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Day 52 s2 See the movie HOME

Hi my friends,


thanks for reading my blog! It gives me the support who I need!!

 Im focussing on my health great body. The body I love, its thin, can wear all clothes I like and I have!! So much fun..even my breast is growing;-) and my hair gets so full with gurls and shine!! mm I love it!!

I eat only food I love and what gives me energy!! Its easy to do!! I love organic food!! Its so good, good for the world and for me!! I love the organic grocery!! Tomorrow I…


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day 51, More 2 focusssss, help me!

Hi co creators!,


I have to focus more!!

No I focus more, I like!!! :-))

sometimes its hard, because I forget! How can I always remember?


And how can I stay happy in my relation, last saturday and sunday were really nice..but now I get irritated..I know it's maybe stupid. But he is never spontaneous. Thats hurt and If I say it, he says like, yeah im tired or I have to do things in house..and so on..It irritating me so much...No attention, a tired…


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Day 50!! I'm on the half of my second season

Hi Cocreators!!!


So much happened,....last week was really ahrd, because of my job...(I was scared to lose it, but I can stay!!) And I have some relation troubles...Last friday it was really hard, I was really thinking I get grazy. I felt lost, really..OMG why so many troubles and bad moments? So many hard words...pffff


But after two nice x-mas days I cab say we make it all right..we enjoy and reflect on it....So we go further en enjoy.




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s2 Day 44 My old cat :'-(

Maybe you read my day on the other blog...than you know what happend to me...(its amazing)


But today I heard also that my old cat, who lives by my parents, is sick. She has cancer and they don't longs she have. We don't know how old she is because we get here from a homeless cat house. We think round 20.


Femke, my cat is reaaaly…


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s2 day 44 I have for sure my iphone (3G) and MY JOB!!!

Hi cocreators,


it was an uhmmm amazing and terrible day...


I get my iphone for a reaaaly good price! Omg I wish it and I get it!! I ask before  the end of 2010..and I got it!! LOA is perfect!


Today we hear if you can stay or you lose yor job... and I can stay!! really Im so happy..but all day I was in big stress, I know It works negative, sometimes I bread and feel and it goes well..

BUT I HAVE MY JOB!!!!! wow I can stay, I can stay, I…


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s2 day 43-44 YOU WONT BELIEVE!! I HAVE AN IPHONE!!!(like I ask before)LOA

Hi cocreators,


like some know, I wanted an Iphone, I was for sure I want!! before the end of 2010~!! I didn't how, how to pay, how to arange, how much it will cost ..Nothing!! okay I informed a litlle...but still I didn't know...


This night I went to my support group, and ask again for an I phone before 2010..when we finished our session i went to the toilet, when I came back, there was an Iphone (almost new) a 3Gs


can you…


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s2 day 43 Terrible!! aah How can I focus on positive

Today I heard that mayve they tell us tomorrow or the day after if you can stay in the company or you lost your job.

My job is really really nice, my collegues are cool and nice, im sooo happy (I manifistate this job here!!)

Biut now in such stress, talk a lot with people here over and in the end of the day I feel sick!!! I have a terrible head-pain…


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s2 day 42 with my Lovely cat and need some help!

Im sitting on the couch right now, and my lovely cat is next to me, she is so lovely and a beauty!! I ll put a picture :-)

I adopt here from a cat house, not because she is a beauty, but because we met eachonther...I belive that cats are reaaaly spiritual!! (i think all animals are, because they life in the now and can feel good..we have a ego…


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s2 day 41 I forgot to say I have to focus on my job! help me!!

O guys I forgot!!!


There is a salary cut on my work, what means that they have to cut on the salary cost all over in my company, i think 10% will lost there job


Its terrible!! First season I ordered a great job, and I get it!! YEAHHH!!!


but now this...i don't what will happen!!???? I dont work there for a long time, maybe im...No I will stay Im good, I have so much fun, I want to grow there, I want to work there for 4 a 5 years moren, because I…


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s2 day 41 I dreamed of my new Iphone

Hi my lovely co creators!


omg I ask for an Iphone, and last in the night I dreamed about it! I think I'm on the good way!!

It feels so nice to have it! to enjoy my Iphone, so i can use internet, for CCOR, twitter, find the way, read my email and so much fun!! I like it, I want it!! before the end of 2010!


Or is it better to say that i have it (already)!!!


I dont…


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S2 day 40, I'm back again!!

Hi my dear co creater friends!!

im back!!


o my god, my life was so..uhm..grazy last half year!! I broke up with my boyfriend and now we have again a relation..but still its hard...

40 days ago I start again with a 100 day reality change, just in my diary (because i didn't have internat @ home haha yeah 4 real lol, can you imgane...but still i didnt miss it :-))

Anyway; im back!


I bought Lilou's book and a book of Jon Gabriel (i love both…


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