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IT IS MY DAY 100!!!!!!!!

YAY!!! I made it to day 100!!! WHOOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I feel great co creators!!! What a CRAZY!! seasons with lots of clearing and cleaning  and clarifying of ME!   So many wonderful manifestations to tell you about. YES I have improved the relationship I have had with myself. My boyfriend and I have not broken up, but he did move out which has been GREAT for both of us. We are both much more grounded and rooted and aligned with ourselves now that we live on our own and visit each other.  It was…


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DAY 95 Season 6

Well thankfully the drama in my life has evend out... I feel now I have the tools I need to move forward with out dragging any of my own  weight with me. Today I realized while listening to Abraham hicks that all the vortex stuff is not just projects and ideas I go jumping to...its the relationship with myself and accepting and loving myself if I want the outside world to reflect that love back to me. Today I started working in a new book and I feel like I really on to something. I will keep…


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Day 87 Season 6

 This seasons has been magical in lots of ways. This season has a been for me a big step, a huge transition. It has been good and healthy but it has been difficult as well. I notice that even good changes can be painful. I am working to be mindful of how good it feels to be free and true with myself, and willing to give up who and what I had to reach for what is true in my heart. I have made some amazing connections on my path and I have had the experiences that have made me who I am. I have…


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18 more days left to season 6

Wow co-creators, I have had a crazy season where there has been so much change in my life. I had asked for big change and I got it. MY last day of work is coming up as I am leaving my western medicine job because it does not resonate with me. And my partner and I have also separated which has been both hard and good. all the change feels weird, but I feel I can breathe  as well. I am excited to see what the future holds. I am trying to allow the universe to unfold as it will and not think to…


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I have 28 days left of my challenge for Season 6

Since am 3/4 done with my challenge I wanted to review my goals and see where I could improve to make a big finish!

I also wanted to review my manifestations.

I have been a good steward of my worldly possessions and I have increased my income significantly. I am  3/5 of the way there as far as saving the money I have been wanting. A large part of why this was possible was that I attracted a situation where my rent is 1/4 what it used to be so the rest I have been able…


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(Read Aloud Every Day for 30 days) I am the source of all wealth.

  (Read Aloud Every Day for 30 days) I am the source of all wealth.  I am rich with creative ideas. My mind abounds with new, original, inspired thoughts. What I have to offer is unique, and the world desires it. My value is beyond reckoning. What the world needs and desires, I am ready to produce and give. What the world needs and desires, I recognize and fulfill.…


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DAY 57 Season 6

Well..., I did it..I quit my job and I will tell you it feels SOOOOO GOOOD!!! And I know that the universe totally supports this move in every single way, the apartment where we are sub leasing for crazy cheap rent....the owner said there is a chance she might ask us to stay until December!! WHOO HOOO...more super cheap rent!!! more support for my alignment with myself and the universe as a as you know I have like, 1 billion ideas I would like to pursue to fill my time with…


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Day 53 ( Aprox) Season 6

I have not been able to write a blog due to internet difficulties since about two weeks ago. I have been continuing to  use my vision board, focus on the photos, I have continued to practice gratitude and focus on the feelings that I want. I have missed being on this site however for all the obvious reasons. I am now about 1/2 done with my season 6 and I feel proud of myself in many many way....and yes, prior to this season I attracted EVERYTHING that I had dreamed of....and its true, your…


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 I am sending lots of love to all those people who have served others and sacrificed their own good, sometimes their own life for others. Today in the United States we remember and honor the people that served our country. I remember them and send my respects. I did reiki today for the whole universe, just sent love and gratitude to anyone in the world who needs it.

I am so grateful, so thankful for what this season has brought me so far. I started this season feeling like I…


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Getting in to the vortex tonight:

Sometimes, I admit...I push a little to get  my grid to fill in. This push creates a tension…that rubs on my ribs and slows my breathe.

I know the grid of where I am going is filling in, I know that it is a perfect balance of all the necessary elements: Fun, doing good karma in the world, collaboration, celebration, luxury, creative expression,

I know its time to get my hours in and I will do so in a super easy relaxed and creative way that is lucrative and conducive to…


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Remember This??

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DAY 33 Season 6

moving right along.. I have been on VACATION!!! which has felt AMAZING...I feel like I found an old friend, MYSELF! Man am I cool....especially when I get time to give myself. So even through I need to go back to work today I am going to remember to love myself first, do all the self care I can and let other stuff go so my light can be bright. I am grateful for so many moments and times and laughs that I have enjoyed over the last two weeks....and not only that but the INSPIRATION that has…


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Day 23 Season 6

What cool day! I am all packed and ready for our trip to the moutains...I manifested some cool coustumes for us to wear at our 1920 party,, I found some beautiful tarot type cards new little gift to myself by Doreen virture,,,I have her goddess cards and today I bought the ascended masters cards...seem cool, bought some other spiritual gifts for my self today...and I got my mani/pedi brows and lip I am looking fly for the party :) Also....I applied to three new jobs…


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Day 22 season 6

Im, here is a cool manifestation...on my vision board I have some luxury pics, one is of a 1920s couple living the high life....I didn't think much of it, but this weekend we are attending a flapper themed wedding and we had to go rent costumes. Man, we do look cute in the costumes. I just know that it is something that will be tons of fun! Just thinking about it is fun! :) We are heading off for a mini vaca soon, just for  a few days to the mountains. That's a cool…


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Hi friends! I created three new about receiving, one about gathering 50,000, and one about trusting the universe.  I think you can just add yourself but if you have a problem, leave a comment on my wall and I will "invite" you.


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Day 19 Season 6

Trusting the process...may be the name of the game! So first a silly story:  I have had two sessions of EMDR which is a therapy that is good for PTSD because it can make the feelings that come back less intense so they do not effect your life. It is good for erasing bad memories.  I am pretty in tune, I can FEEL things ALOT and  when I had this therapy done  ( just two sessions in the last three days...a lot of the system)  it released lots of stuff, some just below consciousness that I…


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I co-creators!

I have had a beautiful start to my season. I feel and see that this season for me is so much about refinement, refining my energy, my intentions and my focus because I have EVERYTHING that I was working towards on the past seasons. I have had lots of experiences  in real life and in dreams about sorting and revitalizing, I have been helping my mom my sorting a bunch of her stuff as she is looking to move out of one of the houses that I grew up in so there is lots of old…


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DAY 10 season 6

Today is my day 10!!! YEAH!!! I have been more comfortable in this high vibration and this is great!! I have had fun times with friends...NEW FRIENDS!!! I should give myself extra credit for that because that is what I supportive awesome people...I feel that a page is turning and I KNOW as I grow closer to 100 days BIG BIG BIG stuff is coming my way as I allow it.  I notice more abundance, I feel good about it, and I feel more comfortable accepting my a higher vibration,…


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Today is about commitment to myself


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