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Listening to my heart ...

I have been  feeling , thinking, feeling and thinking about that issue with my ex husband  that popped up on thursday night. I felt so low on the emotional scale , I tried to climb up a little bit but I was so much in a "mental" state of mind that it did not happen as easily as usual.

Then yesterday I asked in my daily intentions to gather the energy within me to reach an acceptable , objective and respectful solution.The only answer that came up is that it had to come from the heart…


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Back here ... so back on track

Well , the first days were great . I had this appointment with that lady for my house and I had  prepared and filled in  all the paperwork that she needed . I have been positively thinking about that since , trying to visualize the positive letter I will receive about all this , telling me that everything is ok and that they can still stand surety for my home loan ... then I will have to go back to the bank to finalize all this ... 

This was was my first goal .... Then I just let…


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Jan-2nd -Pilot Episode-My beautiful misty day

Well ... here I am !

Never thought yesterday that I would  be writing  about my intentions on the net.

For years now , I know that things don't happen by chance , they just happen because I let them happen !

So , yesterday , as we ( Husband and I ) dwelt on our intentions for this brand new year I didn't expect to find the internet site that would help me to achieve my goals ...

I'm glad I found this place .I love this idea of the real being backed up by the…


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