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day 83 season 2

Today was chill..first day back to work after an awesome vacation. Working on reading my ayurveda medicine book that I find so cool :)  no yoga today. Instead I decided to sleep early and go to the morning class at 6am…which I have some conflict about…I do believe in the long run it will be better for me thru the whole day you know? Not just at night. I have slept through the alarms before so early, but this time I really really want to go. I have just a few more days really untill my 100…


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Manifested so much lately, Day 82 Season 3


Manifested so much lately, a total of 10 days of work and had a great time full of relaxation, coming in to balance, quiet time, yoga, really and truly coming in to alignment with deeper parts of myself hanging out with friends, enjoying all the great joys of amazing special food , and laughter, and going out, and really spending good quality time together, shared beach time, concert, dancing, connecting, spa and sauna!! cooking, talking, exploring, taing in natural beauty, enjoying…


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Free Tarot card reading for you?!



I want to keep practicing tarot, and a few times I had read for people on here and it was good! if you would like a free tarot card reading, send me a short email with some of the questions you are pondering. the deck I use is Native American so it’s nothing too scary....mostly how to look at situations and people.


medres medstone medwar


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sometimes changes happen over night



The inside of me have been busy with changes of seasons, or changes in climate..i feel like the sun is really coming out..Inside of me and outside of me. The sensation I feel, I want to write down and share, but I know that the theme of this lesson is allowing, opening, and letting go of needed energy..i am in the process of taking a closer look at the “I” this is such an interesting practice because it can be at each moment, what should I do with this moment I say,…


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working to see the "I"

The I, the part you must look at,

The VOICE that speaks to it’s self

The I that solves the problems

When the I feels afraid

The I must control

The I must oversee

The I must allow the order

The I must maintain in charge

The I may feel hurt

The I may feel left out’

The I is super fast and reaches out well farther than the eyes can see

The I can permeate all energies with an emergency call, like the fire…


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taking a close look at my healing


To strive for the highest level of peace and beauty every day, to intend joy to flow from me and impress onto the universe a sense of love and joy


Because none of this is real anyways, might as well perceive love and contentment, pervasive state of love I feel like someone saw me today. For the first time in a very long time, someone perceived my true being who I really am..I can’t tell you what it was like to be seen, I haven’t felt this way since I was a…


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My manifestations recent accumulation of insight

Tonight I want to be mindful of all my manifestations recently: This house, with its beautiful painted walls, big windows, washer and dryer, downstream with my money goals, perfect for my dog, dancing, tango, closeness, harmony, love joy, sports, exercise yoga routine with meditation inside, soccer experience, this thinning amazing body that is so healthy and strong, and loves to express through movement and sweaty exercise, not to mention the past amazing manifestations, living here by the…


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day 70 season 3 Valentines day

Today is all about love...opening more and more and seeing everything as love, and being aware of oppurtunities to share love with the self or with others...i have had such an amazing season soo far i am sooooooo thankful for so much, i continue to be tuned my to best and highest vibration for many great and wonderful things happening, and so much to come. I love what i got and i am ready for more...great working with the laws of the universe :) habbit wants to make it hard...but…


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day 69 season 3 action is the name of this game!!


MAN!! stuff is in the works here people!! i have experienced so much wonderful success has been wonderful. I have been doing Bikram yoga with some co workers and that has been a very beautiful experience.. I have started doing tango with a new friend who came out of the wood work and i am experiencing tons of success with that too...lately everything i touch turns to gold...i am getting better and better at expecting success in every way that i want it...i have so many…


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Day 61 Season 3 Did my cleansing bath work?

Today I have had a nice day so far, chill has been my theme the last few days. I can feel the calming in my body and I welcome it. At the same time, I have a drive to be running and playing and taking in sun, so I balance these. Today i decided to take a cleansing bath that i found in a book that i have, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup Epsom salt, and 1 tbs table salt...soak for 10-20 minutes and pray for relief…


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Day 60 Season 3


hello and happy Saturday co creators! I working today on aligning with my source, so today i i have the luxury for doing whatever i want to do today. AND...what it comes down to is I do not want to do much...sure my goals are to do this and that, and get some sun etc...but what is my body saying? what is the vibe inside saying...stay inside, be a turtle...relax, sleep, soak up the sun from the sofa...i am sure i could fight it and change my mind if i wanted...but i am gonna go with…


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