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OK, IMovie will start working today, perfectly and always! At some point 2day or tom, I will start my video blogs. (had to put it out there ;) ) I'm so excited, I want you to experience my excitement too!!!

Can I just say WOW, what a start!!! Last Saturday, 11/27/10, I had spent the entire day thinking of my goals, so I decided to do the 100 day challenge starting on 12/1/10 but I invited a girlfriend over to do it with me, the power of 2 or more! We sat at the kitchen table with a… Continue

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If looking for inspiration and knowlege check out these super amazing people that I feel very blessed to have found on youtube; Felipesparx29, leijaTurunen, Reecejones87, robsreality, thairyan1, and anything from bashar that calls your name :). I love you all and hope your manifestations are going well. I have been having lucid dreams left and right which is an amazing feat for me, the thing that helps me the most is waking in the early morning and going back to bed with a somewhat clearer…


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It's All About You.

It's All About You...

By Wali Collins from Y'NEVANO

We all want to be accepted by our peers, friends or even family. A lot of us don’t want to be called out about our differences because, that would put us in the spotlight or we would have to show our



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S01 D51

One day I'll come here and write about my goals achieved.

On Thursday evening nearly die lol. I'll explain myself…


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regarding my romantic partner-friendship that is coming to me...

I've been receiving a lot of what I've been asking for in the last few months and it feels good. However, I am realizing it feels good to receive what I've been receiving because I'm READY to receive -- truly receive it so that I ALLOW FEEL LIVE my Life 100%.

As with so many of us, there are two areas that we… Continue

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Day 53 - wow, season 3 is half way over!?!

How did this happen!? I haven't been making videos so much as I don't have my computer with me in the attic (too hot for macbooks!) so I'm using this time to create other kinds of work as well as Rest & Wait! I have been experiencing some amazing SHIFTS in understanding and FEELING the Laws of Attraction that totally work when you ALLOW FEEL LIVE in the VORTEX of Magic Passion Love!!

last week, in a video I stated that I would have a vehicle… Continue

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Informaëlstrom (1000 Radios part 2)

("Informaëlstrom" by poligraf)

1000 Radios is a two-part piece which explores the relationship between an individual and their reality, a subject and their objective world.

The second part, "Informaëlstrom," aims to…


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Sunday Nights - Blog Talk Radio is the place to be! Magic Passion Love & ....

I'm getting so excited about adding "special guests!!" to my radio show ... and trust me when I say, SPECIAL!!!! .... all of these people are truly special to me!! I've been asking people who I feel are truly sharing their "magic passion love" with the world… Continue

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Countless Questions (1000 Radios part 1)

("Radio Station from the German Federal Archive" by Unknown Author)

1000 Radios is a two-part piece which explores the relationship between an individual and their reality, a subject and their objective world.…


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Trickydame does what she’s most afraid of …

Trickydame does what she’s most afraid of …

Which of the following do you think it is that I’m doing that I am afraid of?!

1. Pick up a stranded shark, that I saw while walking on the beach…


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another day to be grateful for!!

I'm so grateful for my daily gratitude ritual -- since the Fall of 2003 I've been sending out gratitude to a group of women who took a workshop with Jennifer Macluso Gilmore in NYC. Since then, I've added to the list with other friends and even my parents as well as my friend's mom! I have been writing them almost every day and I can feel the results from this attitude of gratitude! They are most important to write when I'm experiencing lower… Continue

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doing the scary stuff feels good ...

Even when you do the scary stuff - Life feels good!!

I'm in the middle of doing some of the scariest things I've ever done ... part of what is scary is the money! I don't have a huge amount of money saved and I'm going to need to earn money soon and I have no clue how it is going to happen - HOWEVER -- I trust that I will create financial abundance very soon and I have faith that all of my needs will… Continue

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I'm changing my story and releasing distractions - week 2 update!

Its been 2 weeks since I've left NYC not sure how long this countdown will be the start of my weekly updates. Maybe a MONTH as I did live there for almost 16yrs of my life. I'm still in a daze that I actually left. I'm giving myself permission to adjust ... giving ourselves time is so important!!

For as long as i can remember, I told this story, 'it was my life long dream to move to NYC and I did!" Whenever speaking to my NYC friend, I would be part of the group that said, "I will… Continue

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Monday Morning Reminders!!!

Here's The Thought For The Week of April 26th 2010:…


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Right at this moment, I'm safe so what can I do to enjoy it?!

I made a phone call in to Sonia Choquette's Hay House Radio show today "Trust your Vibes' and I got to speak to her!! She told me my spirit guide Angelee, a Native American. I just looked up the meaning: "messenger; messenger of… Continue

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40 days of Season 2 - WOOHOO!!

I'm really starting to feel a shift in the way my creative voice is supposed to be. I think the key is the word "BE" -- I've given myself an amazing gift with this choice I made.

I'm being very aware of that voice that is trying to make me RUSH thru

the days --- each day is it's own experiment - art project - adventure

- celebration of my life --- and to really be in a place to feel this

is so…


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Day 38 of Season 2 was a good one!

"Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before. It is

the inner commitment to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams that

triggers the support of the universe."
- Joseph Campbell

It's almost 12 hours since I made my daily video blog and I knew I would feel a lot different…

Added by Joanne Morton on April 21, 2010 at 9:50pm — 1 Comment

How Your Mind Controls Your Focus Your Choices and Your Experience!

This morning something happened in my experience and a light bulb went on - it was a reminder of how powerful thoughts can be in directing our behaviour. Really this is not the most interesting story - I was simply sitting at my computer and had intended to open up Internet explorer as one would ordinarily do if intending to go online.

In the split second between my initial intention of intending to open explorer and then choosing that - my mind started thinking of…

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the cards I pulled today

these are various hay house cards I pull to help keep the "wow" in my life...AND...

"I now go beyond other people's fear's and limitations" - louise hay, power thought cards

It is my mind that creates my experiences. I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life

"Connect" - cheryl richardson,… Continue

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Dear Mom!

Dear Mom,

I love you too and I miss you. Thank you for thinking about me.

We are doing very well, and I feel blessed that the girls are living with me at this time. They are thriving - their hair is growing, and they are gaining weight, interacting with their peers and developing their individual personalities. Rakhiyah got A's and B's and only 1 C this quarter in school, and you should hear all of the wonderful things her teachers say about her: she's compassionate, hard… Continue

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