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Ready to Conquer Friday!

Today is Friday, November 8th. I woke up earlier than usual and did some workout routines that I found online. The workout was short, but I know that it's the beginning of a longer daily routine that I'll implement.

I begin this day (and end) with an awareness of how my body feels, and how the ideal Elle would treat her body. I am that Elle already, so I treat my body with respect and gratitude.

Another thing that I'm grateful for today, is this beautiful online community…


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Date & Job Interview

First date with my possible prince charming tonight --> correction: date with my prince charming today (remove all doubt).

We will have a splendid time over some good food and drinks.

Also! Job interview tomorrow. I will do spectacular. Definitely more nervous for this than date though. haha but I will be fine. correct?

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Tranquil and Easy Living

I am tranquil. I get everything done with ease, and I feel joyful whenever I finish or accomplish anything.

Life is good. I have time for friends and social events outside of school.

I feel wonderful. Mentally, physically, emotionally - I'm as light as a feather.

And I might not always have a smile on my face, but I am smiling internally, just thinking about how amazing my life is.

Positivity your way.

<3, Elle

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Amour: just when I was about to forget about it.


Like I said previously, I got an okcupid account at the start of this year. I tried it out for a while, but then decided to deactivate it last week. I wasn’t meeting anyone interesting, and I told myself that I just have too much other work to focus on. One guy who I was barely talking to on there, happened to send me his number right before I pressed the “deactivate” button. I figured I would text him – why not. So I took down his number and then proceeded to text him. I…


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Thrilled for a New Semester

New Semester= New Opportunities

Thoughts on the way back to school:

Strength and Serenity. Those are two words that I have decided to pay special attention to this semester. I had a lot of drama in my personal life last semester, especially towards the end. I have decided to clear my mind of all of that this semester. I choose to be at peace: mentally and spiritually.

My three-week winter vacation presented me with the opportunity to take a step back from everything that…


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Things accomplished today:

1. Submitted my first job application (Teach for America!)

I hear back on January 17th when (not if) I'll be informed that I have made it to the second round of the interview process.

2. I had an informational interview with a law student. I learned a lot of useful information. We began to discuss my interest in civil rights and civil liberties, and he sent me a link about a panel discussion tomorrow in DC dealing with detainee rights - a topic…


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Question for You! - Coping

 When you find yourself getting stressed and sinking into negative feelings, what do you do to turn that around and start thinking positively again?

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!


- Elle

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Deep Breaths

I'm facing many new challenges this year. Aside from having to focus on my academics, and trying to stay afloat in a rigorous academic setting, I also have additional concerns. My most important concern this year besides getting good grades, is finding a job by the time I graduate (may). Ideally, I'll find a job where I won't have to live at home and commute. Every time I mention that I'm applying out of state, my parents get upset at me. My father is insistent that I stay at home and…


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No Stringing People Along

Yesterday I finally ended my romantic involvement with a girl. I had told her a few times that I had just wanted to be friends, but she would always try to win me over. So I finally put my foot down and underscored that I only want to be friends. She finally understood.

I didn't see any point in being romantically involved with someone if the feeling had faded for me. It wasn't fair to myself, or her. I wish her the best though.

So yesterday's thought: I have control over which…


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I am THAT woman.

Law of attraction rule #1:

You already have what you want.

Meaning...I'm not becoming that woman I already envisioned. I already AM that woman.

It's all about perspective right?

I feel beautiful, empowered, and ready to take on any challenge.

Sending positive vibes your way!



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Moving forward

Regardless of what happens, I need to keep focused on moving forward. All my actions, my words, my thoughts, need to be geared towards and in line with the woman who I envision myself to be.

I want hobbies- actual things that I can tell people I enjoy doing when they ask me what I'm good at or what I do in my free time. I've spent so much of time and energy focusing on my academics- which obviously isn't a bad thing and will get me far in life. But by focusing too much on one thing,…


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