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S4 D1/100 New season baby!!!

Yaay to season 4!!! Its my favorite number!!!


"I am healthy in every aspect of my being". Has been an affirmation that has been repeated throughout the day.


Love and appreciation to you all!!!

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S3 D50/100

Now I am half way thought my season! One of my goals is to immerse myself in music and I did just that today. I relaxed and listened to some nice music. It was mostly Cpop and some Jordin sparks.

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S3 D49/100

WOW! almost half way through my third season. I have to say that I got kinda side tracked. But things have got better. When I woke this morning I spent an hour connecting with god/source. It was a great feeling. Tomorrow I will have more to say. I will blog everyday until the end of the season.

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S3 D14/100

Letting go and living life! It looks like my intentions keep changing. Thats nothing new lol anyways...

So far:

Listened to audio of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

manifested $25

have been meeting creative people (mostly musicians)

Im really getting into Michael Losier, he really does make things simple. I woke up with a song about his question "so what do you want?". I might finish it today





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S3 D1/100

For this month I will


prepare simple whole food meals

use natural products on hair and skin

go out in nature

listen and read Korean text

renew permit

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S3 D0/100 Season 3 goals

These are my goals for season 3

Some of the same from the other seasons


Health and wellness
drivers license
Website business
Simple conversation in Korean



meditation and visualization

feeling good and relaxation

"I love and appreciate myself exactly as I am"

"I love and appreciate my body"

"I love and appreciate being one with all"

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Amazing, wonderful, incredible Feeling!!!

Today I only did EFT. I feel I need to do less of my spiritual rituals and do more letting go and facing my fears.

I felt down, frustrated and had alittle cry. It felt good to let it out. I dont allow my feelings to come out much. I felt better afterwards. I have been letting go more and for the past 2 days I have been dancing to some great dance music.

I had a realization earlier that I am getting closer and closer to the man I want to have in my life because of the guys that…


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S2 D100

I accomplished my goal of participating more on social sites. Im glad I participated here more this season. Ive joined some great groups on FB as well.

I manifested a few things:

  • Fuchsia BlackBerry Curve 8520(this one really had me going whoa!!!)
  • Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting: 126 Proven Techniques for Writing Songs That Sell by Robin Frederick
  • free online on my BB for a month
I would have liked to accomplished more goals. But overall things… Continue

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S2 D83

Hi co-creators,

Will be trying something out and seeing if I want to start it as a part-time business. Moving forward with my life even with the fear of the unknown.

The master key system group is doing the master key system backwards. So were on chapter 24. Its a cool idea. I did the meditation without moving for 15 mins from chapter 1 for 2 days. I did pretty well with it. Still moved but not a whole lot. I didnt do it today, just didnt feel like it. I do feel I need to do… Continue

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S2 D80 Getting with the happy!

Hi Co-creators,

Today was a good day. I did EFT and watched some funny youtube videos. Laughed until I cried... felt great! I started the master key system today. I feel this is the right time to do it. I will be watching Oprah on DVR, its about medical miracles.

I just want to say by paying attention to how I feel. I find that its not hard for me to not drink pop or eat alot of sweets. I hardly even think about eating unless im actually hungry. Cause im not feeling down or… Continue

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S2 D78 green smoothie and getting happy

Lastnight I had my first green smoothie and another one today. The greensmoothie turned out better today. I will be doing more experimenting. This week I will be aware of my thoughts, how I feel, and just being happy!!! I plan on looking for a part-time job that I enjoy soon too. Im watching Ironman 2 tonight!!!

I love and appreciate my blender. (Finally a blender that works well and was a great price!)

I love and appreciate my family

I love and appreciate my friends

I love… Continue

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S2 D68 NKTOB, BSB, Sade tours and exercise

I knew of NKOTB but i didnt know much until 1999 and I bought their greatest hits.By the way I am a Jon girl with Donnie tendencies lol . So when I found out NKOTB and BSB were touring together I was excited. Also today found out Sade will be touring. I grew up with my parents playing her music. I dont know if I will go to any of the concerts but just hearing the announcements made me happy.

Yesterday I exercised for the first time in awhile. Unless you count dancing around for 10… Continue

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Dont be alarmed. I just changed my name from Keonna to Oshuna. I wanted a change. Oshun is a goddess I like and I just put an "a" at the end. That is all.

Dont be alarmed. I just changed my name from Keonna to Oshuna. I wanted a change. Oshun is a goddess I like and I just put an "a" at the end. That is all.

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S2 D59

Hi co-creators,

I recently reconnected with family members and old friends. It was great catching up with them. I wanted to have more of a social life and thats what I got. All the things I have been doing to get into the vortex has just been working wonders. Less stress more relaxation Yaaay! Self-love, Wellness, Happiness, Joy, and Positivity.

Love and blessings to you all!!!

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S2 D56 release and relief

I have been feeling I have been holding on to something that has been blocking me. I have been using EFT it has been working very well for me. I want to release the fear and worries I hold on to. And put positive thoughts in. I want to move forward. Toward release and relief, I go!

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S2 D52 Thinking and imagining first

Yesterday I watched a few of the shows I had on DVR and did a weightloss hypnosis. The hypnosis gave me more motivation toward health.

I still feel like im forcing things. I want to change that habit because it just makes things less pleasant to do and puts pressure on me. I must remember,let go and allow. Also go toward less resistance. I will be doing more visualization, journaling and taking inspired actions.

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S2 D50

Hi co-creators,

I'm half way through my season 2. Things have gone well. So far it has been more about getting align with my desires. I have started journaling my life as if im already living the life that I want to live. It has been great. Getting closer and closer to what I want.

My second day of doing walking and sitting meditation has been calming my mind and keeping me in the moment. I'm letting go and allowing more.

Peace, love, many blessings to you… Continue

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S2 D47

These few says have been going well. I released 3 pounds from my body yaaay!!! Im drinking more water but

need to start exercising. I will be doing that first thing in the

morning and drink a green smoothie.

Yesterday I looked into meditations. I really want to have a more calm mind and more focus. Today I did a walking and sitting meditation. I was also more mindful(aware) to stay in the present moment. I had more concentration and didnt drift to daydreaming. Im very happy… Continue

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S2 D43 Woke up with excitement!!!

Hi Co-creators

I hope everyone is having a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian co-creators! Its 10-10-10, how cool is that??!!!

I woke up excited about today. I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to. I am taking the steps I need to live the life I want while being grateful for everything I have. With this more positive outlook I have started to participate here more and comment more. I still get that voice in my head that says you dont have anything… Continue

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S2 D41

Im just feeling good today. Last night I read a download about love on David Allen's blog. I was in a negative mood. After reading that chapter on Love it snapped me out of it. It was like I had this new understanding about life, like some kind of a shift. Also got back to doing ho'oponopono.

I will be giving my dad the books "think and grow rich" and "the science of getting rich" since he has a flea-market business… Continue

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