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season 1 day 16 Ask Believe Receive..more and more

It goes better with me, I feel more one with my soul and body

I can controll my eating/hunger

If there are problems I get sad, but i can relativy: I can understand why it happen

And if i dont now excatly why something happen somebody will tell me!

So life is perfect!!!

Now Im ordering a book of deepak Chopra, do anyone have experience with him? I think I like his way and I can learn from it!

Also this site/forum/blogs and…


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Support and advice please!!!!! season 1 day 15

Today there was a little bit from my dream..i was so excited!! I was thinking like, yeah im on the good way!!!

It kicks me...but when I told my boyfriend about my opportunities i get a little bit sad. He was not that excited about my possible new job and advice me not to do because and because........anyway

Now I start thinking: its my life, he has not the right to say do this do that and forbid me to do things..(its not that he forbid me..but he is not okay wth my decesion)…


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today i get evrything i want

Today I can buy some nice stuff I want

I can buy some health stuff I want

I ll sport on a time I like

I ll cook some thing whats very nice

my face looks well

my body gets perfect

today gives me so much inspiration, so much good feelings, so much possibilities, for me my familiy my love and friends. I have lots of money I can do what I want

I ll only think positive!!!

I love my life so much and all of my changes!


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s1 day 13...i have inspiation, now i have to believe

So, my, weekend was nice and busy

I lissen to my body more often, im sure i ll be healthy and im looking forward to define it!

Im grateful for my power, thankful for everything I have, and now i have to believe it!!!

once again:

I believe in my rich (or how do you say it?) :-s

I believe in my perfect body who gets more healthy everyday,

so I believe that I can wear all my old clothes this summer

I believe that I attract food…


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day 10 s1

today happen somethings i didnt like, but i was not that angry like i normaly would do. I learned that some situation, the bad one, are good to follow you to beter situations..You will learn about yrself. But still I was a little upset tday;-)

But after that i went to the dentist, they are so nice we had a nice conversation. Then I went to the organic grocery..I met there i women i know here from a club(we d there the same like here) I didnt went there for a half year or…


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day 7 season 1..I feel so much better!

I think I have already some result!No I have ;-)

I feel better, im not that stressed about everything, i feel healthy and I am!!

so im curious what about 100 days!!!!

Im thankfull for everything I have, I am rich so I can pay my easily my bills I will think easy about it.

And I ll be very very happy with my new job where I ca be creative, happy, powerfull: on my best

Thank you universe, and ofcourse I thank myself!

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Season 1 day 6

So i feel more perfect today and I can't wait to be healthy as I can be!!!

I attract healthy food, healthy environment en healthy people. I learn from them and from myself.

I feel perfect in my perfect body who will be more healthy everyday and i ll still love my body because its perect!

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day 5....

so my valentine weekend wa pefect (almost..the litlle thing we will 4get) it was bettr than i hoped. I think because I ask a perfect valentine weekend (and still it is valentine!!)

I have als plans for my new job, no i have it already;-)

But my job is sooo nice and i earnd a lot of money, that its easy to pay my loan

Im grateful because of my healthy body

im grateful because of my perfect life

im greateful for the love whats around…


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third day! a see more..

so it smy 4th day! and today i saw a something of my new job

My new job give peacefull feelings, relax, spirit, energy, a lot of money, good contacts, its near i can go there y cycle. I ll enjoy it for a looong time I will learn a lot and have a lot of fun with my collegues

I ll travel sometimes to nice places so i ll be more a international women. That gives me spirit!

I have also the perfect weight, what feels so comftable.

Also i have the…


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My second searching!!

Hello everybody,

since 2 years i (try) 2 use the law of attraction..sometimes I forget..but last time everytime there comes somthing in my life what shows me to use the law of attraction. I get really happy when I read something of it...but i have 2 use it more often!!

Maybe some of you can help me what to do here?

today im free, i get 2 fitness early in the morning and whn i drive to home i was scared because of my stupid!! i start 2…


Added by Maria on February 11, 2010 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

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