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Day 50 season 3...WAY more than 1/2 way there!!!



Hi co creators...we are humans we are people that drive in traffic that avoid meter maids, that speed that look for the short line at the grocery store, that don’t always pay bills on time, that " should" call our mothers more...but yet we are also.,..miracle makers, magicians, priests, shamans, yogis, mediators, counselors, dreamers, friends, and best of all...we are CREATORS...I LOVE…


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DAy 48 season 3 changing of the tides?


Today I was just thinking about all that i hear from abraham hicks ( they talk about this..but not as much as i would like) and others who talk about "the other side of the wave" or the " other side of the coin" as in..i pray and ask and manifest all this great good that is coming my way and has been arriving forever.. how i work to get deeper and deeper involved with learning about and creating my true and highest potential for manifesting love and harmony thru my life this time…


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day 45 season 3 feeeeels good...... ya!! ( you know the song! :)

soooooooooo no complaints from me....I have had the most awesome and wonderful times of my life lately with LOA, yesterday after posting some pretty awesome stuff i went out and had a pretty awesome...nah scratch that..super awesome day! last night, for a few seconds i thought i was falling in love :) once i got my head together i realized that i am just coming closer and closer and closer to all the beauty and clarity that this universe has for me..i had a great day at work where some…


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day 44 season 3. my message to the world

HELLO and good morning my beautiful co creators!! I am sending this message out to the universe this morning and knowing that is received by all beings, let your divine self be that what it is...divine!! let that heart do its job, and let go or move out of its way..or move whatever needs to be moved out of its way so it can fly and soar and really carry you and your light to all the unimaginable beautiful places that we are moving to each day, each moment. I am remembering…


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day 37 season 1

Everything is a joy! someone told me that today and today it felt so true i am so thankful for so many wonerful friends and family memebers that i have that i am blessed to walk thru this life with side by side and know that we have walked so far together is comforting.  There really is joy everywhere. so much joy, love and smiles to take in. so much love. I was reminded today of these four agreements. i heard them again, and they taught me all over again as I am in a new place…


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day 35 season 3

HELLO CCOR! I enjoyed blogging in my groups today, worked with my index cards, stared up at my vision board..visualized the wonderful things coming my way, i feel so full of hope and openess and i just know know know that the best is yet to its a great feeling i have to say :)

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day 34 season 3

awesome trip this weekend to see friends..flew across the whole state and the birds eye view was an awesome reminder that a change of perspective is sometimes all it takes. im sleepy tho. i feel like i need to sleep. I will do that asap. but first i am gonna run through my index cards that help to spark those good thoughts when i draw a blank. did some awesome meditating to night to bring compassion to myself and the whole world. i always can choose to remember that i have soooooooooooooo…


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