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Day 16 Learning to find the calm beneath the waves

I just want to say thank you soooo much to all the comments i get on my posts. It is really grounding...and inspring..and it inspired me to chose a image for today which i think I am gonna start doing since i see how well it works for my friend prince here is me, chillin and relaxing below the crazy waves of life can bring....


and also...i watched deepak chopra 7 spiritual las of success..i gotta watch it like 10 more times, but i think i am getting it little by…


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day 15 feeling a little irritable but there is kinda some crap and negative stuff going on around and near me...i  am trying to stay positive..but it sometimes negative thoughts push the good ones outta the way...but ALSO when stuff is super negative,.,dont you think sometimes you just gotta to ride it out too....dont you think.?..i think so..anyways..outt of a 1-10, ( 1 really bad) (10 really good) i would give myself a 6 or 6.5-7 for the day..just b/c i think i have soaked up some ner by… Continue

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everything i want is just around the bend





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Day 15 ( two weeks come and gone..WHOO HOO!!!!)

WOW  I am more than TWO weeks in!!!

Hello my co creating peeps!! Oh my..i feel like I have not been on here forever, but just so you know I have been keeping up with my challenge! I just have not had internet as I have been in the car, driving..staying one night at my step moms, one night at my friends, at my dads, at my moms… just due to weather conditions after work  ( Im working late these days)…id rather just stay than drive home where there is internet…so yeah, I have not done a…


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day 10

alrighty- meditated..jogged. im doing pretty good in that dept. I did a ( try 4) foucs wheels cuz my friend lindu pindu said to try it and it was great.. you use those meditate on? or just keep around near the ol vision its in the minds eye?..thats what i did on the road cuz i got the job interview in the morning.....MAN...i have so much support from all you wonderful people...i can honestly say...i dont think i have ever felt this supported in a venture like this, so…


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day 9 ( its long..but you will get a kick out of it..)



Man o man co creators what a crazy day…this challenge is doing some STUFF to me man, body and mind isn’t used to all this relaxing and cleaning and meditating and being real…what I am used to is…run, and run, and out run whatever makes me feel uncomfortable or use some bad habbit to distract me..but im really trying here to stay on course..and I am, but the bad comes with the good right? So this is what happened:

 I was basically planning to move in with…


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day 7 and day 8


Awww…man I was trying to blog everyday but the day gets so busy..i think I am learning too that every day is not gonna be exactly the same and I can’t do the exact routine that I had envisioned everyday but I can do part today, part tomorrow and that’s ok because it works for me (revelation #1) So I have to plan a high school reunion which is coming together nicely :)   I have a job interview that I already told you about that I am STOKED about!! I today I did go on a jog wit the…


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island radio

this is my ol favorite radio station when i lived in hawaii...makes you feel like you on an island no matter where you are! check em out!! :)

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day 6


Hey peeps!! So…I went jogging today..and meditated for like 10 minutes…busy day but I squeezed it in . Hope you are all having a great time today making your dreams come true one day at a time, one step at a time… peace



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day 5




Hello all!! I turned a kinda whatever day in to an awesome day!! Thank you so much for your advice it is really helpful to hear everyone’s thoughts..,its awesome!! I can’t thank you know what else is awesome? Cesar  Milan the Dog whisperer show....i know it sounds weird..but his approaches to fear with the dogs are really some ways i think it can apply to people too as far as energy communication and all. Good Night all...and…


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Day 4






Hello fellow co creators..I am writing this for day 4, really on day 5. I will do day 5 when I get home :)  Sooooooo I have met a few challenges just in the last 24 hours or so and I have had some awesome stuff happen too….first of all….for me its super easy to be positive if I have no resistance…and then I get resistance ( from external or internal sources) and it becomes more of a battle to be positive. The fog always lifts, but before it…


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Day 3

Hey there again co-creators…I kinda put off writing today because I was fairly I didn’t mediate or do a whole lot in that area. I kinda still feel guilty…but at the time I kinda feel super pumped, SOOOO what if I didn’t freakin run around the block today or sit forever in meditaion!!!…and I haven’t done yoga for like 4 days….whatever.,..right? ….that’s what I like this website! Because…even tho I didn’t do this or that.,..i still feel I am on track, just today was a little…


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Day 2




I am loving this whole blogg thing so far…you just chat and chat and say whatever..and that’s what I do usually…more than people would like I imagine…anyways :)        so far….its day 2, I took a   ( baby) jog around the ol hood..( exercise) I went to this super cool spiritual fair ( hanging out with more inspiring people is an intention) where I got the most awesome reading that said basically the person I am here to meet is on their way so that was uplifting and…


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day 1



soooo....its day 1. um...trying something new is always so freaking daunting isn’t it?? First of all I was the last person ever to join facebook just because I just get frustrated with technology UNLIKE everyone else in my generation ( it feels like..i dunno) I really wish i could do the video bloggs, but thing at a time..this is the first blogg I’ve ever done in my this will have to do for now.

I have 2 friends that added me!! I am stoked about…


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