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Season 10 Days 20-30


30 days have passed and it is time to re-evaluate where I stand in my 100 day journey.

As always, some days are more of a pass where it does not feel like much is accomplished.  Then I realize when I reflect the next day, hey, you did do this and you did generate that and you did manifest…


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New Beginning

It is a beautiful Autumn this year in Poland. Today’s date mark also first year since I came back to my homeland, so it is a great time to start the second season of co-creating my reality.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t particularly consistent with my practices during the first season. This refers especially to my blog and meditation. It went far better with my gratitude journaling though and I am very happy for that.

Despite that I have achieved my goal! I’ve met great…


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Day Three: Using my imagination to turn the light on!

       Good quote, don't you think? We can change our reality by the switch of a light or the turning of a radio channel.From dark to light,negative to positive. I have some dreams for this season. I know I've attempted past seasons, and epically failed them, again & again. But,…


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Catching up with myself

This season brings an entirely new spectrum of adventures for me and my family.

1. My daughter enters 12th grade. So she is doing a lot of things in school for the last time.

2. People are going to come to stay with us for a short period of time. Trying to remain hopeful in spite of…


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Breaking the habit of being “you.”

Powerful ideas from one of my favorite teachers!

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Home Productivity Joy

Our poor nanny has been off sick for over two weeks now which means that I have been spending a lot more time at home with the kids. At the beginning it was hard but we are finding more and more a more settled way to be together for so much time. And we are all loving having so much time together!

This has given me a chance to work on some things at home I have always been desperate to do but never had time or enery for. And I am not a lazy person - I hardly sit still because…


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s18 d1

allllllrighhhht i'm back here for a new challenge. i've been weaving through life this past year going through some crazy changes and i want to take the reins on my life again. here are my intention / goals for season 18:

these are primarily habit-forming goals, so I will be pretty much focusing on the Rule of 5: Five daily actions to forward your goal and listing 5 daily successes I've enjoyed:


- sit, do nothing.



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A simple tool

It is a challenging time. And it means that I can handle it. I am learning and growing from it. I am becoming a better person, ready to meet others, who are loving, compassionate, strong and creative.

To help myself, I will write affirmations. Each page - one affirmation, written several times and adorned with small drawings. Like a child learning to write, I will plant those seeds in my unconsciousness for them to grow and blossom, even if I'm not consciously remembering of this…


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S3 - D16 Checking in

So I'm checking in here on CCOR, but also I've been checking in with myself throughout the day as a means of being aware of what I'm focussing on and redirecting that focus if I'm wasting time with negative thought patterns or just passing time online but not actually being productive. What I have noticed is that when I stop thinking negatively about something, or more often my relationships, and instead visualize what I would rather have I feel better about what actually is. Also, I often…


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I haven't posted in 2018 yet. Where do I begin? This year has already been very busy and getting busier. So many new projects to work on and finally I am receiving new job offers. After scrambling around for at least an interview. I am now working full time. Life is really hilarious when you are wanting and waiting.

My goals for 2018:

1. I am a new college student obtaining my Master's Degree. Thank you!

2. I am working full time at…


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100 Day Challenge Season 13 Day 8! Having Fun!!! : )

I had a nice relaxing long weekend. I had a whole lot of fun. I can't wait to have more fun today! My life is getting better and better every day. : )

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I'm Back with Gratitude

This has been a hard weekend but I am giving myself the best present tonight. I'm back on this site in order to turn my mind set around. I'm giving myself the healing loving gift of GRATITUDE.

Dear Universe, I am so grateful for:



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Achievement #480 - Supporting my partner's dream

This past weekend, my lovely wife made some important steps towards a dream of her own. We traveled across the country to visit a town where she's planning on purchasing our first investment property, and came across some promising options. I learned a great deal about real estate in the process, and am so glad I could join her on this journey. It's exciting and uplifting for the both of us to be striving for what's important to us, and I know we'll be there for each other if (when) the…


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Day 1

Got up at what I thought was 6am only to discover later that my watch was on French time still. (Just back from holiday). So I was up at 5am actually. Was bit knackered when I got home but still went out for a swim and that really picked me up. Didn't drink as much water as I intended as I need a new water bottle. Did the TR primer but found myself wondering a bit at the end. Going to create a new vision board tomorrow. 

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Something Amazing is Going to Happen to Me this Week.

I am declaring this for real and for fun. Been singing it as I get ready for the gym and when I cool off. Whole hearted good times. 

The summer so far is quite sweaty and hot. Bought popsicles to fight the heat. Life is good. Really thriving to achieve a big dream. This week a job posting for a place I really would love to work at appeared on a job site. I applied lightning quick. Now I am chilling and imagining having a nice window seat at the job. Wouldn't it be nice?…


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Day 39 Evaluation

Nice positive evolution since the beginning of this challenge:

  • A first writing experience about my last relationship (only a few pages for now, but it felt so good to create something out of this painful experience )
  • Many new ideas to explore thanks to Lilou's interviews and new books to read
  • A special day, 2 weeks ago, when I was driving and realized how lucky I am and that many good things are in store for me. I felt as if I was…

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My new book in french :-) So exciting!!!!

Here is my new book in french "Cahier du Défi Spécial Alimentation Consciente". A 100 Day Reality Challenge book about food.. Cause there are no awareness and awakening without changing our relationships to food. A book I have cocreated with my Daddy... So happy and grateful !…


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100 Day Challenge Season 11 Day 100! Living in the Now!!! I made it!

I'm so thankful to complete my season 11 day challenge. Looking back I have been happy most of the time and I love it! I love waking up knowing everything is always working out and life just gets better and better! Abraham Hicks, meditation and positive videos has done wonders in my life. I will continue to focus on staying happy and in a joyful place. I'm looking forward to my next 100 Day Challenge! : )

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Another end to a fantastic week. Overall I have secured a job and have another job offer that pays very well and they said they are impressed with my background and skill set. I manifested more money…

Another end to a fantastic week. Overall I have secured a job and have another job offer that pays very well and they said they are impressed with my background and skill set. I manifested more money I manifested getting closer to my husband. I desire to manifest my car be completely repaired at a very low price (under 100). I'm grateful for everything I've manifested. Continue

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