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Season 2, Day 97

I have a universe inside me

Where I can go and spirit guides me

There I can ask oh any question

I get the answers if I listen

I have a healing room inside me

The loving healers there they feed me

They make me happy with their laughter

They kiss and tell me I'm their daughter

I'm their daughter

They say

You have a little voice inside you

It doesn't matter who you think you may be

You're not free if you don't know me

If you don't…


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Season 2, Day 76

Ok, unfortunately coming from a feeling of fear today more so than love and it just shows me how difficult it is to act when we are out of alignment with our true selves.

Focusing on breathing in the love and allowing what is.  Recognising that there is no drama in my life, it's only my thoughts.  I can master these thoughts, I know they do  not master me.  I can set them free into the Universe and love the me that is present underneath these thoughts.

My dilemma is I've been…


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Season 2, Day 71

More changes happening in my life and I'm doing my best to allow them...continue to breath true self. 

I have had a difficult time in the past with men and as a result have been very wary even of casual dating.  I have a habit of creating blocks so that I never pursue or allow myself to be pursued for a date...

So with this season's theme being about allowing I have started dating someone who I quite like!   Most of the time I am relaxed about it but sometimes my ego gets the…


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Season 2, Day 65

Full of gratitude for today.  I felt anxious this morning because I had an important meeting with a funder today, I was going into the meeting on my own and I was feeling the pressure of a busy week.  I am grateful for the tools I have learned recently that help me support myself so that anxiety doesn't take over.  I was able to observe my behaviour and to stay with the discomfort of it and to be compassionate towards myself and to give meself love.  It really helped to breathe into the…


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Season 2, Day 64

Just watched Lilou's interview with Christine Eilvig.  This interview really rang true for me, what a reminder on the importance of letting go, embracing it all and trusting that what is going on is making way for something better to come into your life.  Thank you Lilou and thank you Christine, sending you much love <3

My intention for this week is to manifest greater recognition of the work that I do from my Board and that this is translated into a pay increase.  I choose to see…


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Season 2, Day 63

Ok, back to allowing...funny how this keeps coming up as one of my main themes this season!

One area that I wish to focus on is to allow love into my life, it is something that I have struggled with and it still is an area that my ego is blocking.  I have started to date a lovely boy who seems to be really interested in me.  I am enjoying spending time with him.  I am doing my best to allow it and to enjoy it but I can hear my ego being super critical of him which is so unfair.  I see…


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Season 2 Day 61 - Allowing

Good evening fellow co-creators, this is a very busy season and I haven't been writing here but I am meeting my other commitments of this season.  It's amazing to observe the difference in my life between this season and the last.  The last few years were tough for me and I fought life so hard, I resisted what life was presenting to me because I wanted it to be different, it didn't meet what I had planned for myself.  Season 1 was about transformation, about letting go old habits and…


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I have a new computer yay!!!  Looking forward to checking in with you guys more regularly now, I'll have to figure out what day of this challenge I am on!  I hope you're being all you can be today and loving yourself for just that.

Today I had the privilege to be present at a concert for Aung San Suu Kyi in Dublin.  This lady is a lesson in grace that we can all learn from.  Having being under house arrest for almost 20 years she is making her first visit to the West in 25 years.  She…


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Season 2, Day 38

Good evening Divine Co-Creators, it's been a while :) Lovely to read your blog posts and to get inspiration from all that you bring to this site.  This season has been completely different from my last.  While I haven't been blogging here, I have been meditating daily and journaling.  I'm manifesting a computer in the next two weeks and I'm looking forward to being able to check in here more regularly.  I feel like I am in a much different space now and I am really grateful for all the tools…


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Season 2 Day 2

Feeling the dynamic power of the sacral chakra, choosing expansion over contraction, pushing myself far out of my comfort zone and loving it! Learning loads and receiving big insights, sending love to all :)

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Season 2 - Day 1

Woohoo super excited to be back for another season, I am full of anticipation for the possibilities that will manifest over the next 100 days.  I feel the lightness of the trust in all that is going to manifest for me in this season.  I bring joy to this season, I bring gratitude, I bring delight.  I feel the murmers of change bubbling in the atmosphere, I have faith that I will be guided towards the right path for the good of my higher self.  I definitely feel the shift in my vibration…


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Confused, need some advice please?

Hello lovely co-creators, I'm in between seasons at the moment and gearing up to start my second season in a few days.  I have been thinking about practices and have become a bit confused by the manifestation process V visualisations.

There is a particular person I would like to meet again.  Is it best to visualise our meeting or is it best to say a prayer and offer it up to the universe?  I'm confused as I have heard that it is better to not attach to the outcome which I feel is what…


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DAY 100!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all the co-creators who started this journey on the 1st January, we did it :)

100 Days of Awareness, of conscious living, of's been an interesting trip and I'm proud of myself for committing to my practices for 100 days.  Reflecting on my initial goals for this challenge I have seen that some of them I achieved and some I didn't.  But the lesson I have taken away from this is the importance of intention, of mindful living and of listening to my…


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DAY 96

Thank you for this day, and so it is xxx

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DAY 95

Ommmmmmmmmmm just back from a chakra balancing workshop with Tibetan Singing felt really good, we concentrated on the root and crown chakra this evening.  I really enjoyed the workshop, I felt fully connected to my breath, I felt in a different space.  The facilitator also invited us to pick an angel card, the card I selected was Acceptance and the message was I need to see myself as the beautiful light being that my angels see me as.  Acceptance of self is a big theme for me so I…


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DAY 94

Woop final week of my first season.  I love the energy and connection that comes from these pages.  It's great to see all those who started this challenge on New Years Day entering the final stages of their challenge.  To see the journey we have all been on and the commitment we have made to ourselves.

For this final week I am making an extra special effort to take care of myself.  I am getting good sleep and eating well and I am hoping to take an annual leave day to give myself an…


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DAY 93

All go for me at the moment.  I find it hard when I'm tired to keep all my practices going, trying to let go any resistance, just accept the energy that I am in at the moment, make no judgements, stay out of the mind and with the heart connection.

So so grateful for all the help I have received today with the move, for the beautiful, nourishing, soulwarming meal that was prepared for me today, for my wonderful supportive family who love me in all my glory ;p and finally for my bed…


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DAY 92

Today is a fairly momentous day for me, I am back in my beautiful home 5 months after it was severely damaged by a storm.  Today is the first day I can sleep here.  I am so thrilled to be here, I feel almost in shock and kind of overwhelmed to be here.  That this day is finally here.  I have found the past couple of months quite stressful between the sudden move, dealing with the insurance company, project managing the rebuild and working a full-time job.  It is so wonderful to be here now. …


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DAY 91

Our Deepest Fear

By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness

That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small

Does not serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about… Continue

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DAY 90

Bit of a struggle today and felt like I was having a day of contrast. Just bringing awareness to these feelings and remembering to connect with my breath and my heart. It really helps to have the habit of these practices. I am going to do a heart meditation now. Sweet dreams cocreators xo

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