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Season 2 Day 67

Warning if your down or things are not going well with you then please do not read this, I have to get it off my chest or else something will happen.

Hmm I'm not really sure where to start this from but let me tell you something about my current situation, I have been trying to get done with some exams for few years now its all my fault I'm not blaming anyone for what I'm in right now at alll.

I have been sponsor by an institute that pays for my expenses without this… Continue

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Season 2 Day 53


I have been finding it really difficult to get on this site and blog! I feel that at my second season I should've accomplish more than what I did already (which is not much to start with) but I know in my heart that I feel better and I guess thats what matter the most!


There is alot to tell you guys, but I will start with the gym experience, I'm an overweight person that NEVER ever worked out before, walking an hour SLOWLY was my workout and that was whenever…


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Season 2 Day 42


Today was a great day comparing to what I have been having for the last few weeks, I find out that segment intending is a great thing to do when I kept remembering to renew my intention with every new segment of my day it went just as great as I want it to go but later in the day I start living my day be default and whatever other people intention so I wasted time BUT for the most part it was a great productive day.


I'm feeling a little down again so I will go get in…


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Season 2 Day 41



Seriously I have no idea whats wrong with me! I'm just SOOOO DOWN! I need to go back to listen to Hicks audios to lift my spirit this is not happening! I'm doing nothing and everything is going wrong, I have no idea why I'm just down I have been there for few weeks already and I'm very strong at manifesting bad things these days I just have to think about it and BOOM its happening its horrible hehehe


In a way I wished yesterday was the end of life on planet…


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Season 2 Day 27


It was bad two weeks for me, I was very sad, down and not motivated to do anything in my life, my Birthday is taking place in a little over two months and I feel like nothing is changing, of course thats not true there are alot of good changes but its all small stuff nothing major, not the stuff that I want it, its no one's fault its totally mine, I'm not working hard on anything I'm just escaping all the reality and do things that are not even close to be priority in my…


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Season 2 Day 18


There is alooot to tell that happened in the few passed days, first I realized that I'm a great manifestor I wanted extra cash and I got it, I have been thinking about starting to work out and specificly running and I got a formal invitation to a 10 K marathon (which I will walk because I didn't get to practice for that yet) and it was paid for, my friends joined the gym and asked me to go with them for a day just to check it out because I never ever worked out in my life and they…


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Season 2 day 13


It was a sad day! I have no idea why was that! but I kept crying about things that I can't change or things that happened in the past maybe I needed that cry to wash away all these feelings from my heart! nothing is serious though I think its hormonal lol but I end up having long conversation with mom (she rocks) I felt bad for her after that though because I know I was going to feel better and she will be felt with alot of thoughts!!! ooh well life goes on, now I'm going to enjoy…


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Season 2 Day 12


Today I was still feeling a little weak but not too weak like the day before, so I decided I will write "M" then I realized that no matter what he will get hurt to let it go, I decided not to write him.


After that little story with "M" I started to get worried about me LOL what if someone else does that to me! in my life experience whatever I did to others comes back to become a reality in MY life, more like I keep switching rules with people at times! ooh well I…


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Season 2 Day 11


I was feeling weak all day, I end up sleeping and taking care of my self, felt better by the end of the day, but I got this email from "M" saying that he can respect that, but he asked me to tell him why I thought we are not good match if that doesn't make uncomfortable! I wanted to think about it a little so I don't have to go telling him things that might hurt his feelings but since I wasn't feeling well I wasn't able to think, I thought waiting a day won't hurt…


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Season 2 Day 10


I feel sad, I just wrote "M" telling him we are not a good match, I hope he will not feel hurt or anything like that because he is an awesome guy and I'm sure he will find someone who would die to be with him sooner than later but I can't help feeling sad!

I was planning to work on my love list tonight but i will do it when I'm feeling happy and energized not tonight.

Today was a waste of time, I didn't do anything beside cleaning my place, I feel soo bored of…


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Season 2 Day 9


I end up going to pick up my document, it was very pleasent and fast, then I decided to do some grocery shopping since I have nothing to eat at home, now that took my whole day hehehe well not my whole day but more than the couple of hours I thought it needed, came home made an awesome lunch then sat checked my email to find a rejection from one of the places that I applied for the job opening that they had, I'm not disappointed because obviously there will be rejections in order to…


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Season 2 Day 8


Very productive day got study done, was online for a very long time trying to find a job and applied for few I know someone is going to accept me soon so that felt great too, now I need is great night of sleep then I'm start beautiful productive tomorrow, lots of love and light for everyone.

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Season 2 Day 7


Today was a beautiful beautiful day I was living it in the Vortex very refreshing makes me feel like the world is mine :D


I decided to release I.Z with love and blissing and I'm sure the right person will show up at least he was kind enough AND I really believe he came into my life at this time to be an inspiration for me more than anything else because I admire what he did so far giving his age and what he went through will send him positive thoughts…


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Season 2 Day 6


I realized that when the weather is rainy or gloomy that affects my mood! so this is something to work on, it was a rainy day all day, I couldn't believe that its spring already, got home after class, wanted to study but end up doing everything but that hehehe ooh well tomorrow is a great new day.

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Season 2 Day 5


I end up going shopping with my friend I feel great about getting all these nice clothess I even got two suits for work! I'm allowing this job to come to me effortlessly and smoothly :D


I got a call from my friend brother tonight, was very pleasent conversation he broke the news of his sister might be getting married soon in few months ( she has been in this relationship for few years now) I was soo happy to hear that but kept me thinking when is my turn to be in a…


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Season 2 Day 4


it was a GREAT day my studies were over the top, the weather was extremly pleasent and I feel super happy :D can't wait for tomorrow


much and much of love and light to everyone

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Season 2 Day 3


So I'm still in this I don't feel like reading AT ALLLLLLLL and I can't keep this up so if you guys have any suggestions to kick my procrastination habbit once and forever I will grateful.


I end up talking to a friend of mine today she is expecting soon in matter of weeks so she is behind in her exams too hehehe then we talked about a girl we both know (shes more of her friend) I always admired that girl she was someone who is very focus, fashionist, sweet, funny,…


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Season 2 Day 2


Today was nice I didn't feel like studying at all so I end up taking this day off, I was catching up on some of my favorite shows hehehe watching all these cute guys did me well :D


One thing about today though I'm really getting impatient about meeting my soulmate, I wish he appears sooner than later because it will be very nice to have him in my life at this point.


Another thing I have been thinking alot about a research job that I applied too! I…


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Season 2 Day 1


It was beautiful weather here today, I'm not sure if that had to do something with my mood or its just the feeling or fresh new start :)


my day was uneventful, but I did study, I didn't finish everything I intended to do but I put my heart into what I did, I could've done more if I didn't end up wasting time like I did but its over and tomorrow is a new day :)


My goals for this 100 days challenge is to:


Meditate daily

Renew my…


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Ending of Season 1


Hi everyone,


I see that my inbox has few new emails that I didn't check yet! but will do as soon as I finish this blog, I logged back to the site after looooonnnnnggggg time, I'm happy to be back, when I started to count the days to figure out what day am I in! I realized that Season 1 is over! made me feel a little disappointed because I didn't get to accomplish everything I wanted too (more realistic I didn't accomplish anything) I feel like I just started to get…


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