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New Year. New Challenges!

Happy New Year everyone. Decided to start a new 100 day challenge. I'll post my intentions later ❤️

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Achievement #186 - Mantra 2.0

I 've been learning some things about how important wording can be in mantras. For instance, I've always written my mantras with phrasing like 'I will...' or 'I pledge to...' instead of the more powerful 'I DO...' or 'I AM...' I recently updated the mantra I keep over my workstation this way, and the emotional connection I feel with it is stronger now.

Happy New Years Everyone!

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New Years Eve

Looks like I have a

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Achievement #185 - A new home

Checked out a few condos for rent with my fiancé. We've only a few weeks left until we have to move, but I contacted a place nearby, and turns we ended up liking a couple to seriously consider both. One more place to look at, and then we can decide on our favourite - one less stressful thing to think about :)

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2016 Here I Come

It's almost time for the New Year. I am later than usual setting my goals but, it's okay. It is my intention to set my business goals and work my plan every day. It is my intention to find new business contacts and get my materials into their hands. It is also my intention to keep my current customers happier.

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Day 85 Season 16 not changing personality but habits

Rewieving the year and what has been.

In general I am tired of rewieving things and

all sorts of healing work, for instance

why are there so many books for women "how to get the guy";

that just says that we women have to change ourselves so that we can get the man.

Why aren't there as many books for men "how to get the girl"?

I am tired of changing or healing or correcting things. Like we should constantly

change ourselves (I mean personality) and that has not… Continue

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Achievement #184 - Breaking the shell

Part of my movement towards enlightenment involves opening up to others, engaging them in conversation more. Although I was initially very resistant to being drawn into talking with others, yesterday I kept pushing, to the point where I actually started enjoying what we were talking about. Some powerful roadblocks just got a little weaker :)

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At this point I feel too overwhelmed by my life. I feel like whenever I have the energy I don't have the time. Whenever I have the time, I lack the energy. I feel trapped and I feel like I am out of control.

I'm going to try this, as a temporary thing: Do 108 bows 2 times a day for a week. I'm hoping that will get my balance back in life.

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Increase Productivity Positive Affirmations

I am naturally productive

I am productive at all times

I am productive and successful in all areas of my life

I am productive even through tough or boring projects

I start projects and just keep working consistently throughout

I productively work with the same enthusiasm I start a project with

I find it easy to work consistently and be productive

I am a productive, motivated and highly driven person

I just naturally get things done and…


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Achievement #183 - Double standards

Had a bit of a disagreement with my life coach yesterday, but I'm proud of how I handled it. We were talking about what words it was safe to use to avoid picking up negative connotations associated with them. It occurred to me that she was providing explanations for a word she used, but I had not always been given this same opportunity in the past. When I tried to point this out, she surprised me by becoming defensive. Rather than get angry myself however, I realized what she was reacting to…


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Christmas Eve

There is a lot I want to write but my brain is not working right now. So this post will be written in summary:

  1. I skipped a couple of days. To make up for it, I plan to do 3 sets of 108 bows today and tomorrow.

  2. I found out I have a few obstacles in my path. 2 short term goals I have are: A. Learn to keep my head cool when…


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I'm going to declutter my home

I've found this article:

Now: 5. Make a list. A room. Paper, books and old clothes.

I've found these affirmations:

I am disciplined

I am in complete control of myself

My willpower has the strength of steel

I am dedicated to achieving my goals

I relish the feeling of…


Added by Nya on December 23, 2015 at 8:23pm — 1 Comment

Day 5 - Tiny changes

Hi fellow cocreators,

the last few days have been good so far. When committing to this challenge, I chose yoga and meditation (amongst others) as practices to help me shift my perspective on things. And I did those two activities almost everyday (except on sunday) and really enjoyed them. Still, it takes me a long time to actually do the exercises, i.e. start with yoga. I find myself procrastinating lot, instead of immediately starting with my new routine.

Tomorrow is Christmas…


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December 23


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DAY 100, Season 5

Today is the first full day of winter, which means the light is increasing :) I feel as if my light is also increasing. In 2015, I wasted a lot of time doing. Now I am just enjoying Being. I have no real agenda. My intention is increase. Increase Gratitude, increase Abundance, increase Joy, increase Love. I will follow my bliss! Namaste.

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Day 35

Now that I have passed day 35, these positive days are flying by. I manifested some great things in the last few days that would have not happened 35 days ago. It is true that when you open up to the world, the world opens up to you. 

Connecting with new people and sharing stories with them has been so much fun. My mind still tries to linger on old thoughts but I sit back and notice these habits and I swat them away with a positive thought.

Trying to learn Swedish so I am…


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Achievement #182 - Helping a troubled mind

One of my students was in a pretty dark place yesterday, saying things like 'I'm a complete failure', and assuming that every correction meant I was disappointed in her and she 'just needed to try harder'. I've learned from experience that talking about this rarely gets anywhere - she's too deep in her own head. So I had her start telling me one thing she did well after each dance, and if she couldn't think of something, I would mention a few things I noticed. Gradually her mood started to…


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Onward to Day 2

After my exhausting day at school, I came home and did my bows, meditation, qigong, and evening liturgy. While I didn't mention this before, I was flirting with the idea of doing a fitness challenge as…


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Achievement #181 - The purpose of relationships

This might seem strange to you, but I used to often wonder what the point of having relationships was. A bit of a loner at heart, I tend to draw strength in solitude and don't suffer from pangs of loneliness the way most people do. It was only over the last few days that it has started to occur to me that getting to know others is an important part of spiritual development - and only yesterday that I realized that it made the other person endlessly interesting, endlessly challenging in the…


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Day 1 . . . not quite finished

Saturday I went to Daegu off to do a day-long temple stay. While I was to stay there for only 8 hours, I ended up staying there for about 12. It was good but it took a toll on me, after I left the temple and went back to Gyeongju I decided to go for a nightcap. On Sunday I decided to do absolutely nothing and laze around for the whole day.

This morning I woke up and was determined to start Day 1. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, a lot of past issues and what-not started…


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