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Day 22 - tough - but hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel

Wow, been a fairly intense day on the emotional scale. I blame the planets. But seriously, regardless of whether it is down to the Mercury retrograde, a lot of us are being shaken up at times, to prepare us for change. 

The thing that's been the main challenge for me all year is trying to resolve the things that are blocking me from giving and receiving love. I have been 'challenged' today by one particular thing where I feel life has been unfair on me - finding it hard to take the…


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Day 21 - revised version

Hi, I deleted my original post as I was not feeling good at the time and it probably wasn't going to do me that much good if I left the post there and remained in that state. 

I have had a bit of a rest. I don't quite know why I have been exhausted as today has been a very quiet day in comparison to much of the last three months. Maybe it's all the planetary energies that are going round. Anyhow, I am now awake and I am giving myself permission to do absolutely nothing .. well not…


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Day 20

Hey guys, 

Another quick post as I need to go out and get some stuff from ASDA and then once I get home I want to do some story writing. I have been slacking with the writing side of things a bit and if I wait until I feel like I want to do it, it might never get done :) 

Work is still draining me. But on another level I feel pleased with how well I do the job and I like my colleagues. Other than that, I am becoming more aware of some thought patterns which I need to accept and…


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Day 19 - a little story which hopefully will inspire you

Sometimes I like to do things a bit differently from normal, so instead of writing about my feelings and goals etc. today, I thought I'd share how my life has changed since 2006 .. 

I had a very nasty breakdown in 2006 during which I abandoned the Christian faith which had been a strong part of my life for most of the previous 15 years. For a while I had no hope, my mind was a horrible mess, too scared to attempt suicide but not wanting to live .. but something deep inside of me must…


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Day 18

Quite a good day today. Been to a workshop of meditation and reflection. One of the meditations was on the subject of regrets and that we need to accept that things had to happen or that we had to make certain choices - in essence, that our soul chooses things that our conscious mind or ego would not. 

I think I thought that I would always have regrets and would just have to deal with them as best I can, but this meditation has I think given me a new perspective. I will be able to…


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Day 17 - the long weekend

Hey peeps, 

Today's gonna be a quick post - I have a long weekend (Monday off) which I probably already mentioned, I feel I need to get in touch with my heart and maybe get a bit of clarity for certain things and situations. Also some little things to sort out at home .. like washing up and ironing haha. 

I have been getting a few 'messages' along the lines of exploring my options. I am not particularly happy at work right now and would like to leave. But I don't want to be…


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Day 16 - Understanding loneliness and isolation


Been feeling a little bit sad tonight. Probably partly because it's a Friday night and Friday nights have generally been the worst night of the week over the recent months .. Friday is always the busiest day of the week at work and the evening can be a bit of a comedown. 

When I feel a bit down, I tend to be a bit anti-social and withdraw. I was thinking of one of my goals and intentions of making new friends and reaching out more .. it's something I often find difficult…


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Day 14 - Mud, losing a ring, relaxing

Hey guys, 

Today has plodded along okay. I had a bit of an issue with where I parked my car for work this morning. I work in one of the buildings at a large business park, and there seems to be more and more cars needing to park on the road at the bottom end, and I did that this morning. I deliberately tried to keep car away from the really muddy area on the side of the road, and thought I had parked okay, but at lunchtime I struggled to get my car out of the mud. I thought it might…


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Day 13

Just got back from a meetup/workshop thingy - been a tough week but I think the corner is starting to turn now. I had a mini panic about a particular situation today but fortunately I found out that there were some things I weren't aware of which made things easier. So now I can breathe easy again, haha. 

I intend to get a bit more writing done in the coming few days. And to email my Mum. Mostly, I keep in touch with family on Facebook or email - I hardly ever use my phone at the…


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Day 12 - Devoid of energy

Had a bit of the blues today. I think it's a combination of the previous few days and the energy shifts going round. I would have been more than happy to stay at home today, somehow I managed to get through the day at work but really wasn't in the mood. 

So here I am at home, and it's weird having the house to myself. To be honest, it doesn't really feel right, and in time I may well speak to my landlord about it. I signed a contract to keep me here until next June, but I would like…


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Day 10

Was intending to put up a video here tonight, did one outdoors but it ended up being a bit noisy and I don't particularly like putting videos up unless I'm happy with the sound quality. 

So anyway, here I am. It is the evening here in UK and I am feeling somewhat drained, probably mainly from the last few days, although today has been a fairly good day, went to a lovely town and had a good time.  My housemate has now moved so I have house to myself now, I thought I'd like it but it…


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Day 9 - a bit mentally exhausting ..

.. to say the least. But I am very pleased that I managed to clear a backlog at work, even if it did mean getting into work 2 hours early. Having had a horrible day yesterday, today hasn't been much better. But it has made me realise that I am perhaps stronger than I thought, or have more stamina than I thought. Although my brain was pretty much in shutdown mode by 4pm so I just did some housekeeping stuff up until 5. 

I really need the weekend. I think again I might try and go…


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Day 8

Bit of a crappy day, got pissed off with an email my boss sent. Got home and did a quick Reiki, then found out there is another house related little problem I might have to tell my landlord about this weekend, but I said to my housemate that I'd worry about it at the weekend. 

Said housemate moves out tomorrow, normally I'd be glad to have the house to myself but I am not particularly happy here at the moment - maybe I will try and see if my landlord will let me move somewhere else…


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Day 7

Just got back from doing a meditation at the wonderful Happiness Centre in Ilkley, a few miles from where I live. I kind of needed it because I hadn't had a particularly brilliant day. When certain things happen, I can get annoyed that I am so bloody sensitive. Still, got to trust that everything will turn out for the best. 

I might try and get myself into a more positive frame of mind so that I can do a bit more writing. Perhaps I will draw an Angel card. 

I have noticed that…


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Day 6


Well I'm back at home from work and it's one of those evenings where I don't feel particularly inspired. Maybe partly because of a bit of a crappy day at work. This is fine, perfectly normal. There will be times like this. I do believe that sometimes our greatest inspirations can come from days where we feel a bit uninspired. Also, sometimes it's better to do very little in times like these. It's worth listening to what our body tells us. 

Time to do a bit of saxophone…


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Day 5

Interesting times these are .. I had a bit of a mini revelation today that in order to 'let go' of something, the first thing I need to do is accept it, rather than deny it and wish it wasn't there. I don't think that you can just 'let go' of something just like that, in most cases, there often has to be a time for processing thoughts and emotions and allowing them to be. 

On a bit of a different note, I have kind of decided to stop following football (soccer to most of you) for a…


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Day 3 - Travelling, the weather and work

Hey co-creators, 

I decided to take myself to the beautiful Lake District National Park in northwest England, about 80 miles from where I live. After the busy-ness of work, it was something that I very much enjoyed doing, although the weather was a bit annoying at times - although I can hardly expect there not to be any rain in November! I love visiting different places and England is a very beautiful country, I think a lot of people who live in this country don't appreciate it…


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Day 1 of my new season

Hey everyone, 

Just had a bit of a mini revelation which will serve me well for this season .. and that is to not try and do too much. I work 9 to 5 in a very ego driven environment and it would be pretty hard if not impossible to concentrate on my goals whilst at work (although I did get a bit of writing done during my lunch break). I think I just need to use my spare time outside of work to work on whatever goals I can. I've set myself a few intentions and there's no guarantee that…


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