achievement #375 - Networking Successes

I went to a networking event last night, organized by Toronto Business Casual. Had a great time, and met a couple potential students for he future. Plus, I came across a marketing company producer that was so impressed with my pitch that she wanted to interview me! I didn't even forget anyone's name - definitely a personal best :)

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Achievement #374 - Remembering gratitude

I have so many wonderful things in my life, I just need to give thanks for them all. I am grateful to my caring and supportive wife, for never giving up on me, or herself. I give thanks for my job, which gives me the income and skills I need to pursue bigger and better things. I'm grateful for the heat in my house, the food in my fridge, the comfort of my chair. Last but not least, I give thanks to myself, for allowing these beautiful things into my life. I know that appreciating and…


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Achievement #374 - Remembering gratitude

I have so much good in my life, and I just need to express thanks for it all. I'm grateful to my darling wife, who is ever caring and supportive. My job, which gives me the income and skills I need to pursue bigger and better things. My healthy body, for sustaining and protecting me. The food in my fridge, the heat in my home, the comfort of my chair. Last but not least, I am grateful to myself, for allowing these beautiful things into my life. And I recognize and encourage all these things…


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Achievement #373 - Hearing my anxiety

I celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday two days ago with my family. It was mostly wonderful, but towards the end there were a few personal comments made that made me a bit defensive. The next day, I felt angry and short-tempered without knowing why. Fortunately, I was able to do some focusing mid-afternoon to determine the source. It turned out I wasn't just angry, I was afraid. Angry at others sticking their nose in my business, and afraid that their comments might have truth to them.…


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Achievement #372 - Equipment Purchased

As of this weekend, I've purchased the last of the equipment I need to be ready to start filming for my business! We could be creating the first dance videos in as few as a couple weeks :)

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Day 32 Season 19 Positive life-positive mind and vv :)

Dear all active cocreators, I hope you are all living well :) we dont give up!

Affirmations are doing me a great deal of good for me; I feel the possibilies are there for me and for you and for us all! Grab a plate!

I am now working in a new theatre project in a group for a city theatre and its quite challenhing and interesting. I am happy and grateful that I am working with others since I 2014-2016 worked with ny solo performance, and it is great to work with others… Continue

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Achievement #371 - Learning through contrast

Sometimes you need a break, but yesterday I overdid it. I still got some work done, but I felt when it became too much. The good news is I recognize what feels good and what doesn't, so I can pull myself out of a spiral faster. Because of this, I have a better idea of when I'm overdoing it for the future.

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Achievement #370 - Connecting to your body through dance

I had a very inspirational lesson yesterday. A student, who is also my life coach, told me she wanted to get more in touch with her body and her emotions through dance, so I decided to combine dancing with the focusing techniques I've been learning. Midway through the lesson, she complained of a 'bizarre' feeling in one of her legs, and when we explored it further, we found the feeling was connected to a sense of anger and frustration inside of her. As I made gentle suggestions, she came to…


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Season 10 ~ Days 1 & 2


Season 10 begins on a sluggish note.  

I am excited because I KNOW when focused things happen.  The key is to make sure I STAY IN FOCUS.  Sometimes it feels like there are so many things to do, I get stuck in the process.  So here is to…


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