The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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Haven't been able to update so much due to an unstable availability of interweb.

Now I'm in a wee latvian village library, going to let y'all know about how grateful and happy I am here. Spending time with the grandparents for the first time in seven years is a real blessing and I am amazed at this manifestation of mine.

This is what I have been waiting for for years and now life is finally turning round. Honestly life is all changing…


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Growth and ease

I have decided to restart. I am now at the beginning of my second season I guess, I stopped halfway in my first season. I didn't have a reason. I won't call it laziness. I just stopped doing my practices.

Now I'm back, with more faith and enthusiasm. 

I am on day two. 

My practices include:

Morning meditation




Blog or at least come to this website to update once a week.

I am deciding to not pressure…


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Last night I was in tears for some reason... I feel like I am going through a transformation, stuff is being uncovered and released and it's all out of my hands. Yesterday I felt like I just want to be able to release and let go of trying, but then I end up trying to not try and it's all very frustrating. 

But then I awoke this morning, and I wrote my stuff. I breathed and went into the day knowing all is well. All is well. When I thought that I was doing things wrong, that I am not…


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Binge eating, anger, resolution.

I've been thinking of this whole thing(100 day  challenge)...and I feel like a failure. 

I have these simple simple little practices and I haven't been doing them. I want to know why I haven't been doing them! Can I not just breath in the morning? Is it too hard for me to write for a few minutes!? Is it too hard for me to do a little bit of yoga and meditation!!?

It's not that hard. I am free all day and I choose to fill myself with food and lay by the laptop. I feel…


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Feck the rest!

This morning and last night I was stressing out a bit about money. For some reason my mind just went crazy imagining all the possible reasons why I should worry about money. I am perfectly abundant and stable in my prosperity at this time and logically it didn't make sense to have fear over something which was not and is not. 

I was thinking about moving to Dublin, and since I don't have a job and don't want to be employed I came to the thought that I may end up living on the streets!…


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