The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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I HAVE ARRIVED. season 3 day 100 come and gone

I am so humbly saying to you universe and all my co creators, with head bent low to the the ground that I do not have words to express my gratitude for the beauty and perfection of this world. There are no words, just a perfect moment of silence that is filled to the brim with appreciation. and now in human language- OMG i cant believe how much shamans pic has changed my life, i know its not JUST The pic,…


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coming to the end of my season 3!!

man this season has been awesome!! it fekt shorter than the others in some ways and i think that can be due in part to one of my manifestations to be more social and get out in the world and play and be creative..and thats what i have been doing..i have met so many awesome people just like i wanted to, i know more and more who i am and what i want, i have learned new things and expanded and grown in so many ways!! i have new talents now..and i am leaner and more active than when i started,…


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day 86 season 3- contrast



What an interesting experience I that I am having, my mind feels busy and skeptical, wanting to return to its practiced state of, less than trustfully, busy, and doubtful, even with twinges of guilt and sadness, if allowed..a whole “ world” can be created with this energy and my time could be spent in that energy, but today I notice it. I am thankful for my ability to notice an observe…


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day 85 season 3- my love rampage

I love that I have so many wonderful things in my life, I love my mom and my dad, I love my friends and old and new, I love the joy I experience with sports and the arts, I love tango and the beach and tennis and running, I love being in this body, I love that I have enough time to do everything that I wish to do in perfect time, I love this unfolding process, I love all the support and love I receive from…


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First day of March!!


First day of March!! thing I have been manifesting is the habit of “ going with the downhill flow of the universe” in doing so, some stuff has to be let go of..”I” wanted to get more stuff done but there isn’t always time so stuff has to wait till later, and that’s going with the flow..on Wednesday one of my patients died at work ( he was terminally ill it was expected) and I was with the mourning family, and then my friend and I drove to our home town to see my girlfriend…


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