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season 1 day 43


Hello co creators,

I had a good day today. I spent some time with some important people, did some good work with my students. I did a little jog and listened to a ton of Abraham hicks videos tonight. I could have been thrown off course by some things that my dads girlfriend said but I really felt aware of the feelings, and did the most responsible thing acted like a grown-up for my dad, and did not lose my cool. I sailed through…played it off, we ate dinner and I was able to…


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season 1 day 41

good day. jogged with the dog, did a lil yoga not much...did 1/2 of a meditation..only 10 minutes but better than staying observant and aware of myself as much as I can, being conscious of how much i judge...good bad good too much is counterproductive in my case...good class with the kiddies...still working out the job slow to jump because im scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared, but im getting it together...i am getting closer and leaning in on the thoughts i want to be…


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Season 1 day 40


Season 1 day 40


Hey co creators..hope you guys are having a good day..well…things are going well I would say.  I should start by talking about all the positive things first, then do challenges….

 I have literally manifests all most everything that I have set out to manifest. They are building and building the foundations  and up! So I have a job offer on the beach once I get thru all the hoops, I have improved my relationships with many important people in my…


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check this out!!!




Sooo...I am basically getting a job offer here pretty soon!! ( can we say manifestation people!!!) They have not offered it to me yet but they are having me talk to HR and all of this....YEAH!!!! I do not know what the pay is, but I will be speaking spanish so i get a lil more for is ON THE BEACH like how i want!! the job is.....( i wanna say there is a catch, but i feel like catch isnt the right word cuz i haven’t figured out if its bad or good or what…


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learning every day


Today I have been running in and out of the vortex one could say:

as I think about it more and more I can feel the vortex getting farther away…as I try to relax and allow I feel myself get closer to it. Maybe today is today so I can learn more about the vortex and define the lines on being in and out.


 I don’t even really wanna rehash it all again since I already have been rehashing it all in my head for most of the day….but one more time for the seats in the…


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winning and losing in the same hand






Good evening co –creators! I hope all of you are having very positive and productive weeks! What an interesting day I had today. For few days prior I had been on club nine, as you maybe have seen from a previous post, I had been laughing a lot and that always raises my spirits and make me feel like nothing can ever bring me down.

I did my tarot cards which I…


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my LOA







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laughing is the best medicine BAWWAHAHAhhahahahahhaha

this is me for the last 3 hours on the phone with my cousin, and for about an hour with becca before that ..on a roll!! throat hurts :)  laughing at yourslef is the best!!!! maybe humor CAN fix everything, cuz its really hard to feeling anything but bliss in the molment when you are laughing yr booty off







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the day after last.... :)





Im gonna try to be more like this guy today chillin peacfully in non, my computer wouldnt let me erase those letter at the top of this page...and i dont know what day I am on...but thats cool.... :)

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Calming allows us to rest & resting is a precondition to healing

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Day 22 im sick :(



I have the freakin  flu…..or a cold from hell…WTF!!! Im trying to be positive here…and  I am so easily irritated and annoyed it isn’t even funny…like ANYTHING is irritating me…but I hurt all over  and  I feel like a huge baby..I am trying to use this time to work on being persistent and patience. And if I can deal with irritation and annoyance now…then I should be off to a great start when I am not ill, right?

So…awareness…that’s where I am awareness of the vibe I am…


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WHAT THE #*(@&^!) DO WE KNOW???


The whole movie




A little bit...



A little bit more.....…


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Day 21




I think this picture for me represents that intricate and beautiful pattern of life on this planet..we are all a part of, we are all exactly where we are supposed to be...and we ( I ) need to realize that I am already part of this,...Soooooooooo   ON WARD AND UPWARD!!!


Hello my co creating family of awesome people.. well here I am in day 21….no NO my life has not magically turned upside down in to perfect over night…but the small…


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Day 19





I chose this image for today..this is an image of the law of giving and receiving..I feel like I have been very blessed in this exact way’s funny how these manifestation things work because they totally come in a  weird way ( for me) that I was not excepting but it does do the know? Like I wanted to be surrounded by healthier better-for-me people and that is totally happening if I continue to allow it to happen, my friend…


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later that day... can your worst fear be your dream come true?


Geeez….well, even as I post this I am so freakin conflicted, but as I looked over people posts tonight, Petras video, Jillys blog etc…I was like enough is enough…( jeeze..this is so weird, for those of you who do not think blocks exist…oh, they do…trust me, and they feel as real as a brick wall) soooo long story short ( why do I feel I have to give all this freakin back story…anyways) I was with a guy forever,  10 years..and hello I am only 28 so that is like forever…we had a…


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