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I continue on my path, toddling about if you will....finding balance and playing with it again, being balanced and stretching until i wobble again, being balanced and then working myself over the edge.. WHEN will I have this illusive balance all for myself!!  Environmental factors are still real, but my choices that assist are real too..the lack of sleep..that’s obviously my responsibility. no balme tho. Progress is unavoidable. Routines and regular…


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trying to get down the moves....change patterns and find peace


its hard to find peace and quite inside when you cant find it on the outside...and sometimes thats ok when the world is exciting....right now I am so thankful  for so many wonderful things and gifts...i have been guided here more times then i can count...just in the last week!! 2 out of the 4 days of my new job i turned off my alarm n my sleep b/c i am not used to getting up at 5am for this job...and both times i woke up mysteriously just in the nick of time to fly…


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Day 68 season I don’t wanna jinks myself…but it appears that I have manifested myself a FAB job…




Hi peeps!!  So..its DAY 68,.,,68 days ago I decided to get it together and will myself to attract the things I wanted…

already, I am HIRED…and getting SETTLED on an awesome job….only on day 2 but still feeling good so far……

Omggggggg the job is so far going soooo good!!!  I cant believe I manifested this awesome job!! Right near the beach..almost…so excited and sooo sleepy!! Nite nite lovies :) NEXT: perfect house, perfect health in body mind and…


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help me to create my future!!



Hi co creators!!

I am at my friends tonight as I am preparing for my first day at my new job ( near the beach!! ) I am sooo nervous!! I am feeling very nervous yet confident and excited and I feel like I am may be putting the first step forward to making myself the HOME that I have wanted and desired for so so so so so  long!! I just can’t wait to be settled in one place that I LIKE away from people that do NOTHING for me..and CLOSER to like minded people that…


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My latest manifestations Day 62 season 1




Hi co creators! I have been doing well…having some minor ups and downs which is prolly why I haven’t been as religious about being on here all the time as I was ni the beginning, but also I have been bouncing around as usual and finding it kinda difficult to always find the time to myself to reflect and do some work here on ccor. Things are going well wit the jobby job, getting thru the hiring process for me can be very anxiety provoking and that could be part of…


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Dreams Season 1 Day 58



Hello co creators..hope you all are having a having a positive chill I had some crazy dreams last night…the first part there was a baby  that I took underwater, and in the second part I was back in high school and exploded at a girl I didn’t get along with then….DEEP so I think it’s about like brining different part of myself together in away…that has been my theme over that last week or so, I think taking the baby underwater can…


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Im BACK!! S1 day 54




Hi co creators. I feel like I have been out of the loop for awhile since I have been traveling around again between houses, and left my gratitude journal back at my place..i was really in a routine of doing some things regularly…but then I went on a little road trip with some friends had a great time!! Surprisingly enough I think my habits of doing meditation and the gratitude journal ect paid off because I have remained in high positive energy despite not…


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