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Life is rough sometimes

I decided to quit all my jobs and sell/give away everything i had and left Maui a month ago to Come to Costa Rica with someone i trusted and Loved, in order to help him chase his dream. Since i got here 12 days ago, I got Robbed by strangers and also by the guy who called himself a friend to us. My man abandoned me and my heart is broke. Now i'm on my own waiting for the date i can finally fly back to a place where I'm safe and truly being cared for and about. Trying my best with all my…


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Day 20!!!

Wow I had a lot happening again and it felt good to disconnect from the computer for a little while. I'm still not done with that disconnection! lol My DAD got to Maui and I will have a week off! I am committed to lots of fun and joy!!! :)

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Day 12

So First of all I want to start this post positively and speak out my deepest gratitude, which I have for the existence of this website and online community! Thank you, my lovely co-creators for being interested in journeying and supporting and sharing with each other.

Unfortunately I had a few really challenging days(which is why i din't do much online). I had been very sensitive, emotional, felt weak and lonesome and at my wits end concerning my relationship that I brought…


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Day 8

After going through two challenging days, I woke up again in a funk because of the wild and dragging dreams that I keep experiencing...

This last one is just way too much to write did leave me with this really heavy stomach and heart about my boyfriend(again)...

Other than the things that I'm going through with my relationship, I think I'm doing alright...

I have had an AMAZING experience yesterday, which I want to make a vlog about. I was looking for woods, on…


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Day 4

Yay! I managed to upload a vid finally! :P

besides that:

With the full moon and all, I've been having the wildest dreams again lately. last night I was wondering through this maze of nature and parallel states of reality and time frames in timelessness and I've experienced multiple things and personas at the same time! This is not unusual for me...

I have been dealing with my womb a lot lately, since I suspect having Myoma (which my mom had severely to the point where…


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Day 3

So I started my first season on January 8th, and i was sure i was going to have a vlog on it by now, but for some reason it's not ligning up... i attempted twice now and the first time the sound of my 10 min vlog was off. the second time it cut me off cuz my battery died and then i wasn't able to find a good video editing program to make it work. i spent 4 hours on my pc, dealing with it and had no result besides frustration...oh well, today i just hung out with some friends after work and…


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My Ideal and Perfect Job

My ideal job:

I will be crafting and creating in many ways with many mediums, programs and colors.

I will be traveling and interacting with indigenous and local spiritual people all over the world. There will be a lot of change and new things and stages, all of the time. The total OPPOSITE of repetition, colorlessness and boredom.…


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