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S2 day 37 when the outside world reflects our inner dream :-)

When the outside world starts looking like my inside world... I must be on the right path. ^^

Today, instead of reading a dull bus schedule, a message about unicorns was posted on the bus stop instead.

It said: " When a unicorn flies away to return to the sky made of rainbows, it means that she has made you happy. As long as it's not the case, she will stay with you to help you and to love you"  <3

I'm loving this travel through childhood lane.…


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S2 Day 26 Happiness

S2 Day 26

Blowing candles has always brought me back to happiness, no matter what... actually blowing candles out of birthday dates is just as delightfull... I just love it, it has made my heart smile since I was 2 years old (there were red with white dots mushrooms on my cake)…


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S2 Day 4 Sending Love and singing to the food I'm cooking... my inner child takes over the kitchen

S2 Day 4

Cooking fresh vegetable soup and singing to it. How fun :-)  Actually I usually  sing while cooking but today I decided to sing to it. So today's experience was singing to the vegetables I was preparing and kissing each piece before dropping it into the pot... just because that's what 4 years old me would have done to send it her love.  I'll be doing this the…


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S2 Day 1 New season : Happily deprogramming and re-education about Life :-)

S2 Day 1

I didn't think that season 2 would come to me so soon but the little "Master" co-creator on this video showed me the way. (I hope that the posted link will work)

So ... This week, I'll be jumping and hopping in puddles :-)   Can't wait!!!

This Season Two I'll be:…


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Conclusion of Season 1 100 days challenge... thank you <3

Yesterday ended first Season of my 100 days challenge.

I'm thankful for all inspiring videos, sharings, blog posts and for all the nice supportive comments.

It worked, this is great. I was sitting on the edge of my confort zone of my artistic world, not really believing that it could get any better than this. I was also sitting on the excuse that I…


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Day 95 S1 One first step taken... great result <3 only few more to go :-)

Day 95 S1

Yesterday I did the first step towards my greater goal. I sent a message like a bottle to the sea, and guess what...

A wonderful  great artist accepted to be my mentor on a missing piece of the puzzle in my artistic skills. It's amazing, I'm so grateful! I'm so excited!  This really was aiming the stars and it worked. ^.^

I'm ready to welcome the  inspiration of step two !

How does this get any better?  :-)

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Day 94 S1 Fulfilling the Dream of painting Frescos of Love, Dreams, Peace, Life,Magik... will start in my heart and at my place...this fall!!

Day 94 S1

I've been reading this books about how life is a quantic game, how to create this and that in our own lives... but still, something remainded foggy.  I'me watching "The shift" from Dr. Dyer and  I realize that I've been away from many Ego's dogmas already.(and I'm very happy about it!) But still...  hidden fears seem to block the process somehow. When it comes to Art, I see these nice projects I have in mind and that I'd love to complete and live but…


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Day 93 S1 To Paint ... Send Love and Light

Day 93 S1

Paintings have the  strenght of containing and sending things that words don't have the power to express.

Please send loads of Love and Light to this wonderful person. Her little boy just died of leucemia after a long way of resistance and courage. She is  a very positive, brave and beautiful person who kept encouraging and cheering up other moms…


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Day 91 S1 found this incredibly inspiring illustration... from who is it?

Day 91 S1

Does anyone know who made this illustration? I'd love to thank that person :-)

I love it so so much.. it speaks right to the heart of me <3

This  challenge's journey about art's power brought me too paths I didn't think I would be digging when I started this…


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Day 73 S1 pushing myself... this challenge must keep doing

Day 73 S1

I'm doing it again... this is incredible.  Every time I start a painting, I paint the background then I get scared to mess it up with "step 2" and I can't go on with the painting like ... forever.

This has to stop!! I'm pushing myself to cut the rope of this nonsense!

So I've started to re-read my books about creative power of thoughts and how to erease  believes that tend to limit us. Actually I've even bought the book "being you"…


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Day 70 S1 So... how does it get any better than this?

Day 70 S1

I watched the video about Lilou Mace interviewing Dr. Daine Heer and so, since yesterday I got things back on track, I decided to try it and asked myself:" does it get any better than this?"  Well guess what...

this morning I finally got inspired with the subject of the book I've been wanting to…


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Day 69 S1 pushing away clouds passing by on my challenge

Day 69 S1

I must have unconsciously doubted again because the contract that was done for my tango painting was estimated not having a  "clear visible writing" enough to be taken into account.  The person ordering the painting is gone for a while away so this seemed quite annoying to fix in time. Then I remembered that the  abortion of artistic projects have happened a lot before: A fresco cancelled because the kid's room had too much humidity, another fresco…


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Day 65 S1 Painting together (half way through Doing well with this first challenge)

Day 65 S1

I have met a very nice person who used to love painting and creating. Then she got broken by teachers in art college. She left her artistic skills behind. She told me that my perseverance with arts encouraged her and she asked me if I would like to come over to her house to paint together... that way she'd be more motivated to get back on track.

And so we did it. Today, we had a wonderful time together, chatting and painting,…


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Day 59 S1 To draw to leave the "lost spot" towards the "right place"

Day 59 S1

Today I was in one of those days. I had the blues and wasn't  happy. Those days to switch mood, I start drawing my mood in black and white. Then I add every colourful thing that would enlighten my day... until at some point, I feel like drawing a smile on the face I drew. And then this smile also adds up to my own face.  Sometimes it's enough, sometimes I decide to translate it into actions to take, places to go related to what I drew. Obviously…


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Day 55 S1 Painting... the vision that changed it all

Day 55 S1

[the day I had a saving vision... then painted it.] I have talked about when  I was hill and handicapped without medical answers to what was happening to me.

At some point, I had to spend time in the hospital and I wondered about: "is life worth?" and all those sad and dark thoughts we can randomly have when we lost control of our life.  But then, in the sky through the window, just when I asked myself "what now?", I saw this huge white cloud shaped like a…


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Day 53 S1 colorful Life paths

Day 53 S1

These last days I've been testing creative colourful ways to imagine life and to "connect the dots" of what I wish to be living along with what I'm already living. It's sort of a visualization board. I find it fun. It makes me link some things I never thought bringing together. I think that next season I will be co-working on synchronicity with a mix of fantasy.

I enjoy trying new combinations in my "everyday" life and then I like to…


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Day 39 S1 Painting & channeling/ connecting to a piece of someone's life

Day 39 S1

This is something amazing, strange and a bit scary that happened. 

It all started with a promise I made to my younger cousin to make a special painting for her.

At first, things were going pretty normally. I painted a white house typical from were she was living and studying. Then I added a lemon because we could go outside shake a lemon-tree with a broomstick and get our lemon for lunch. I also drew a plant similar to the balconies…


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Day 34 S1 ... to paint to heal the heart

Day 34 S1

I painted this image while struggling with a broken heart. Some night, I woke up and decided to represent the strength of the heart and its guardians: humming-birds. There is this huge pink (color of tenderness) heart with flowers growing  on it.  One humming-bird (symbol of joy - among others) is awaiting for it to blossom while another humming-bird is facing a scorpion lying on brambles. This brambles were created by the shadow beneath my heart... all fears and…


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Day 33 S1 Family co-creation ...delightful

Day 33 S1

This first family trip was great. Harmony, exploration, co-creation, joy,...

We played the game in which we imagined the perfect village that we could build together. Funny how an ice cream maker is not as important as a library to my nephew :-)

We had a great time creating stuff and they asked me to prepare some art workshops like when they were younger.

I won't be writing every day like I used to because the projects I am in right now …


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Day 19 S1 synchronicity ... little trip, see you soon :-)

Day 19 S1

Fun fact about synchronicity: I ran into my brother on a beach on another country two years ago. We were not aware that the other would be somewhere on vacation.

Last year,  we realized that, again, we both had chosen the same region of vacation in a different spot. So this time, we decided to listen to those signs and planned a vacation together.

I'll be away  for a while but my challenge continues. I will share creative…


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