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I AM!!!! (season 6 , day??? in the 30)

Hi me again!

so I start already my new season (before i post here something), its my special season; the health season! Because I have a great body, my body loves to work and be slim and thin! also my body loves the healthy organic food I prepare daily for her!

I want to figure out this more, because I deserve it!

Today I read about a Indian men ( a famous, I dont knwo the name right now) Is was about 'to be'

and its opened my eyes; I AM...I AM…


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Day 33 no sugar

So again a lovely day!

I start eating without sugar. Sugar is very bad for yr healt and in somewhat everything is sugar!
This week i start with extra attention to good food ! Its so nice and inspiring, espescially because i want ro inspire others!
I made sugar free healthy cookies! They are delicious!

So welcome health, we need you and we love you!
Give me inspiration and energy for myself and others!!


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Day 31 part 2

Today i wrote since a long tIme... But immediately it gave me power!!!

I worked hard today, did some financial private stuff, eated well. Now im studIng.

Its à great day!!

I feel THE vibe, and Wish you all the same power, energy and love!!


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day 31 New week!!!

 I had a hard its monday and I want to start again!!!

I have a hard exam, I want to finish it in one time :-)

so here my things what will happen:

- I ll finish my exam with a great mark!

- I can study the whole week with my brains and hearth, I love it!

- I love to learn

- I love to learn my study

- I have a perfect Love Life

- Im healthy

- I know more about my job, i ll get a new contract for 3…


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Season 5, day 1: A BRAND NEW DAY

I was reading my last goals of my lats season; amazing, so much wishes are fullfilled!!

Im pregnant, I have a great boy friend, my cats life together, I have big hair, Im healthy!!!

Im reallly realllly happy!!! and so gratefull!! OMG i have so much!!!

Im really happy with you co=creators, and specially Lilou, everythime she get me happy and wakes me up!!

I have her new book and im reading it (i have no money and i like it)

It gives…


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Day 45 how do I get that job?!

Hi everybody!!


Life is great!!! I get almost everything I want!!! it makes me so happy!!


I get my big hair!! My body is healthy and thin..I still loose weight

I met wonderfull people, and now I want to change a job and I get nice jobs offers!!


and you will never dream job I found!!!!

O My God!! Im SO excited!!!!!!

Monday I have a first meeting, im nervous and still seeing myself as a stylist working for…


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Day 8 my body is thin and I have new hair!!

Today is a lovely day again! I love to read about the power, the love, the secret and all other wisdom!


I feel great, my body gets the good figure I want, it looks really great!! I’m so happy with my body, its such beauty!!

Now I want my extensions, no, I have my beautiful extensions!

It looks great, everyone will look and enjoy!!! I ll enjoy, since now I will always have beautiful big hair!! Long and big!! Curly and light brown!!

I can feel it, I…


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Day 7, needs some tips so be stronger!

Hi all!


My fourt season start last week and Im really happy what happened with me.


Last day it was not a very good day for me, but I can reset my mind easier than in the past. Its still hard, also in relations, they are a mirror…and like yesterday I don’t know how to handle in some situations…I can only cry…I cried so long, but I learn from it…now I have to handle better, make myself stronger.


I still enjoy the things in life.




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The day before… 4th season

 Today is day zero, I’ll prepare for my fourth season what will start tomorrow, the first of june.


I’ll reset and clean my goals, I’ll be more specific, that would be better.


I see results, I get better ideas to do with my life, get thinner and healthier and I’m happy!


I like to learn from others, from big speakers/writers, like Deepak, Oprah, Rhonda, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and of course Lilou Mace!!! I like to learn from my…


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Day 100!!!!!! season 3


So I finished my day 100!!!

And it was a good season, I finished a lot of goals!! For example:


-         My relationship is very good!!!

-         starting my new stylist study, I ll love it!

-         read a lot of good books (like Deepak Chopra and so on!)

-         learn a lot of my reiki lessons

-         have a great gucci glasses

-         get money to do my studies (reiki and stylist)

-          I loose some…


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day 26, the spring is coming also in my mind and body!

Hi my dear cocreators!


long time ago, but still im doing my ccor things;-)


I made progess; did my reiki 1: it was GREAT! and its still great!

start with my study interior styling; it IS Great!!!

and i lost weight! it FEELS great!!


I get also the things I want; i have new (cratice) glasses;-) because of my new creative styling!!

I get really nice sunglasses (gucci) for my b-day!! WOW i feeeel sooo…


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day 8 s3 Im so Upset and dissapointed

Hi my dear co creators!


im sad and upset...yesterday happend something with my bf and i stay in a negative mood. I know i have 2 change, but im sad about it and angry!!!

what can i do?


also i heard today something what a friend of me gets, and I want it makes me also sad...the way how it happend.


I know I have to look to myself, its my choice to change! So ...this helps me..


all things must…


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day 5 s3 Yes I ll start my study!!

Hi my dear cocreators!!


Yesterday I was a litlle sad and nervous..because I didnt know if it will start, but yes! It will start next week!!

Im so happy!!! I ll start!!

I bought the study books, Im so happy!! O my god, this is really my year and season!!


I read also in the attractor factor that you have to reste your mind: you deserve it!!


So I deserve it!! I deserve my brand new nice study, my organic vegatarian food, my…


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Day 4 s3 help me 2 focus!!!

Hi my dear cocreators!!


today was again a special day, a gift from the univers


I went to my job by bicycle! haha good for my diet goal and my lovely body!

It was so great! I eat my bar and shake and some organic tomatoes, they are so lovely and delicious!


I made the choice to be my best for 8 weeks this kind of diet and then eat the organic way! Im sure my body loves to loose some weightand then eat only some nice food! (and now…


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Day 3 s3 I feel so Delight!!   Hello my dear cocreators!   today I went to the dietitian (do I say it right?) it gives me so much power and energy! It was nit that bad as I thought, but still we go f…

Day 3 s3 I feel so Delight!!


Hello my dear cocreators!


today I went to the dietitian (do I say it right?) it gives me so much power and energy! It was nit that bad as I thought, but still we go for 10 kg!

I love to be 10 thinner, OMG can you imagen how much it is? I ll wear all of my old clothes!! and if I do it right I can loose every week one kilo!

I know thats hard and maybe to positif, but why not???? Haha I will loose 8 kg in 8 weeks!! Everyone will see it… Continue

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day 2 s3, feel so delight!!

Hello My Friends!!


its day 2, and also day 2 of my diet!

I feel so delight!! haha

I feel the summer, myself slim and fit in my old. No i feel the spring!! its sooner!!

Its so great to be DELIGHT :-) to have fun, in my new house with my boyfriend, together in a passionated relationship <3


Im also so happy with my new study, I love to start and to be creative and have fun with my new vision :-) this year gives me POWERRRRRRRR.…


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DAY 1 Season 3...WoooHooooo

HEllo my dear co creators!!


I closed my season 2, I didnt fullfill all my goals, but ii gives me energy to start again!!'


Today is a special day! I start my diet, I have some nice apps ( i recommended to you):

- visionboard app

- gratitude app (oprah loves it too)


I write every day in my diary what i will fulfill and I will life to it!


I love my life also the bad moments, because bad is also…


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(s2 allmost day 100) reiki?do you have experience?

Hi my dear co creators!!


im srill focussing on my 1000 euro and I understand why I need it more! I decide also to do a workshop reiki 1


I m sure I ll love it!!! it will cost me 150 euro I believe and I think I can really use it!

I can use it for me and my family, next year I ll do reiki 2 and after that I ll be a reiki master!! Im sure!!

I like to learn spiritual things!! I love it!! Im sure it is good for me!


I was so happy that…


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I focus on my 1000 euro!

Hi my dear cocreators,


today in the end of my season 2 I decide to focuss on my 1000 I ll get this month.

Its so great to get 1000 euro, I will use it for my study as well.


Yeah I subscribe me for a study interior styling, Im so happy that I decide it to do!!

I dreamed about it and focuss on it! Im for sure its good that i ll do it!

also my close friends say to me, finally you do!! funny!!!


the 1000 euro gives me more space…


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day 85 s2, give me advice please!

Hello my dear cocreators!!


i wasn't here for a while, but I dont forget my 100 day reality change!!

I figure out that I didn't finish all my goals, and I wanna say I wont..but, I have to be strong and focus on my last days!!!

Because you never know what will happen :-)


So I need your support!!!!


Im reading know they ker and attractor factor from Joe Vitale, he is a very inspiring man, I love it!! Im sure I can attract a better…


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