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Season 4 - Day 39 - Dec 31 - This year

Sigh, it's the last day of the year. I don't really measure my life in years anyway, but it's good to think about this past year and everything you brought into your life. The theme for my year I think was taking "steps". I've moved forward a little bit in every aspect of my life, professional, relationship-wise, material-wise, and I feel like I'm becoming more and more ok with just being with myself and trusting myself most importantly. I'm moving into a new place today and literally…


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Some progress in my reaction!

I MUST be making progress because someone insinuated something about me that's a bit insulting to me (to my character) & untrue - basically they did it to try & sh#t stir which failed) NORMALLY I'd be FURIOUS & rushing out to defend myself and explain how things REALLY ARE but NOW I feel peaceful, calm & like FORK YOU, buddy! Think that cr@p if you want to, I've got BETTER things to focus on! And I'm thinking I love you, I love you, I love you to them which neutralises it. But… Continue

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Day 8 Season 3 (Feeling Very Energetic And Calm)

When it is the time... around the year when the new year begins...

I wish and really feel all my dreams are coming true

Though I dont know how...

2013 has been best year so far using the secret and all the manifestations....

I pray to the universe sincerely and thank for all the best that comes our way... is because of this amazing aura...

I promise to do regular meditation , make a big vision board....



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37-42 Reseting in nature and preparing for the new year :-)

I have been away camping for few days in beautiful part of NSW our camping park was full of wild life: wallabies, wombats, goanas we had even peackocks, which made amazing sounds. I am so grateful for the way nature sooths me and make me whole again.

It was really good to be away from city, technology, my phone went flat almost immediatly and I had time just to be with my husband, friends and nature. 

First night I saw 3 shooting star, the sky was full of stars which was so…


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Cumulative Totals for First Three Days

Days 1-3 totals for goals and practices:

Each day I prayed the Jesus Prayer on the prayer rope,
prayed to Sts. Joachim and Anna regarding myself and Blaise,
did spiritual reading, including scripture, and lives of saints.

620 minutes of deep musical practice

60 minutes of strength training

178 minutes of cardiovascular training

2 days of 10 pm bedtimes

3 days of the master cleanser

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The How Has to Come

This site is awesome if only to move forward and gain some clarity. I went on a second job interview for Upgrade Timeshare sales. The interview was great, the opportunity for abundance of money and more is great. Vacations abound and I nailed the interview and used the B.L.I.S.S System to move forward in power and passion. Then the car we own that has had some troubles lately started getting worse. I have to keep my positive outlook up and when something that you need to move you from point…


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day 83 season 9 Course of action

I ve put some of plans in my calendar for next year

and also what litterature might be uplifting to read

Not to force myself too much, of course. it-s important to do all things with joy

and not with a feeling of that we must do something, but ...keeping a calendar

and reading your goals a couple of times a month is good...keeps me on track.

I have been helping a lot, especially nearest friends, sometimes getting something back,



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S01 D#77 - Making Work Less Painful

I got all my little daily tasks done for today that I committed to for this challenge.

I still need to find a proper purpose for my blog and get used to that tone and slant. I also need to get started on my blog properly, and to write my products.

Forget PLR; I think it's only good for research, if at all. It can't use my voice, so I can't sell it as mine anyway. At most, it's a place to start.

But I can't start with that stuff; I have to do it my way, and tell my…


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Dear Universe!

I would love it if all of my experiences from this 28Th day of December to be the same as me: dynamic, fun, genuine, awesome, passionate, exciting, vibrant, warm, loving, great, easy, breezy, open, awesome, amazing, magical, & powerful.

Thank you universe!

Appreciate ya!

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Day 5 Season 2 (Learnt the Scripting method to manifest what you want)

I loved this idea of writing down everything as if you have received in form of a script ,where you the lead and other characters which you would love to have.

And then write it as if it is happening and mention all the details as much as possible

Quite interesting and fun

Go ahead

Lots Love


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Day 5 Season 2 ( Some beautiful events) and manifestation within 5hours

The other day I just was quite bored of daily schedule and just gave some of my energy to experiencing some holiday

And volla... I got to go a very nice spiritual place on 25thdec

It was amazing energy over there

And all such things boost our energy

Though have been search things to inspire me to start my meditation again....

Will soon begin with it

The manifestation ideas are working reading new books..

Universe has opened like millions of…


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Guidance on Achieving a Quantum Leap

Lately I have been thinking and focusing on the question of what it would take to create a quantum leap for myself. I've never found any book or author that I feel has really given me something awesome to work with in this arena of personal transformation so I asked the question to my Source and of course I got an answer that was right for me.

All of the time we are inundated with spiritual gurus and the like telling us that "changing beliefs are difficult." Well, guess what?…


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Teaching myself the Art of Being Simply 100% Satisfied

Alternate title: What I learned from my Juicer Research and Purchasing.

pic i took of a flower @ US Botanic Gardens in Washington DC. …


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S01 D#76

I need to get productive. Someone knows a great productivity hack for me?

My sister said, one day she just got it, she has to put in the work to become successful, so she put in the work and became successful. -- I KNOW that, too. How do I get myself to DO it, then?

Just go forth and do the work...

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day 81 season 9 Ok, this is important-what do you think co creators?


Suddenly, amongst my dearest and nearest friends, i find, some

really irritating comments! when i enthusiastically told her about my

plans for next year, she said: "dont get your hopes up too much, or dont hope

for too big things to happen, since the crisis is still here"!

I thought:…


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Season 17 Day 7

I am having a bit of a better day today trying to take active steps to be happier. I did actively pursue being happy despite being surrounded by negativity. Although I admit at times my hope was dashed. Today I just have been more persistent..

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Going To My Parents Place: Days 4 & 5 of Season 10

Day 4/Dec 24:


Today started out really nice as I went, and dropped off a belated wedding present to one of my close friends.  It was really fun to see her reaction, and the couple seemed to really like what I got them.


Afterwards, I headed to Weight Watchers.  There was only 6 people at the meeting including…


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Day 36 starting to enjoy starting day with writing

I find the morning practice of writing sets a great begining to my day.

I have developed rutine which I previously so easily broke.

Gettting up breakfast and tapping with David - I love doing it after tapping with his youtube I feel so goo energise and happy.

I intend for today to be very present with my loved ones. We are going for coast walk can't wait to see the ocean again every day no matter what is the weather ocean bring me clarity and deep gratitude for life and…


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Season 17 Day 6

Well It's Christmas. I guess my new thing for today is baking a nice spiral ham. Should be good looking forward to trying it. Struggling with some other things but remaining calm as I can and working through it. 

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