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Season 4 Day 8 *huge update*

So I just have to write about this newest proof of LoA in effect.  I was focusing all my enery on winning the dream home I mentioned in my last blog post, and a couple of days ago, when they did the draw for Early Bird prizes, we won not only one, but two extra tickets for the Final Draw which has millions of dollars worth of prizes!!


I am so floored!! I really just saw it as proof of LoA, because I was certain we were going to win an extra ticket, but two, seriously that…


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Season 4 Day 5

So, today I am really working on attracting wealth and abundance.  We've purchased tickets for a dream home, and I am doing all I can to visualize myself in that house.  I am picturing myself in the rooms, using the furniture featured, making plans with what to do with everything long term.


My husband and I are lucky. He wins lotteries all the time, and I have not one doubt that we;re going to hit the jackpot at some point.  Right now I want to put this luck and all of my…


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Season 4 Day 1

I am starting season 4 with some MAJOR intention.  I've been doing well in my life, and so many things continue to improve.  I am feeling physically better than I have in a long time, and my motivation is ever increasing.


We've been planning to buy our first home, and we're in the stage where all the freaking out happens...I…


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So 100 days later..

I think I'm late with an update. I haven't had internet access for this whole challenge, so I've not been blogging a lot. I am happy to say that I'm going to get internet this week, and will blogging much more regularly for this new challeneg that starts tomorrow.

This challenge was great, even though I wasn't blogging much this time, and didn't feel as connected as I wanted to, I managed to get almost all of my goals accomplished or surpassed.

I feel great about where…


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Season 2 day 69? ( I can't count lol)

I am SO happy right now. My goals are all almost accomplished. I believe I helped my husband get his new job! We recieved news today that he got it! I am so happy and confident with the future, and feeling like there's nothing I can't do.

I've been keeping up wioth my gratitude journal, accomplishing my housework and diet goals, as well as other little things I am working on.

This week my main goal is to start training my new kitten. He's such a little monster…


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Season 2 Day 56

I rewrote my page in a way that I feel is more positive and current, rather than in a future tense.

Everything is going so great right now, better than expected even. I've finished school and did really really well in my courses. Even getting 100% on one exam. My house is coming together perfectly, and we now have our amazing bedroom set that we've been waiting on. My bedroom is gorgeous.

I've been writing in my gratitude journal nightly, and got a beautiful journal to do… Continue

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Season 2 day 43

I'm so pumped! Everything is pretty much great right now. My goals are on track.

My husband and I have been spending a lot of time together just focusing on our life together. I feel we're closer than we've ever been. We got a new kitten a few weeks ago, and are having fun watching him grow like a weed before our eyes. Kittens sure are great for laughs.

I've been getting a lot more sleep than usual, and although I still feel tired most days, I know that it is an… Continue

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Season 2, Day 13

So, things have gone great with the move, my new house is coming along great, and now my husband is interviewing for a great job tomorrow,

I am feeling like I own the world, and like together, he and I are unstoppable. I have no doubt he'll get the job tomorrow. It will change everything for us.

I am feeling good. 'Looking forward to school this week, my mother in law's b-day on the 18th, and then hopping on a bus to go visit my fav cousin and acquire some new crystals,… Continue

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Season 2, Day 7

So I'm almost completely moved in to my new home, still lots of little things to get done, but feeling great.

I am not getting much sleep, but that's to be expected, especially since we have to get used to all the new sounds at

I am feeling hopeful and positive, and can't wait to see the final result when everything is finished in the new place.

A side note is that the house has great acoustics :) That'll go far in getting my singing goal… Continue

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Day 1 Season 2

Feeling excited to start a new challenge, and this time I am going to be more successful than I was in the last one, I have added several new goals to my list, and think I have started on an even more positive note than the last time.

I am going to be moving into a new home soon, within 3 weeks we should be settled. I am SO excited to move on, and start fresh. We've been lucky enough to be able to buy all new furniture, and practically everything else a house could need all new, and… Continue

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Day 17. Really?

Either my sense of time is completely off these days, or I can't count. I seems like I have been at this A LOT longer than 17 days. * you are now entering the twilight zone*

I don't have a whole lot to report. I've been ill the last couple of weeks, so have only been able to work on a few of my goals. I was getting a little down about this, but now that I see I am only 17 days in, I am going to worry about it less.

I have been eating much better. I am averaging about 2… Continue

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Day 5. I am off to such a great start!

I've been offline the last few days. I'm spending time with my family, and getting some of my goals underway.

I am excited to be able to say that I've started a quilt...a real from scratch quilt. It is a first for me, but I am already hooked! I'm learning how to use my new sewing machine for this project, and WOW, I LOVE IT!!

I've also been eating better than I was, though still not 3 meals a day..I am pleased I've made progress. I've been going to bed earlier, and rising… Continue

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Perfect Beauty

I'm posting this blog as a reminder to myself, that although the days are dark and dreary right now, there are sunny days ahead. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it is only too easy to let myself continue this way. I have taken to hibernating, only getting out of my house one day per week.

Now I am extremely sensitive to cold, but it is no excuse. I have to start getting out more, getting some freash air, and embracing life instead… Continue

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Day 2...slow start, but happy anyway!

Today is day two, and I did well. I ate three meals, took my vitamins, got lots of housework done.

I even made it out of the house despite subzero temperatures.

The one thing I didn't do was get up at 8 am...I actually got up at 11:30. I am also clearly not in bed yet, and it is 4 am. I can handle that.

I feel as though I am off to a good start, despite not getting my sleeping goal accomplished for today. I am excited to see what coming days bring, and I look forward… Continue

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Day 1

So, today is day one. I am going to do this, really do it.I am going to start by outlining a daily routine that I'm going to follow for the hundred days.

It will go something like this.

8 AM wake up. Consider how I feel, and think positively about my upcoming day. Throwing open the curtains and temperature permitting, the window will be my first action.

8:15-8:30 drink a full glass of water while starting the kettle for tea. Feed the cats and sit out in the livingroom with… Continue

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