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3 years after I left my apartment in NYC ... wow!

Well, I am writing my first blog post in my new home ... actually on a lease and have utilities in my name.  This is the first time since I left my East Village home that I have my own space!  It feels really surreal.   I have moved around so much in the past few years, it really hasn't sunk in that I have a place I can finally set down roots with room to grow!   It feels so good to have been patient with finding a place to live & work because as I've come to understand,  things appear…


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D98-S8 - Resting is IMPORTANT!!

I can't stress more to anyone who might be reading this ... (including myself when I re-read!!) -- IT is so important to rest your physical and mental body. As I write this you would think this is common sense and a "no brainer" however, I know that so many people really do over work their bodies. Let's take lessons from the dogs!!! They rest so easily!!



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memorial day blue skies - season 8


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Mountains inspire big thoughts!

Posted on by trickydame…


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staying present: allow-feel-live

Its time once again to remind myself to stay PRESENT !! However, sometimes its kinda interesting to remember where you’ve been to see exactly where you are!!

… since I began this journey, I’ve had to really strengthen my courage to keep walking down paths where there is light — I just don’t know what’s beyond the light. Its easier some days than others.

Here’s a blog post…


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bay area gratitude...

I have been sharing gratitude lists since 2004 with a group of women ... as many of us know, its important to find gratitude in all that we do - having some moments of "what's next" and having an attitude of gratitude really does help find/create the answer!  Affirmations help too!!

here is the one I wrote today ...

I am grateful for being in the Bay Area

I am grateful for having a nice place to spend time/work through the creative block

I am grateful it was really easy…


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Gratitude is REALLY Magic!! (day 4/ S8)

I am grateful that Dragonflies and Trains have been following me on this journey!

I am grateful that I am allowing myself to share gratitude on my blog/website

I am grateful that I have been writing and sharing gratitude since 2004 and have seen the difference it makes by writing and sharing

I am…


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day 2 - season 8!

Writing a post in a cafe on a saturday afternoon feels good!

Especially after a very productive day

taking care of business and

reaching out to potential partners.

Taking time to breathe, stretch and meditate also feels good – -

it doesn’t take that much effort … YOU HAVE THE TIME TO FEEL GOOD!

I am a master manifestor and asking for what I need comes easily to me!

All that is mine will not pass me by!!…


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RECAP of my Past 7 seaons!!

In Season One (MAGIC) (12/01/09-03/10/10) my intention was to relax in the flow of being a full time artist - which I am being right now!

I allowed my Magic to help make a big change!

Season Two (PASSION) (03/15/10 - 06/22/10) - I took the leap of faith in myself and began to Live my life as a Full Time Artist as a spiritual being. I made some "human plans' however through Divine Guidance I was guided to Tybee Island, GA. I felt my Passion and it guided me to be able live…


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DAY 100 - Season 7 - FEELS GOOD!!!

Remembering to FEEL GOOD!


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Day 83/Season 7 - 28 days on the road!!!

28 Days on the road…


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Occupy Gratitude!!! Day 60 - Season 7!!!


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Manifesting Every Day on the MPL-USA ART TOUR!!!

Last Friday, I was sitting in the Jacksonville Public Library using the free wifi! I love libraries! That one was really nice — very bright and cheery!! It was a few hours before the General Assembly at the Occupy Jacksonville. I invited them to add their positive intentions to the Mass Manifesting Mobile. Visiting my 2nd Occupy site has been quite heart warming. Getting to know other citizens who are willing to work together to figure out…


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Day 3 of the MPL-USA Art Tour…

Day 3 of the MPL-USA Art Tour…

I am currently…


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Choosing to be fearless!

Its day 3 in 2012 and two weeks before I get on the road again to travel with my art project. This is one of the most surreal things I’ve ever done in my life because I’m really allowing my life to become my art project. Traveling to different places is very exciting at the same time I need to stay aligned with my Spirit. No matter where I go – I will always have what ever I…


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01/01/2012 - Day 40 of Season 7!!!

Well, the wait is finally over, we are in the year 2012!

What is going to happen?!

No one knows – who ever does?!

What I do know is what I’ve learned this past year and its been year of LEARNING!!

Learning to “let go”

Learning to “feel good” even when I’m scared

Learning to “forgive myself & others”

Learning to “receive”

Learning to “allow magic”

Learning to “feel passion”

Learning to “live love”

Learning how to be a…


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Day 13- Season 7 and so far so good!!!!

When I started SEASON 7 - I was thinking I was going to video blog more -- this hasn't happen yet however, I'm not going to beat myself up!   This Season is the Season for me to acknowledge what isn't working, let it go and move towards what is WORKING!!    Taking it day by day!! 

What I have accomplished is finishing my book - Trickydame's Guide to the Universe.  I'm getting my first copy this week!!   I'll be making a video when this happens!!  In the meantime, here's my…


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Taking the next step is sometimes scary…

As many of us know — how we feel really is a choice. How we feel when we start to move out of our comfort zones can sometimes be scary — there is a great saying “Feel the FEAR and do it anyways”. Ever since I’ve left my life in New York City, I’ve been saying this a lot!!! AND Its been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!

It was my choice to let go of my apartment/my full time job so whenever I start getting down on myself &/or situation, I remind…


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Book is done!!

I am very excited to announce the first edition of TRICKYDAME'S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE is finished!!

This is one of the things I wanted to complete during the 7th Season ... and today is day 7!! I feel so good that I actually got this done ... now the next part is to promote & sell!! I can do this ... I am doing this!!


Its available in magazine print format and/or digital !…


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here's one of my daily inspirational emails I get ...

"Allow my thoughts of

wealth and abundance

to give rise to all that

I know I deserve - and

to manifest both wealth

and abundance for me."

~ by Eleesha,

Author of - Secrets and Inspirations for Life: Unleash Your Inner Power Today…


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